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If you are big fan of the world-famous Anime TV series like Naruto, Yu-Gi-Oh, Space Dandy, Fullmetal Alchemist, One Piece and many more, you will naturally want to connect with other Anime fans out there in order to share your thoughts, stories, merch and love for the shows and characters. You won’t even have to hide being full-on nerdy about Anime because you all are!

One way to know if the friend or person you’re trying to get to know more is an Anime fan is to use pick-up lines that are inspired by the TV shows, manga and the characters. Let your Anime fanatic heart breathe life to the conversations you’re trying to make with your fellow Anime friends!

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But before you get all excited, let’s all get to know what these pick-up lines are all about!

What are Pick-Up Lines?

Pick-up lines are conversation starters that are usually one-liners in the form of questions, jokes, quotes or anecdotes that have the objective of urging the other person to be interested in the topic and evidently interested in you! Pick-up lines also incline the other person to talk more and react to them.

This type of conversation starters can be inspired by a lot of different stuff like if you know that the person loves to watch a certain show, you can formulate a pick-up line from a character’s quote, or if you know that the person likes a certain singer, you can pick a lyric in reference to one of the artist’s songs, or if he/she is a science/math geek then feel free to make nerdy pick-up lines!

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Best Anime Pick-Up Lines

If you’re looking for the cleverest and most effective pick-up lines to unleash the anime fan out of your crush or your friends, the search is over! Here is a list of the best anime pick-up lines ever:

1. You must be from Howl’s Moving Castle because you take my spirit away.

This might just be one of the most adorable anime ever and if you haven’t watched it, you should!

2. Hey darling, you Bulma mind!

A great pun from the Dragon Balll series that will surely blow her mind!

3. Would you care to show me your bankai, boy?

Any Bleach fans know that a bankai which literally means final release is actually the expression of a Shinigami’s truest self.

4. I think you have finally mastered the Rasengan because every time we touch, you make my head spin around.

Who wouldn’t get dizzy because of the rasengan, right?

5. Can you be the Naruto to my Hinata?

Any true anime fan would know how much Hinata means to Naruto! This is a super romantic line!

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6. I’m willing to trade any treasure or anything I have just to get a piece of your philosopher’s stone.

Flirt like a pro Fullmetal Alchemist fan and make your fellow fans go crazy for you!

7. I honestly don’t need 99 souls, all I need is yours to be mine.

This might sound creepy but that’s just how Soul Eater fans roll and it’ll definitely sound cool to them!

8. I think you might be the Genos to my Saitama!

Any other regular person would think this is romantic but Saitama is sort of a mentor or ultimate good influence on Genos in One-Punch Man so this is actually a great compliment to tell someone you look up to!

9. You must be a trap card because I’ve fallen for you.

Your fellow anime fan’s reaction would be Yu-Gi-Oh!

10. Let’s go to my deck tonight so that I can put you in a face-down position.

Another reference to Yu-Gi-Oh card position during the game but with a naughty double meaning to it!

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Funny Anime Pick-Up Lines

Are you feeling lucky enough to pull off a joke today? Try to make someone’s day and turn that frown upside down with these funny anime pick-up lines:

1. I am a demon, would you like to slay me tonight?

Unleash the Demon Slayer and anime fanatic in your significant other for some dangerously sexy time tonight!

2. You must be Pokemon because I really wanna peek-at-you (Pikachu)!

Puns are fun, especially if they’re inspired by the Pokemon series.

3. You may wanna catch them all but I only want to catch you! Wynaut go out with me?

Another genius play with words using pokemon-inspired lines and an actual pokemon!

4. Can I borrow your pen? I’d like to write your virginity in my death note.

As you know from the Anime series Death Note, anything you write in the death note will be dead/gone in no time. Say goodbye to your virginity, girl!

5. You must be Killua because you just stole my heart.

Killua is actually a cold-blooded and family-raised assassin in Hunter x Hunter.

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6. Gundam, you look oh-so-fine!

This is a pun from the Japanese anime fiction about giant robots or mecha named Gundam.

7. If you are Hiro then I want you to be my darling.

If you watch Darling in the Franxx, you’re gonna like this one even though its cuteness makes you want to start giggling then end up full on laughing your ass off.

8. You certainly activated the mokuton in my pants.

I never thought Naruto lines can be so dirty!

9. Baby, my love for you is over 9000. Yep, I’m definitely a Saiyan!

This is a very witty and nerdy anime version on how to declare your love to your fellow anime fanatic.

10. Zoro might have the three-sword style but I am really good with just one sword.

Well, that solitary sword must be really big, long and hard, right?

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Cheesy Anime Pick-Up Lines

Do you have the guts to go all gooey and romantic? Show to everyone that anime fans also got some heart with these cheesy anime pick-up lines that will earn you some cuteness overload points:

1. Can you be honest with me? Do you have a death note? Because everytime you smile, I feel like I’m having a heart attack.

This is so romantic, borderline creepy but it’ll do for anime fanatics!

2. You must be a part of the phantom thieves because you just stole my heart.

The phantom thieves of Persona 5 are ruthless for stealing stuff so guard your heart, darling.

3. There might be a lot of magikarps in the sea but I am looking for a gyarados.

A magikarp is known to be virtually useless in battle since it only splashes around but it’ll evolve into a gyarados one way or another.

4. Just like Menma, I can’t see you but I still feel you inside my heart.

Menma is the parallel universe and ill-gotten version of Naruto with black hair. Somehow, the two are connected.

5. Can you be the Aang to my Katara?

Everybody loves to use famous anime love teams for pick-up lines. They’re just super effective!

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6. I’ll love you longer than all the Naruto episodes combined.

Everyone knows how many Naruto episodes there are. 500. Yep, you read that right. 500.

7. Baby, you make my heart go tododoki, tododoki, tododoki!

Well, that certainly sounds like a rapidly beating heart and anime fans of TodoDOKI will love this one!

8. I’ll Rock Lee your world!

Rock Lee from Naruto would be flattered that you did not forget his name!

9. I think your name is Cana. Cana call you mine?

Another pun inspired by the Fairy Tail Guild!

10. Darling I would take the hunter exam if you want me to.

The hunter exam, according to Hunter x Hunter, is super hard and tasking so if someone’s taking it for you, you must really mean that much to him/her. Sort of corny but it’ll make him/her smile!

There you have it, shinobis! Pick the best anime series that will inspire you in your conversations to come and flirt like a pro using your anime series and manga pick-up lines. There’s no way he/she can resist your rasengan lines!

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