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Every little girl’s dream is to one day get married! But before you tie the knot, you better pray your girlfriends to love you enough to throw you the best bridal shower ever! Planning a bridal shower that will surely make the bride feel loved and cherished is no small task. Gone are the days of merely gathering together with good food and wine while opening gift boxes of all sizes…

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Ladies of this generation have set a high bar when it comes to throwing bridal showers. Pressured yet? Well, don’t you worry! We have all but brainstormed every little detail you need to think about in order to throw the bridal shower of the century! Enjoy these creative bridal shower ideas!

What is a Bridal Shower?

Bridal showers are technically gift-giving parties for the bride usually held during the daytime. It’s a celebration that focuses on giving well-wishes, advice, congratulations, and gifts to the bride that will surely help her in her married life.

Some people might confuse bridal showers with bachelorette parties. The difference between the two is that most of the time, bridal showers happen during the daytime while bachelorette parties are during the night. Another difference is that most bachelorette parties tend to be wilder and naughtier since the ones invited to it are mostly only the bride’s friends. But of course, you can still have a naughty bridal shower if you want to.

Since this party is in honor of the bride, bridal showers are normally paid for by the bride’s closest friends and relatives. This is the time when everyone in the bride’s life gathers together in order to make her feel most important and supported in her decision to get married. So, pick the bridal shower guests wisely!

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Best Bridal Shower Themes

In the olden days, bridal showers were as simple as ever. Traditionally hosted by the maid of honor, she picks a venue to surprise the bride, prepare food and cocktails, or even just a simple snack as each of the guests present the bride their gifts and messages that are supposed to make the bride feel special and celebrated in this momentous period of her life.

Well, times have changed and people have become more creative and adventurous in their preparations for bridal showers. Over the years, a lot of party themes fit for bridal showers have been discovered. Organizing this event takes time, so make sure you got the bridal shower planning timeline right.

Follow this link for Party Themes that’ll take your parties to the next level!

It’s kinda hard to pick a particular theme but all you need to do is know which theme matches the bride’s personality. Among the different party themes, here are the best themes for your bridal shower:

1. Playboy Bunny

Is the bride a naughty little minx who is up to party? You can all dress up in your sluttiest outfits and bunny ears, or even just put on your nightgowns for this one, who cares? As long as you’re all as sexy as you can be. You can also pick a mansion-like venue that has a lot of comfy lounge chairs and a bed with a canopy where you can place all the gifts for the bride to open. Don’t forget that bridal shower decor is essential!

2. Country Girl

If you know that the bride is a southern belle by heart, go for this theme that’ll take her back to open fields, cowgirl boots and hats, and her favorite country songs of all time. You will all surely look oh-so-fine in your cowgirl attires. You can even throw it at a nearby barn to make the experience authentic and closer to her countryside roots.

3. Paris Elegance

You can never go wrong with a tea party at a beautiful garden that serves all her favorite French delicacies like croissants, gelato, scones, and of course a setup of frappes, lattes, and more. And of course, make sure you bought the bride’s favorite bottle of wine, exclusive wine glasses, and arrange elegant table settings. Everyone would be in their pastel dresses, lady lace gloves, and pretty hats. You can even hire waiters dressed as mimes to add to the overall French vibe.

4. Hawaiian Luau

Luaus are always a great choice for a party theme! You can have it by the beach or at the pool. Have the guests wear leis over their favorite summer outfits or bikinis. Make sure there’s an open bar that serves margaritas, mimosas, and other cocktails with those little umbrellas and fruity bits. For this theme, go with basic wooden tables, create sunny photo backdrops, and organize a great dessert bar with lots of fruits. Everybody is going to have a splash before the upcoming wedding!

Best Bridal Shower Game Ideas {#best-bridal-shower-game-ideas} 💒

To add some much-needed spice to your bridal shower, you should include making a list of games in your bridal shower planning. Games that can break the ice and entertain the bride and the guests. You don’t have to pick games that require too much physical activity. You just have to pick games that will make room for meaningful but not so serious conversations that you will all enjoy.

Having a hard time thinking of which games to include in your list of activities for the bridal shower? Check out these top four games that will lighten the mood and guarantee you a good time!

1. Bridal Shower Charades

Charades is an all-time favorite party game but it is also a getting-to-know-you game. To make it more meaningful, you can prepare a list of things associated or related to the bride or the groom or weddings, in general. You can use that list of words and write each on a strip of paper. Put all strips in a box wherein the players can pick a strip for each round.

You can divide the players into groups and each group will have a volunteer during each round. The volunteer players get to pick a piece of paper from the box and when it’s their group’s turn, the volunteer should act out without saying a word or creating any sound in order to help the group guess the word.

Each correct guess corresponds to a point. You can all agree on a certain goal score to determine who is the winner of the game.

Wanna learn more about this game? Follow this link and have fun playing Charades!

2. Bridal Shower Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever is another crowd favorite game for a wedding shower. It’s great to let go of one more time before the wedding party! This game can let everyone know more about the bride. All you have to do is prepare some booze like tequila or even just beer for everyone and each player shall take turns saying a statement that starts with “Never Have I Ever” and the other players who have already done it should take a shot.

Here are some sample Never Have I Ever Statements fit for Bridal Showers:

  1. Never have I ever crashed a wedding.
  2. Never have I ever been a part of a wedding entourage.
  3. Never have I ever been drunk at a wedding.
  4. Never have I ever been married.
  5. Never have I ever hooked up with someone at a wedding.

You can continue playing this game until you’re all too drunk to continue or until the booze runs out.

Wanna learn more about this game? Follow this link and have some fun: Never Have I Ever!

3. Bridal Shower Would You Rather

Would You Rather is a party game that will let players choose between two things. For this version of the game, you can use stuff or words related to weddings or something that the bride finds significant. This game will make you bond with the bride and also give you ideas on what to give them for their wedding if you still haven’t bought any gifts for the happy couple.

Here are some questions you can ask for this game:

  1. Would you rather go on a honeymoon on a tropical island or at a ski resort?
  2. Would you rather receive gifts in kind or in cash?
  3. Would you rather eat ice cream or cake?
  4. Would you rather have a naughty or wholesome bachelorette party?
  5. Would you rather have one or two kids?

Looking for more info on the Would You Rather game and questions you can ask for this game? Would You Rather!

4. Bridal Shower Most Likely To

This game is all about getting to know each other more and it’s best played with lifetime friends at a party like a Bridal Shower wherein you’ll all feel like reminiscing the past in order to get a glimpse of the future.

All you have to do is take turns asking questions that start with “Who is most likely to” then each of the other players will point to who among the group will be the one most likely to. You’ll surely be in for quite a laugh and excitement as you all argue your answers!

There’s more than one version of this game and unlimited questions you can ask for all genders and types of people. This game is far from boring so follow this link to find out more about it: Most Likely To!

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Best Bridal Shower Invitations {#best-bridal-shower-invitations} 💌

Another thing you should fuss about if you’re a very precise bridal shower planner is the invitations you should send out to the guests that the bride wants to invite. The style of the card should match the theme of the party and whether its tone is formal or casual totally depends on the bride and the vibe you’re trying to achieve.

Make sure to send out the invitations at least two to three weeks from the date of the party so that you can anticipate and estimate according to how many people who would RSVP.

Here are some of the boldest and most creative bridal shower invitation ideas you can use for your bridal shower:

1. Passport

If your bride is a frequent flyer or traveler or if the party is going to take place abroad or even just in another place, you can use DIY Passports with the couple’s or the bride’s face on it and just replace the passport details with the date, time, place and RSVP contact number of the bridal shower party. You can even change the color of the passport into the theme color of the wedding.

2. Lingerie

Is your bridal shower going to be on the naughty side of the bed? Send your female guests some lingerie with the bride’s name on it and the date of the party. They’re going to be so intrigued with the party that they’ll definitely RSVP and show up!

3. VIP Pass

By giving out VIP passes to your very exclusive and anticipated bridal shower party, the guests will be looking forward to it as if they’re going to attend a most-awaited Taylor Swift concert! They’re gonna be expecting a hell of a good time!

4. Sash and Crown

If the bride is a beauty queen or the queen bee of the group, you can send out sashes and crowns to the ladies of the group with glittery letters spelling out “Team Bride” or “_____ is Getting Married!”. You can have the details of the party printed out at the back of the fabric. The sash has a dual purpose of being an invitation and part of their outfit for the party!

5. Virtual Cards and E-vites

In this high-tech and cyber world of social media, physical invitations and actual cards are a thing of the past. All you need to do is photoshop your e-vites with Adobe or Canva or other online editors and voila! You’ll have an aesthetic-looking virtual invitation card!

Best Bridal Shower Decorations Ideas {#best-bridal-shower-decorations-ideas} 💐

This is another aspect of the bridal shower that totally depends on the theme of the party that you’ll choose. Check out these brilliant and creative decoration ideas that you can use for each party theme:

1. Playboy Bunny

You can make use of elegant brick wallpapers to transform your venue into the insides of a Victorian mansion. Rent out a fabulous chandelier and try to find a four-poster bed with draping curtains tied to the side with silk pink pillows and sheets. You can make use of elegant sofas and tables and candles too. The Playboy bunnies need their Playboy Mansion to play.

2. Country Girl

For this type of party, you’ll need lots of hay piled and tied together as decoration spread all over the place in a seemingly unintentional unorderly fashion. You can also have fake horses or live ones guard the entrance of the venue. Instead of fancy cutleries and containers, you can use barrels to store the drinks and wooden fences and furniture everywhere. Take the guests to the countryside with the theme!

3. Paris Elegance

Turn your venue into Paris by making a DIY Eiffel Tower to be the centerpiece of the whole party. Use a minimalist white tablecloth and crystal vases with fresh flowers and make sure to have French macs on a beautiful pile on each table. You can even put little Eiffel Towers on each table, too.

4. Hawaiian Luau

Palm trees, surfboards, leis, and colorful lights are a must for a luau. It’ll make things easier if you’re throwing it at an actual beach but if not, then, you could cut out DIY waves made out of cardboard painted with blue to make it seem like you’re at sea. Also, make sure to put real or fake tropical flowers as centerpieces for each table and an arch made of the flowers will be the ultimate décor of your party!

Best Bridal Shower Favors {#best-bridal-shower-favors} 🎊

Party favors are little trinkets that will remind the bride and the guests in the future about the wonderful time they spent at the bridal shower. It might seem unimportant but it’s actually the only thing you’ll hold on to other than the pictures you took at the party.

Sometimes, the bride or the one who hosted the party usually gives this to her guests at the party as a sort of “thank you” for throwing it for her. Here are some of the best bridal shower favors you can buy for the guests:

1. Jewelry

You can all have identical friendship bracelets, necklaces or other fancy jewelry that’ll surely remind you of each other, of the occasion, and of the bride herself.

2. Vanity Kits

The bride would want you to also look and feel your best during the wedding so a vanity kit filled with her favorite scented lotion, perfume, body wash, and more could be the perfect party favor!

3. Free Spa Weekend for the Girls

If you want to extend your bridal shower into a weekend spa getaway for all the ladies, this is going to be the perfect party favor! Just make sure that you do it a week before the wedding so that the bride and her ladies will have that fresh and radiant glow for the wedding.

4. Pink Wine

Ladies love the color pink and they also love cocktails, champagne, and wine. The prettiest-looking wine which is a perfect party favor for bridal showers is no other than the Rosé Wine. Go ahead and be generous enough to give each guest a bottle!

5. Bikini Set

Is your party at the beach or is the bride a mermaid at heart? She’ll be over the moon when she sees pretty pastel bikinis wrapped in beautiful wrappers and paper bags lined up in the venue.

Best Bridal Shower Gift Ideas {#best-bridal-shower-gift-ideas} 🎁

Since this is a bridal shower, you should be ready with all your gifts for the happy couple or even just for the bride. The sky is the limit, some give out trips, furniture, and other household stuff. But you don’t have to give the same stuff as the others. You should give gifts you’ll know the bride or the couple will love.

Here are some unique gift ideas you can try:

1. Naughty Toys

Guaranteed, this will make the bride laugh and think twice about showing it to everyone during the gift opening.

2. Bath Robes for the Couple

A customized and matching “Mr. and Mrs.” bathrobes will surely make the happy couple even happier! Think of it, they’ll bring your gift with them on their honeymoon!

3. Lingerie

This is not only a gift for the bride but also for the groom if you know what I’m saying!

4. Spa Treatment

Some much-needed pampering after the pressures of the wedding will be very healthy for the newlyweds!

Best Bridal Shower Food and Drink Ideas {#best-bridal-shower-food-ideas} 🍖🥗🍿

An epic bridal shower has three defining factors: good company, good venue, and good food! Here is a list of some of the best bridal shower food ideas:

1. Open Bar

Ladies love to talk over bubbles and cocktails. The tipsier, the better and funnier the conversations!

2. Cupcake Corner

Pastries don’t only look good, they’re also oh-so-sweet! Seeing different cakes, cupcakes, pies, scones, and whole works just makes your mouth water!

3. Sweet Tooth Factory

Other than pastries, there are also candies, chocolate fountains, cotton candies, peppermint candies, and all the other wondrous-looking sweets to your heart’s delight.

4. Salad Bar

Ladies also love their healthy greens together with their yummy dressings!

5. Popcorn Stand

Other than for watching movies, popcorns can be a great snack for while you’re all gathered around opening gifts, playing games, and chatting away.

6. Coffee Bar

It’s in everybody’s blood… coffee! Only proves that any time is a good time for coffee! Just thinking about unlimited café lattes will want you to die and go to coffee heaven!

Best Bridal Shower Cakes {#best-bridal-shower-cakes} 🎂

Aside from the other pastries in the party, you should have a main cake for the bride to slice and other guests to adore! Here are some of the best bridal shower cake ideas:

1. Penis Cake

It might seem awkward for some but most open-minded brides find it kinky and funny! A little preview of what you’ll be devouring on your wedding night, babe!

2. Pink Cake

There’s really something about the color pink that makes girls go crazy about it. Find a cake that Elle Woods and Sharpay Evans would pick for their own bridal showers!

3. Stripper Cake

Here’s a cake that you can’t eat but still enjoy (what’s inside it!).

4. Bridal Gown Cake

Fondant cakes styled as a bridal gown are so gorgeous and intricate that your guests won’t want to slice and ruin them! You’ll just want to look at it and take pictures of it.

Bonus: Virtual Bridal Shower Ideas {#bonus-virtual-bridal-shower-ideas} 🥳

With the emergence of video conferencing apps that help us connect with our families and friends, virtual meetings and parties are the new normal. Here are some exciting virtual bridal shower ideas you can try:

1. Pre-wedding cocktails

Before the virtual shower, instruct the guests to bring their own poison (drink/booze) which they will be consuming during the party. This way, you could still raise your glasses to the bride! You might not be physically together but you’re all one in alcohol and in spirit!

2. Bridal Gown Sneak Peek

If the bride permits it, she can give you a little exclusive preview of no other than her wedding gown! Even just a close-up of the lase or pearls on the dress will make the ladies squeal with excitement and delight!

3. Opening of Presents

You can instruct everyone to send their gifts anonymously ahead to the bride before the virtual shower and there would be a part during the party wherein the bride will open the gifts on cam and guess who it’s from!

4. Virtual Games

There are a lot of games that you can play online while you’re Facetiming or Zooming with your guests during your party. You can even play the virtual versions of the following games:

Bridal showers are the perfect occasion to show your bride friend all the love, support, and affection she needs as she prepares herself in her transition from being a Miss to a Missus! It’s your chance to shower her with wishes of love and happiness for a lifetime so make sure you do it right!

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