Dream SMP Quiz: Which member of the Dream SMP are you?

Which Dream SMP member are you?

Want to find out which Dream SMP member you are? Take this quiz and find out which Dream SMP member you are now!

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Dream SMP quiz

Have you ever wondered which of the Dream SMP members relate most to you? Well, look no further because today, you’ll be taking this Dream SMP quiz!

Dream SMP

The Dream SMP has a wide range of members, and with that comes a wide range of personalities!

The SMP was made by Minecraft YouTuber Dream and GeorgeNotFound and since has erupted on the Internet! The SMP gained so much popularity over the lockdown. It has its own lore and story, and each member has their own character, loosely based on themselves. All the members engage in conflict and have their own political warfare.

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Which Dream SMP member are you?

People have different personalities, but you’ll always find people around you to which you can relate with! Similarly, with the Dream SMP, many people can relate to some of the members and their characters!

This quiz will ask you various questions and determine which of the many DSMP members reflect your personality most!

Dream SMP member list

The Dream SMP has a total of 36 members; this quiz will determine who you are out of the seven most popular members.


Dream is the founder and leader of the Dream SMP. He is an extremely clever person and can come up with witty strategies on the run, and never fails to think fast.

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George is the co-founder of the Dream SMP and is a calm and collected individual. He is admired by those around him and is quite smart.


Sapnap is a hot-headed individual. He makes rash decisions and is quite stubborn with others.


Technoblade is a hard-headed individual who is loyal to his beliefs and sticks to them till the end. He’ll ensure everything goes the way it should.


TommyInnit is the chaotic mind of the group. He’s extremely childish and does anything and everything to wreak havoc on those around him, though in a friendly way.


Tubbo is an earnest and kind person who makes it his priority to make others laugh and be joyful around him, playing as the clown of the SMP in the eyes of the other members.


BadBoyHalo can be considered the “dad” of the Dream SMP due to his caring and kind nature. He also makes quite awful dad jokes.

So, what are you waiting for? Take this quiz now and find out which Dream SMP member you are!

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