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A party is not just a social event. A party should be a work of art. People, young and old, are far more interested to attend parties if they’re more thought of and fun. It’s just more special that way. That is why we prepared this list of the greatest party themes you’ll ever think of!

Say goodbye to boring and normal theme parties. From now on, all your parties will be the talk of the town and everyone will be dying to be invited!

Here is a unique list of party themes you’ll be dying to try!

Theme Party Ideas for All Ages

Partying knows no age. Everyone enjoys a great party no matter how young or old we are. We all need some sort of merriment that will invigorate us and give us time to socialize with others. Through these party ideas, you will be given the chance to express yourself through your costumes and decorations that are sure to wow your guests!

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These party ideas usually circle around different settings and locations that are unique and fun. Guests usually come in costumes that match the theme of the party and since they’re all going to follow a certain theme, you can award the best dressed lady and gentleman during the party!

Here are some of the best theme party ideas for all ages:

Carnival Theme Party 🎪

If you are looking to capture the colorful and playful carnival for your party, you can start with some personalized invites that could be tent-shaped invites or carnival ticket invites! For your decors, you can use a red and white striped banner, giant popcorn bag balloon arch, and circus tent from streamers!

You may also prepare booths that serve hot dogs, cotton candy and corn dogs for a totally real carnival vibe. For the ultimate circus or carnival vibe, you can hire jugglers, a clown, and a balloon artist! You can also rent a bubble machine and a bouncy house which could be in the middle of everything!

Wild West Theme Party 🤠

Cowboys and cowgirls at heart will be psyched to join a party with a wild west theme! Make sure your party can give your guests a taste of what it feels to be a true American cowboy. The whole setting should be full of cow towns, cacti, horses, wagon wheels, and outlaws. You may set up a photo booth with a jail-cell backdrop, too!

To make everything look authentic, you can choose an outdoors venue under the deep, blue night sky. Use colored and vintage lamps for the lighting. For the food and drinks, make sure the bar is fully stocked with a fantastic selection of cowboy barbecue favorites, root beers, whiskey!

Woodland Theme Party

The trick to perfecting a woodland theme party is to have enough greens and browns, meaning the more leaves and woods the better! You must also add some gorgeous floral ornaments or vines to make everything look authentic enough. You are aiming for an enchanted forest kind of feel so woodland creatures like rabbits, squirrels and cute raccoons a must!

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You can set up cone-shaped and open tents with a table and cozy pillows inside instead of the normal table settings. You can also add mushroom decorations that will really For the food, you can order naked cakes with fresh flower toppings. You can also serve animal-shaped candies and goodies that look too good to eat!

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Space Theme Party

Who wouldn’t enjoy going to a party dressed up as Buzz Lightyear or a sexy alien, right? You can put glow-in-the-dark stars and shapes on the ceiling of your venue. Make sure to rent or make your own rocket ship standees and spaceship backdrop to complete the outer space aura you’re aiming for.

You can use the color dark blue and yellow as your color scheme to replicate the night sky and the stars. You can make a replica of the solar system and use it as replacement to the venue’s chandelier. You should also make sure that you have space ice cream and drinks for your guests who will each be given plastic astronaut helmets.

Other awesome add-ons to this party is a moon bounce and space piñata!

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Sports Theme Party ⚽

Everyone loves sports like baseball, basketball and soccer! Throwing a party that has a sports theme will be super fun and casual. You can prepare balloons that are actually different balls of different sports. You can have batters and baseball or soccer shoes as centerpieces and of course, sports banners are a must!

You can set up a scoreboard somewhere to make everything look real and maybe use it for games later in the party! You can also go overboard and prepare a mini basketball court and a mini baseball field. If you are a real athlete and you have trophies at home, display them somewhere in your venue!

Of course for the food, a cake filled with sports-related stuff and cupcakes with balls as toppers will be awesome. You can also serve burgers, sodas and other food that are served to onlookers during games and matches!

Hollywood Theme Party 🍿🎥

An Old Hollywood Glam party is everyone’s favorite. You can give everyone the chance to a star on your made-up red carpet. You can add Hollywood decorations and centerpieces to turn an ordinary room into a glamorous party space, one that’s fit for celebrities.

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With your red carpet themed party, guests will have a hard time figuring out if they are at a real Hollywood party. Make the party perfect from start to finish with invitations, banners, decorations, centerpieces, and Hollywood party props.

Make each of your guests the stars of the show! Remind them to dress to the nines and really glam up as this party is no ordinary, casual thing they’re invited to. Hire photographers that will capture each of your “celebrity” guests!

Luau Theme Party 🏝️

Aside from the usual party essentials like tableware and decorations, a luau theme party will need grass skirts and leis for each guest. Make sure to spread beach balls everywhere that will add to the fun aura of the party! You can also set up inflatable palm trees on the sides to really create that island vibe.

Instead of normal, elegant table cloths, you can use beach towels on wooden tables that are of varying styles so that it would look a bit effortless, too. Add some twinkling lights too. As for the music, hire a band!

As for the food and drinks, prepare a fruit spread and some fruit punch and cocktails with the little umbrellas. Your Hawaiian luau will be one for the books!

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Pirate Theme Party ☠️

Ahoy, mates! Pirate theme parties are going to be very legendary. All your guests can wear pirate hats and eyepatches! You can each have your plastic swords and guns, too. As for the decors, make sure to create the feeling like your party is onboard a pirate ship, complete with sails and a ship’s steering wheel.

You can also find a spot where you can place all the treasures and pirate loot but instead of actual gold, you put chocolates inside gold foils! For the food, you can always use cakes with skulls, cupcakes with pirate hat toppers or the like.

To add to the festivities, you may require everyone to try their best to speak and act like actual pirates!

Zombie Apocalypse Theme Party 🧟

In planning a zombie apocalypse party, always remember “the grosser, the better”! You can use plain white table cloths and just splatter them with streaks and blotches of bloody red paint. You can put a little corner that is designated for a graveyard with skulls.

For the food and sweets, you can fill a tray with vials filled with M&M’s or Skittles and label it with “Vaccine”. You can also order or bake a Plants vs. Zombies inspired cake! You can hire someone to paint your guests’ faces and make them all look like zombies!

To make things more exciting, you can find or make body parts and spread them all around the venue to make everything even grosser. Make a game out of it too! Maybe you can instruct everyone later on during the party to find all body parts and form one man!

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Theme Party Ideas for Adults

Adults also love to get crazy and wild. This category of theme party ideas are best for college parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties or even office parties. The main objective of throwing parties for adults is to give you a huge break after all your hard work. You deserve to be thrown a party in your honor!

This is the time when you party your hardest. During your college years, your early twenties are going to be your grandest ever! Parties will come every other night so in order to really make the most out of it, try to add some spice and variation through these awesome party ideas.

Here are some of the best theme party ideas for adults:

Toga Theme Party

Toga parties are Greek theme parties that require everyone to don togas and wear sandals. This is the go-to theme for college parties since most fraternities and sororities are named after Greek letters. Throwing a toga party, you can make DIY columns that big and white in the venue to make it feel like you’re all in the Parthenon or any Greek temple.

You’ll also like to rent a fake fountain or better yet, just throw the party in a garden that has one! It would be awesome if the garden has a rectangular pool, too, just like in the temples of Greece. Other than that, you’ll want to be very extra on your games which be greek, too. If you can, make sure that the food you serve are greek dishes, and serve it on white on white plates and cloth!

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Playboy Theme Party

A lot of adults love Playboy bunnies and the Playboy mansion! Girls love dressing up as playboy bunnies for Halloween while boys would die just to set foot inside the mansion. You can do both by recreating the Playboy mansion for your party! You can do this by adding a vintage and glamorous feel to your venue. Add silk sofas, luxurious-looking candles and furs and feathers as decorations.

As for the food, serve your own five-course meal and some cheap wine but just make sure your glasswares look exquisite. You can hire some boys to be waiters in tailcoats to add to the playboy vibe! Of course, you should let everyone play some naughty games that will let them win condoms, vibrators and even some adult magazines! Your party is going to be legendary!

New York Theme Party

If you can’t go to New York to party, bring New York to your party! You can do this by adding a backdrop of the skyline of NYC. Make sure the Empire State Building is noticeable and also make sure to add huge pictures of the classic yellow cabs of New York. You can also set up the words “BIG APPLE” somewhere in your party to further emphasize the theme!

You may serve New York style pizza, soda, American hotdogs in buns. To make things more interesting, your dessert could be red apples with yellow cab stickers on it and cupcakes with New York theme toppers.

All White Theme Party

This color scheme party is very understated and elegant just because it is very minimalist. The only thing you really have to make sure is to remind everyone that they can only wear white outfits and nothing else so that they won’t ruin the aesthetic feel of it all.

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Make sure to also choose a venue for the party that has a minimalist vibe, too! It can be at a garden or at the beach. You can just add a few decors like white columns, some flowy cloth, and yellow lights at night to create a magical glow. You can serve an all-white cake and all white cupcakes. For the wine, serve champagne or white wine, there should not be any red wine as it might stain your guests’ clothes.

This party is best for weddings, debuts and other formal events.

School Theme Party 🧑‍🏫

When you become an adult, you will feel that longing feeling of going back to school. You can! By throwing this party, you can all go back to the glory days of high school. On your invitations, you can request everyone to wear either your old school uniforms, old jersey jackets, cheerleader outfits and other clothes you used to wear in school.

You can set up a blackboard and some chairs that would recreate the scene inside a classroom. You can even set up lockers near the entrance of your venue! Instead of long tables with chairs, use classroom chairs! Your guests will thank you for reliving the moments they used to dread before!

Italian Theme Party 🍝

Italy is famous for its food and for the Leaning Tower of Pisa! An italian party will need a venue with brick walls to make it feel like you’re in a dainty italian restaurant and you can use red and white checkered tablecloth. To add something nice, you can put fresh sunflowers in vases at the center of each table.

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For the food, prepare lots of pasta, sauces, bread artistically arranged in baskets, and also maybe you can order a cake that resembles the Leaning Tower of Pisa! Your guests will enjoy your dedication to small details!

Casino Theme Party 🎰

Take your guests to Las Vegas with this casino-themed party that will surely give them a blast! You can prepare decks of cards for poker matches, a makeshift russian roulette table. Maybe you can also rent out or make your own big letters that spell out “CASINO” and put it near the entrance!

As for the color scheme of the party, you can make it all black, red and white since these three are the colors of a deck of cards. You can prepare black, red and white balloons that you can form into an arc. You can also use poker chips together with cards as your centerpieces for a more legit look!

On your invitations, add that your guests should dress to the nines for a night they will remember!

Elvis Theme Party

An Elvis theme party will be like creating a mural for Elvis Presley himself! You can ask your guests to dress up as if they’re all pop stars themselves. You can put a disco ball and huge retro posters of the King of Pop. You can set up an old disc player somewhere to add to the whole retro pop vibe!

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You can play all the Elvis Presley songs you love and dance the moves of the king himself! As for the food, you can serve fries, burgers, soda and some punch. Elvis Presley fans will definitely go crazy just to be invited to this party!

Burlesque Theme Party

This type of party can be used for birthdays and bachelorettes. Burlesque parties will need lots of glitter, red lipsticks, black feathers and beaded necklaces. You can mix everything up to make a beautiful centerpiece for your tables. You can set up mannequins wearing lingeries and corsets strategically around your venue, too.

You must be able to pick out a lovely, intricate pattern for your table cloth and wallpaper backdrop for your photobooth. As for the music, prepare a playlist of slow and sexy songs that will match the vibe you’re aiming for.

As for the food, it’s better to serve finger food like cheese and meat platters and some grapes. Pick out beautiful water goblets for your drinks. This party is going to be both sexy and fun!

Sinners and Saints Theme Party 😈

This a variation of an Angels and Demons type of party! Instead of just limiting the costumes to just angels and demons, your guests can pick to be nuns, priests, angels, ghosts, the grim reaper, hookers, villains and more! The aura of this party should include an air of mystery, sex, and danger lurking in every corner. You can set the lighting to be a bit darker for your venue.

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You should use lots of blacks and lots of reds for this party. Red foil curtains may cover the walls and reflect light. Red chair covers, red curtains, black feather boas…These will create a very dramatic touch to the setting. It will remind you of Christian Grey’s Red Room of Pain!

The Party Ideas for Kids

Kiddie parties are really just the cutest. Nothing beats hearing kids laugh while they’re playing party games or devouring their sweets from goodie bags. It does not take much to make a kid happy but that does not mean that you will not exert any effort to make kiddie parties as special as they could ever be.

Just put yourself in a kid’s shoe and think about what things will make you enjoy a party more. Candies? Cakes? Mascots? Games? Name it and make it possible! Be creative yet don’t go overboard. Above all, just have fun!

Here are some of the best party theme ideas for kids:

Cartoon Theme Party

Every kid enjoys dressing up as their favorite cartoon character! You can turn your party venue into a cartoon world of fun by printing a wallpaper of the most famous cartoon characters and using it as a backdrop. You can also hire a mascot or two to entertain the kids. The mascot can sing and dance for everyone!

Use your creativity and make your own cupcake toppers by printing mini pictures of cartoons and order or bake a cake with a cartoon theme!

Adventure Theme Party 🤠

This is such a fun theme to choose for a little boy’s birthday! You can order a teepee and campfire cake and place all the food on an adorable “tent” table cover! This party is so cute and would be perfect for not only an outdoor party, but a camping party as well.

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Throwing a party like this would be best in a garden. You can provide all the kids with compasses, magnifying lenses, flash lights, big balls so they could experience all the adventures they dreamed about.

For the goodies, you can bake compass and fire-shaped cookies. The kids will love all the little details you’ve worked hard on to make everyone feel like adventure is out there!

Vintage Gumball Theme Party

This gumball birthday party theme takes a simple childhood joy and spins it into a seriously sweet event to remember! Of course, you will need an actual gumball machine filled with lots and lots of gumballs for all the kids. Make sure you have enough for everyone.

To match the vibe, maybe you can bake or order a gumball machine cake, too! Instead of cupcake toppers, you can just add different colors of gum balls on top of the cupcakes. Aside from that you can also display lollipop sticks and stack them by color in big fishbowls. These goodies will surely excite the kids.

You can also use red and white checkered table cloth for all the tables. You can use a chalkboard as a backdrop and as a wall wherein all the kids can draw during the party.

Nautical Theme Party ⚓

A lot of boys dream of becoming sailors. For a nautical theme party, what really matters is that you are flexible when it comes to how you decorate the place. You will need fake anchors, navy blue and white pinstripe tablecloths, a blue and white cake with a yacht or ship on top and more.

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On the invitation, instruct your guests that they should wear sailor outfits and boat shoes. You can set the venue at the beach, at a garden or even in your living room. If you can draw, try to draw a big ship that can be used as a backdrop to your photo booth. Give your guests that onboard vibe that you’re aiming for!

Pajama Theme Party

Kids love sleepovers! Going to a pajama party is fun and comfy since you’ll be wearing pajamas. Throwing it is a whole different story. You will need to make an exact count of how many people will be at the party so that you can prepare all their beds, aside from headcount for the food budget. You will be busy preparing beds, sheets, pillows and more.

The real challenge is to turn your living room into a huge and comfortable bedroom for hyper-active kids. You’ll need to think of games they could play that won’t involve too much running and of course, bedtime stories!

As for the food, cookies and milk will really do before they sleep!

Transportation Theme Party ✈️ 🛥️ 🚌

If your kid loves cars, trains, trucks, buses, planes and more, this is the party theme for you! You can use the cuter version of these modes of transportation for your party since this is a kiddie party.

You can scatter paper planes, cardboard buses and cars around the venue or use them as centerpieces. You can fill the ceiling with clouds and planes. Aside from that, there should be traffic signs everywhere. It can be a good opportunity to teach the kids some basic traffic rules without boring them! As for the food, you can use cars and buses as cupcake toppers and maybe the cake could be a huge airplane cake to keep it interesting!

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Golf Theme Party 🏌️

A gold theme party is a par-tee you’ll never forget! You can add some fun in the room by using golf-themed linen for the tablecloth and the chairs. You can use ones with golf balls and club prints on it. You can also buy some fake Bermuda grass so that you can set up a mini-golf course somewhere in your venue.

Ask all your guests to wear their best golf attires and bring with them their own golf clubs. Make sure you’ve got a lot of balls and put them in a see-through container for everyone to see. You can add banners on the ceiling that match your linen. You can put a golf bucket on the table as centerpiece but add a bottle of wine to it!

As giveaways, you may prepare golf ball keychains!

Ice Cream Theme Party 🍨

With cool ice cream bar ideas, ice cream party decorations and activities for kids you’ll host the most awesome ice cream party ever! You might want to use bright, pastel colors. You’ll never go wrong with that as those seem to be the popular colors for ice cream parlors.

Welcome the guests to the ice cream party with a sweet vintage ice cream parlor sign. You may also opt to do a chalkboard sign if you want. Put the sign near the door to your venue. You can cut out ice cream cones and honeycomb ice cream cones for your decors and centerpieces.

As for the food, make everything look fun and yummy with the proper food coloring and arrangement. Your guests’ mouths will surely water at how everything in your venue looks!

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Theme Party Ideas for Teens

Teens are all about making friends. During this stage, being invited to parties is a new thing for you and you always look forward to having a good time with your newfound friends. Some awkwardness might happen since you’re all still figuring things out but you’ll be just fine with the help of these party ideas.

These party theme ideas will surely keep any teen entertained and busy during parties. You can enjoy the moment you arrive and there won’t be any time left to be awkward. Compared to the other categories, party ideas for teens are usually very casual and simple since teens just want a great vibe, music and drinks to keep the party going.

Here are some of the best party theme ideas for teens:

Glow in the Dark Theme Party

An awesome glow-in-the-dark party is all about the decoration. You just need to make sure that your body paints and other stuff really do glow in the dark. You can search and find online a lot of glow-in-the-dark things like glow sticks, balls, inflatable letters, clothes, paint and more!

You can draw different patterns on the wall and on the ground using magic chalk or pen that has glow-in-the-dark-ink. You can even give out markers to everyone so that they can add their art to the venue during the party! You can give out glow sticks to each guest when they enter the venue. You can also hand out glow-in-the-dark glasses or goggles to each of them.

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This type of party will usually turn into a rave or some kind of disco so just hang a disco ball in the middle of everything!

Beach Party 🏖️

This is a very casual and simple teen party idea since it has been used time and time again. There’s really something about the fresh breeze, the white sand and the salty air. All you have to bring are a cooler full of beers and some chips and you’re good to go.

As for the activities, you and your friends can play beer pong, beach volleyball and more! When it’s nearing sunset you can all gather around a fire and just share each others’ stories and dreams for the future.

Foam Party

Throwing a party like this, you should rent a legitimate foam machine, do not use ordinary soap or shampoo. You should look for a machine that produces hypoallergenic foam and won’t irritate skin. The best foam is also biodegradable! A party is more fun if everyone is healthy and safe. Using a plastic sheet will help protect the ground or floor.

If you decide to throw an indoor foam party, you might also want to cover the walls with some plastic sheets to keep them safe. Better safe than sorry! Choose furniture that won’t be damaged from water or foam, like plastic chairs and tables. Additionally, you’ll want to cover electrical sockets, plugs, and keep the DJ booth away from the foam pit to avoid electrocution risks.

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Going to a foam party, instruct your guests to wear their bathing suits, it’s gonna get very wet and you won’t enjoy it if you’re in the wrong outfit!

Masquerade Theme Party 🎉

This is a formal and elegant type of party since it originated all the way from Venice, Italy. Masked in mystery and draped in decadence, a masquerade ball is nothing short of magical. Using this as a theme on prom or homecoming will definitely put everyone on edge. Not only will you be busy picking out your gowns and tuxedos, you’ll also be busy picking out your masks.

The secret to throwing this will always be the air of mystery that the masks bring with them so be very strict of a no mask, no entry policy. Get everyone into the spirit by making costumes (or at least masks) mandatory. Give away a prize for the best costume of the night.

As for the food, let your guest feast on delicious little finger foods. You can serve pizza, cold cuts and cheese platter, fruits and more. Then later for dessert you can serve little chocolate delicacies. As for the music, keep it modern yet elegant but also insert a bit of disco when the mood is right!

Game Night Theme Party

Game night is only going to rule when you never run out of games to play. That is why you should prepare a lot of board games and other games to play during your party to keep everyone entertained. Some of the best games are Monopoly, Twister, Chess and Scrabble. You can even play hide and seek, whatever floats your boat!

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As for the food and snacks during your party, you can serve chips and dip, grilled cheese, fruits, chocolates, candies and jalapeño poppers or other baked bite-sized snacks!

Vampire Theme Party 🧛

Whether you’re a fan of The Vampire Diaries or the Twilight Saga, the allure of the vampire has always been great throughout time; something about being eternally beautiful, dangerous, and immortal always intrigued us mere human-beings. This type of party will definitely ignite the vampire within you!

You can prepare red jello and put them into clear glass bowls. You can even serve red-colored juice to make it seem like you’re drinking blood! Your cake can have lots of bats and fangs surrounding it, too. Your cupcakes can have vampire toppers!

You can include it in your invitation that everyone should be wearing something black or red and should be very elegant and formal as Dracula is. Make everyone of your guests feel as if they’re in a vampire den during the party!

Theme Party Ideas for Girls

Girls are all about the pretty dresses, pastel colors and glittery stuff when it comes to parties. You just love all things nice and sweet. You enjoy parties that are very detailed and custom-made just for you and your guests.

All-girls parties usually involve things that are magical, cute and PINK! Even though people may think that all girls want the same kinds of stuff, there are actually lots of types of things that different girls want. That is why we prepared this list of the best party theme ideas for girls:

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Mermaid Theme Party 🧜‍♀️

For a mermaid party, turn your venue into something that looks as if you’re under the sea! You can spread some sea shells you picked from the beach, you can cut out pictures of sea creatures and paste them everywhere. You can even use blue colored linen for the table cloth and just sprinkle glitter and use the bigger shells as centerpieces!

It would be even better if your party is outdoors and you can set up an inflatable pool. Everyone of your friends can wear their mermaid costumes and you can all play in the pool and take pictures of each other.

Princess Theme Party 👸

Every little girl dreams of becoming a princess. You can all wear your ballgowns and tiaras and fancy shoes, just really feel the moment. Throwing it will require a lot of princess stuff like a pretty wallpaper with tiaras as a backdrop, a princess soundtrack for the music and a buffet of princess themed cakes and desserts.

You can use an elegant and intricate printed linen for the tablecloth. You can order a cake that has a tiara on top of it. You can use pearls, tiaras, scepters and princess gloves as centerpieces for the tables. You can even use silver utensils and plates to make everything look legit.

As long as every girl at your party feels like a princess, then your party is already a success!

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Parisian Theme Party

If you have recently watched “Emily in Paris”, then you must be dying to go to France and see what it’s all about! If you can’t go to Paris, bring Paris into wherever you are! Every french party can make go ooh-la la with its twinkling lights and large backdrops of the sceneries in Paris. You can set up a replica of the Eiffel Tower and more mini replicas as your centerpieces. You can also hire Mimes and a band!

As for the food, keep it tres chic by having a little bakery booth that serves croissants, chocolate and buttered bread and crepes! Of course it won’t be Paris without some champagne that will take you to the stars! Lovers of glitz and glamour will be drawn to our cez magnifique theme!

All Pink Theme Party 💖

This color scheme party is the girliest you’ll ever be. It will remind you of Elle Woods and her all-pink ensembles in Legally Blonde! Pink banners, pink tablecloth, pink chairs, pink utensils, pink party bags, pink everything!

As for the food, specifically the dessert, make sure to bake a pink strawberry flavored cake and some pink cupcakes to go with it. You can serve strawberry ice cream or milkshake if you want to keep it varied.

Of course, ask all your guests to wear their best pink outfit. Make sure to mention it on your pink invitations!

Fairy Theme Party 🧚‍♀️

If you are in need of a bit of magic in your life, you will need to throw a Fairy Theme Party! Your venue should be surrounded with a lot of flowers and it should practically look a lot like Fairytopia. You can make a flower arch for your entrance. You can use flowers to spell out the name of the celebrant. You can even make a beautiful bouquet as centerpieces.

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As for the cake, it can be pastel colored and filled with fairies and flowers that look like a garden on a cake. You can also buy little fairy wings, wands and flower tiaras for all your guests to wear.This way, you’ll all feel that you are fairies and that you are in Fairytopia!

Movie and TV Show Party Theme Ideas

Aside from the usual categories for parties, the modern world has started to throw parties that give worship to your all-time favorite movies and TV shows. Everyone can show up dressed as their favorite characters and you can try recreating the setting of the show or movie!

You can also do a trivia game and maybe watch bits of the show or movie during the party! The possibilities are endless with these types of parties! You’ll all be dying to throw another party once the first one is over!

Here are some of the best TV show/movie theme party ideas:

Moulin Rouge Theme Party

Moulin Rouge is a musical set in the dark side of Paris in 1901. Everyone can remember the very extravagant costumes worn by the characters and of course the huge elephant in which Nicole Kidman and Ewan Mcgregor were singing in. To recreate this, you must use a dark sky with twinkling lights as backdrop paired with red, draping curtains.

The whole setup of your venue should be like an opera and at the same time a cabaret. You can add elegant candles, feathers and maybe a golden chandelier. As for the music, you make a soundtrack of all their songs and play it in order or as appropriate during the party. You can reenact some of the scenes and songs or turn it into a short play for all of your guests to enjoy!

Harry Potter Theme party

Everyone wants to go to Hogwarts. Through this party, you finally can! In order to achieve that Hogwarts atmosphere, you can recreate the great hall from the movie. You can hang the four house banners of Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff in the venue. You can also print the night sky and paste it on the ceiling as in the movie!

To keep up with the theme, you can instruct all your guests to wear their dress robes and make their own wands for the party. During the party, you can have a wizard’s duel, play chess or pretend to play quidditch using brooms and hula hoops! You can also add a trivia part to the party and all the questions will be about the series. Another game you could play is our Harry Potter Drinking Game! Follow the link to get to know the rules of the game!

The Harry Potter Drinking Game

You might not have real magic but your efforts will make everything close to the real thing. Have a magical time!

Alice in The Wonderland Theme Party

Turning your venue into Wonderland is going to be tough. You will need to recreate the most prominent part of the movie which is the tea party! It has to be colorful, a bit topsy-turvy yet still very cozy. You’ll need a lot of tea sets, different chairs, a nice pastel colored linen to be used as the tablecloth and a lot of tea, coffee and pastries!

You can print a picture of the Cheshire cat and hang it in the ceiling. You can customise your pastries and put “Eat Me!”. As for the drinks, you can place it in bottles and put “Drink Me!”. You can also make your own caterpillar and butterflies then also spread it around the room. Make everything look colorful and happy!

Game of Thrones Theme Party

To make a party look like it’s taking place in Westeros, you will need to print a wallpaper that will make it look like it’s made of cobblestones as in the palaces in the series. You can also put candles on the tables as centerpieces since candles are the main source of light in Westeros. You can also set up your own iron throne in the middle of it all where the celebrant can sit!

In your invitations, you can instruct everyone to wear their favorite character’s costumes. You can be the Mother of Dragons or the King in the North! To add to the excitement you can hang the different house banners in the venue. Everyone can be sorted into the different houses when they enter and that’s how you’ll group everyone for the games!

You can have a Game of Thrones Trivia and a private viewing of your favorite Game of Thrones scenes. You can also play the Game of Thrones Drinking Game during the party! Follow the link for the rules of the game. Game of Thrones Drinking Game

Avengers theme party

A superhero party is really simple to throw. You just need to have Avengers themed invitations, party hats, banners, and more! You can ask all of your guests to show up as their favorite Avengers hero. You can set up the food and desserts and add Avenger hero toppers.

Aside from that, there are also a lot of available party bags with the faces of the heroes so you can use that, too. You can also order an Avengers cake if you want. During the party, you can have an Avengers Trivia game and a viewing of the best scenes from the Avengers movie.

This will be a party you’ll never forget!

Disney Theme Party

Everyone will enjoy dressing up as their favorite Disney character! You can turn your party venue into a Disney world of fun by printing a wallpaper of the most famous Disney characters and using it as a backdrop. You can set up a castle in the middle of everything just like the Disney castle they show in the movies.

Use your creativity and make your own cupcake toppers by printing mini pictures of Disney characters and order or bake a cake with a Disney theme!

James Bond Theme Party

The very thought of a James Bond-themed party has the initial impact of the classic bewitching Bond silhouette and flickering flame lights. You will have to incorporate everything – the carpet with logo, the sophisticated layout of the bar (with, of course, the vodka martinis) and the chic finishing touches on the tables.

The whole party should reek of first class sexiness – champagne, cocktails (with the appropriate Bond-themed names) caviar, gambling, smartly dressed men, gadgets, gold ingots and glamorous girls. Danger and mystery at every corner with just the perfect dash of sexiness!

Generation and Era Theme Party

Enough of all things modern, it’s time to turn the hands of the clock back to the glorious years of ball gowns, bell pants, collars and bangles. Nothing beats partying like our ancestors once did. You’ll get to experience how groovy the parties were before.

You need to decide which era to go back to, search for inspirations for the decors and clothes online, then, add pictures of suggested outfits on the invitations. This way, guests would be wearing the right generation style!

Here are the best and most fabulous era and generations to base your parties on:

50s Theme Party

Twist the night away with a 1950’s party! Your setup for this party can be a retro diner with its checkered black-and-white domino floor, vintage counters and seats. You can serve the classic favorites which are burgers, fries, and milkshakes. You can even set up a DIY vintage car or if you have one lying around in your garage, make use of it!

You make sure that the ladies are wearing the appropriate style of the 50’s era which can be polkadot dresses or an oversized shirt over 50’s pants and guys can wear black leather jackets and white shirts. Everyone should be wearing their dancing shoes and some sunnies!

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This type of party is going to be best for homecoming dance or prom!

60s Theme Party

Groove back to the groovy 60’s! Your setup for this party can be a hippie wonderland with its rainbow colored banners, peace signs, floral decors, and neon everything! You can serve colorful desserts like candies, cakes and goodies all placed in equally colorful containers. You can set up a DIY rainbow colored, floral arch and a huge peace sign in the venue.

You make sure that the ladies are wearing bright floral outfits of the 60’s era and the guys can wear hippie shirts and wigs with oversized sunnies. Make everyone feel like they’re back in the world where all that really matters is peace, freedom, truth and love!

70s Theme Party

Boogie your way back to the 70’s! Your setup for this can be a technicolor dance floor with its colorful tiled floor, wild disco lights and balls and maybe some old record CDs hanging everywhere. You can serve fruit punch and the other food in a buffet by the side where people can get after they get tired dancing.

You make sure to mention in your invitation that the ladies should wear vintage disco outfits and colorful wigs like they all did back then. They can opt for shiny dresses or jumpsuits! The guys can wear Elvis Presley style outfits and afro wigs just like they did during that era.

Your 70’s disco party will be rock n’ rollin’!

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80s Theme Party

The 1980’s is best known for all the games people played back then. Your setup can be a green and pink neon wonderland with big Pacman cut-ups that you can spread all over the venue. You can buy old toys from 1980 that were classic favorites and place them all on a table for everyone to play and take home. You can put some rubik’s cube, cassette tapes, cassette players, roller shoes, and maybe a classic gameboy!

Make sure that everyone wears colored shirts, sneakers and denims just like people did before! Girls can even wear neon shirts over tights and boys can don their school jersey jackets!

90s Theme Party

This is the generation of Nickelodeon game shows so get ready to party like it’s 1990! Your setup can be filled with bold color combinations and layered patterns since those are big during the 1990’s. You can send out old cassette tapes as invitations. For the table cloth, you can choose one with fun geometric shapes! As for the other stuff, choose pastel or neon colored ones that remind you of old school skating rinks!

You can surround the venue with neon party lights and spread a lot of cassette tapes around to add to the old school effect. Make sure that everyone dresses their part as if it’s really 1990! You can wear high waisted skinny jeans, sneakers and an oversized jacket. You’ll look rad and very ready to party the old school way!

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No matter which party theme you choose, as long as you work hard for that party and as long as you do your best for everyone to have a great time, you will! Remember to live the party, love the party and be the party!

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