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Themed kiddie parties will forever be one of the most exciting and joyous things children look forward to. Every moment in their young lives is better marked with festive and unique celebrations. As parents, you have the chance to make your children’s parties a time in their lives that they’ll never forget. Let your creativity take flight and throw an extra particular party that kids will surely love!

What is a Barbie birthday party?

Barbie is, without doubt, one of the most beloved toys, fashion icons, and characters of young girls worldwide. Her signature look is her blonde hair, tan skin, and pink outfit and stuff.

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For a Barbie-inspired party to become a reality, you’ll need to fill your home with pink decorations, pink paper garlands, Barbie pink streamers, and other pink stuff! Create a Barbie wonderland by using pastel colors with the different shades of pink as your color motif.

Nothing says “Barbie” more than the color pink, and girls love this color more than any other color. If you want to make the extra party fancy, ask the guests to dress in pink from head to toe and make sure you tell them to be in their best pink attire too!

Best Barbie Party Supplies

In preparing this Barbie party, make sure to prepare Barbie party supplies like balloons, cake & cupcake Toppers, banners & more. If your kiddo has a lot of Barbie dolls and toys, display them somewhere where the guests may see them!

Just in case you are looking for some quality Barbie party supplies, here are the best of the best that you can find on Amazon:

1. Barbie decoration set

With this Barbie decoration set, you will achieve the first step in making your Barbie-themed party. This decoration set is composed of all sorts of pink things!

These Barbie decorations are of superb style, but it’s also, without a doubt, this will be the complete set for a perfect Barbie birthday party that will be kind of a replica of the ultimate Barbie dream house, which the girls will surely enjoy! Just imagine how cute the pictures will look with this set!

Follow the link to avail of this spectacular Barbie Decoration Set:

Available on

2. Barbie coloring book set

Can’t think of more exciting activities that will entertain the girls during your Barbie party? Encourage their creativity and artsy skills by providing every guest with a coloring book set and crayons! While they wait for their food or turns during the games, they can sit at their tables and work on their coloring books.

You can even make it a bigger deal by announcing that the best artwork will get a special prize afterward during the start of the party. This will motivate them to color within the lines and, at the same time, let their creativity take flight as they try to color the Barbie images.

If you don’t have time to look for coloring books and crayons, Amazon has chosen the best Barbie Coloring Book Set:

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3. Barbie make up box

An awesome Barbie party activity idea is the Barbie Make Up Box that you can give to each guest. Girls love to play with makeup, even the toy ones, and they’ll gladly take what they can get. Prepare some Barbie make up boxes that will let the little girls become as pretty as Barbie herself! They’ll surely love this engaging activity that could also double as party favors!

Here’s a beautiful Barbie make up box for your Barbie birthday party:

Available on

4. Fun Photo Booth Props

Photo Booths for parties have become a thing, and it’s also very easy to set up right now, considering that having a quality camera is already accessible to most people. All you need are some props that the guests can play around and take turns using, a cool background, fun photo drops, and the HD camera itself!

Great photobooth drops would be fun and colorful for your Barbie-themed party. If you’re trying to look for a way to make the photos unique, follow the link to avail of this quality offer from Amazon:

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Best Games To Play at A Barbie Party

In order to keep the kiddos entertained, you need to think of unique and refreshing party games to let them make the most of their time. You can prepare a series of games and activities ahead of time that can give the kids a great time during the party!

Here are some of the best games to play at a Barbie Party:

1. Barbie Trivia

Playing Trivia Games is quite simple. For your Barbie Party, all you need to do is prepare lots of questions about the different Barbie movies, then you will have to ask the guests. Each correct answer corresponds to a prize! You can even turn it into a contest between teams.

Here are some of the best Barbie Trivia Questions you can ask during your Barbie Trivia Game:

1. What was the first-ever Barbie movie?

  • The Nutcracker
  • Swan Lake
  • Princess and the Pauper
  • 12 Dancing Princesses
Show answer
The Nutcracker

The story was all about a young girl’s dream on Christmas eve.

2. What did Anneliese discover in the royal mine in The Princess and the Pauper?

  • Rubies
  • Rocks
  • Diamonds
  • Sand
Show answer

On the brink of bankruptcy, the kingdom was saved when Princess Anneliese discovered precious diamonds inside the rocks in the royal mine.

3. What is the name of the dragon Rapunzel is friends within “Rapunzel”?

  • Bibble
  • Penelope
  • Azur
  • Talula
Show answer

She is the trusted baby dragon and best friend of Rapunzel, who tries her best to become a full-grown dragon who can fly and breathe fire.

4. What does Rapunzel’s magic hairbrush become?

  • Wand
  • Paintbrush
  • Sword
  • Staff
Show answer

When she was trapped in the tower by Gothel, Rapunzel discovered that her hairbrush became a paintbrush that could paint something into reality, so she painted her way out.

5. Who is brunette Brabie in “Princess and the Pauper”?

  • Erica
  • Anneliese
  • Nori
  • Clara
Show answer

Erica was the brunette Barbie played in the movie, and she was a pauper.

👉 Hungry for more trivia questions from other categories? Follow this link and have fun: The Original Trivia Game Online!

2. This or That

This icebreaker game is a verbal one that will make the kids choose between two options. You can make them choose between anything, as long as it is appropriate, fun, and in this case, connected to the Barbie Movies! They don’t have to think long. Tell them to answer after the question immediately. Speed is the beauty of this game!

Here is a list of the best This or That questions you can ask kids for this game during your Barbie Birthday Party:

1. Popstar or Princess?

This is about Barbie as the Princess and the Popstar.

2. Fairy or Mermaid?

Barbie is known for her mermaid movies and fairy movies, and she rocked both worlds!

3. Penelope the dragon or Bibble the puffball?

These two are some of her cute pets in the movies. Which do you like best?

4. Swan or Pegasus?

Barbie also had movies wherein she turned into magical creatures like a swan and a pegasus.

5. Blonde or Brunette?

Many of her movies show Barbie in her signature blonde hair, but she is also sometimes a brunette.

👉 Up for more This or That questions? Know the game and more sample questions by following this link! This or That

3. Would You Rather

This is another version of the other icebreaker game, This or That. The rules are the same except that this time, the questions start with the phrase “Would You Rather”.

Here is a list of questions related to Barbie and her movies you can ask kids for this game during the party:

1. Would you rather watch Barbie as “Princess and the Pauper” or “Princess and the Popstar”?

These two movies are somehow comparable in that it shows two girls wanting each other’s lives and forming a friendship out of it.

2. Would you rather have a pet horse-like in “A Pony Tale” or a dog like in “Great Puppy Adventure”?

Barbie loves her pets!

3. Would you rather watch Barbie in “A Christmas Carol” or “A Perfect Christmas” in December?

Barbie Christmas movies are simply nostalgic, and these two are the best.

4. Would you rather be Barbie in “Spy Squad” or “Princess Power”?

This is the Barbie way of asking if you’d rather be a spy or a superhero!

5. Would you rather be a part of “The Three Musketeers” or the “12 Dancing Princesses”?

If you would love to save the world, be a musketeer! Be a dancing princess if you can’t throw a punch but can do a perfect pirouette!

👉 If you need more child-friendly Would You Rather questions from other categories to ask the kiddos, follow this link: Fun Would You Rather Questions for Kids!

Barbie has made the dreams of many little girls come true, so all you need to do is throw your little princess a Barbie-themed party to make hers come true once and for all! Just put in mind all the awesome ideas we prepared for you, and you’re good to go. Barbie is going to be so proud!

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