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Bachelorettes are a rite of passage, and it’s the final kiss goodbye to your single life. It’s the last hoorah with your girlfriends before the bride gets hitched and settles down for good. Bachelorette parties are a celebration of singlehood and friendship. It’s the party that gathers friends together after years of being apart due to “adulting” reasons and activities that keep everyone busy after college.

Best Bachelorette Party Favors

Party favors are significant in any type of party. If you are given the lovely task of being the Maid of Honor then you should be able to plan the whole thing ahead of time! One thing you should make sure to include in your checklist are the party favors they can bring home with them after the party’s festivities and make them feel nostalgic.

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The party favors don’t have to be expensive; it just has to be something that would make them feel nostalgic and long for all the fun they had during the bachelorette party, no matter how long ago it was. A little trinket or two will do!

1. 56 Piece Bachelorette Party Favors

This ultimate bachelorette party kit should have it all from sashes, hair ties, sunglasses, can koozies, makeup bags, shot glasses, and temporary tattoos that will make your bachelorette experience an original one! You can even choose from three theme colors: pink, black, and blue. It’s the perfect bundle for a Vegas-themed bachelorette party!

Not only are these accessories going to make your party off the hook, but it’s also going to make such fun and memorable keepsakes for everyone to hold onto:

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2. 20 Pack Hangover Kit

One thing that will be guaranteed the morning after your infamous bachelorette party is the hangover that every single one of you will get from partying and drinking as if there’s no tomorrow. That is why this brilliant idea of a party favor was born!

With this hangover kit on hand after the previous night’s shenanigans, you won’t ever have to worry about experiencing the inevitable hangovers. This Oh Shit Kit should be filled with treats, mints, bandages (for those dance floor blisters and unexpected scratches), mouthwash, pain relievers, lip balm, and whatever goodies they may need to survive the morning after!

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3. Stripper Pole Dancer Straw

The drinks during your bachelorette party shouldn’t just be any drink. How to do it? First, try coming up with funny drink names fit for the occasion. Second, make sure you pick out naughty and sexy glasses and straws to make the drinks look even more forbidden. Trust me, with these tips, the ladies during the party can’t help but blush and smile as they start sipping their drinks:

They’re made of environmentally biodegradable, friendly materials such as food-safe ink, durable and sturdy paper drinking straws and will last longer, and are tested to be non-toxic and odor-free.

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4. Hen Party Banner Sign Decorations

What’s a bachelorette party without some naughty banners, right? Banners are important since they are part of what the guests will notice in the venue. Make yours unforgettable with these Hen Party Banner Sign Decorations!

This bachelorette banner is made of glittery black and pink cardboard that are thick and sturdy, so you won’t have to worry about them getting ruined during the party. But the most fantastic thing about this banner is the message it’s trying to get across, which is “Same Penis Forever”. Talk about witty!

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Best Games to Play at A Bachelorette

To make your bachelorette party epic, you will need to prepare epic games that are guaranteed to get everybody pumped up, excited, and comfortable, or probably just dead drunk by the end of the party. We have here a compilation of some of the best games to play with the bride and the other bride’s maids for you to bond more:

1. Most Likely To

Most Likely To is a getting-to-know-you game about knowing how much you truly know about each other. It’s one of the party favorites because it’s easy and straightforward to play. The rule of the game is to determine who among the bridal squad is most likely to become someone or do something. Thus, as the party planner, you should be able to prepare a list of Most Likely To questions that you should all answer and laugh about during the game.

Here are some sample questions that will get you started:

1. Who is most likely to get married next?

This will be an interesting topic that could continue for quite some time.

2. Who is most likely to have the first divorce?

An intriguing topic, but it could be a hilarious one that will make everyone crack up.

3. Who is most likely to be pregnant within the year?

Go to the world and multiply, the Lord said.

4. Who is most likely to become the richest?

Is it the one who works hard the most or the one who is the luckiest?

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👉 In need of more ideas on which questions to ask? Follow this link for Most Likely Questions!

2. Truth or Dare

This is one of the most famous party games that’s best for intimate parties with your closest friends, so this will be perfect for your bachelorette party, especially if you haven’t seen and bonded with your girlfriends for quite some time. A game of truth or dare will help you catch up and open up with each other much easier!

Here are some Truth Questions to ask perfect for your bachelorette party:

1. How many guys have you dated in total?

What’s your number, lady?

2. How many guys have you hooked up with before you found “The One”?

“The One” won’t be glad to hear about this one, so you must make the ladies swear to keep it a secret.

3. How many kids do you plan on having?

Girls at the marrying age are bound to decide on this particular number.

4. Who is the worst and best sex you’ve ever had?

Kiss and tell it all, baby!

5. What’s the weirdest thing that has happened to you lately?

It doesn’t matter if it’s a big thing or not, as long as it’s weird.

If they refuse to answer your question, you can easily resort to these sample Dares:

1. Dance like a stripper.

Darling, shake it off like you don’t care at all.

2. Make out with the stripper.

Every tipsy girl at a bachelorette kind of daydreams about this one even for just a split second.

3. Go skinnydipping in the pool.

Better shave and wax for this party, darling.

4. Finish a whole bottle of beer.

This one is going to be easy or difficult, depending on the size of the beer bottle.

5. Create an impromptu poem for the bride.

You gotta really dig into the poet within you for this one.

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Truth or Dare Rated 4.8 stars out of five stars

👉 Looking for more Truth and Dare ideas? Follow this link for the ultimate Truth or Dare Questions List!

3. Bachelorette Bundle

Aside from the typical party games we have all grown to love since the beginning of time, Amazon has in-store a bunch of games in bundles that will be perfect for your party! Bachelorette Bundle is a collection of cheeky, innocent, and not-so-innocent games with absolutely everything you need to host a hilarious and memorable bachelorette party for the bride-to-be.

Its portable size is also perfect for bachelorette parties of all sizes and occasions, including nights out and weekends away with the Bridal Squad:

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Bachelorette parties are as much for the bride’s maids as it is for the bride. Besides being the bride’s last night of “freedom”, it is also a great excuse to unwind and forget about the pressures and stresses of wedding planning. So whatever you plan for your bachelorette party, all that matters is that you all have fun!

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