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Catch ’em all, and flirt with ’em too! Pokemon is not just about collecting creatures and battling with other trainers, it’s also about making connections with fellow Pokemon enthusiasts. And what better way to do that than with some clever and playful pick-up lines?

Whether you’re looking to impress your crush, start a conversation with someone new, or just have some fun with friends, we’ve got you covered with over 40+ Pokemon-themed pick-up lines. So get ready to unleash your inner Poke-casanova and win the hearts of Pokemon trainers everywhere.

Cheesy Pokémon Pick-Up Lines

Need a little help catching the attention of that special someone? Pokemon is a great way to break the ice and show off your wit and charm. Here are a few cheesy pick-up lines that are sure to make them smile:

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1. Are you Pikachu? Because you’re shockingly beautiful.

Feels like I’m seeing stars when I look at you.

2. Are you a rare candy? Because you make my heart level up.

My heart is about to fully evolve.

3. Is your name Eevee? Because I feel like we have so many possibilities together.

Want to explore them together?

4. Are you a Charmander? Because you’re hot!

I’ll definitely choose you as my starter Pokemon.

5. If I had a master ball, I’ll definitely use it on you.

Because you’re a catch!

6. I’m Natu fond of anyone but you.

You’re the only one that makes my heart skip a beat.

7. My Pokédex appears to be broken, can I closely examine you myself?

I’ll just check.

8. Baby, you put the cool in Tentacool.

What else can I say?

9. Hey girl, are you a Hitmonlee? Because your body is kicking.

I feel its strength.

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10. I don’t care if you are Koffing or Weezing, you’re my kind of poison.

Pick your poison, they said.

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11. I think I need a paralyze heal because you are stunning.

Can’t take my eyes off of you.

12. All I want for Christmas this year is “Mew”.

Can you make it come true?

13. I must be a Ditto because I think I’ll be anything you want me to be.

You’re my perfect match.

14. You must be a Beautifly because you’re looking absolutely Goldeen today, baby.

You’re the most beautiful Pokemon I’ve ever seen.

15. Are you a Magnemite? Because I’m attracted to you.

It’s science, baby.

Funny Pokémon Pick-Up Lines

Laughter is the best medicine, and a good sense of humor can go a long way when trying to break the ice. Try these funny pick-up lines for some light-hearted flirting:

1. You just Weedle-d your way into my heart.

That’s some smooth moves.

2. Are you a Flareon? Because you’re a sexy fox, baby.

I’m feeling the heat.

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3. Just like Umbreon, I evolve at night, too.

Want to join me?

4. There are a lot of Magikarps in the sea, but I’m looking for a Gyarados like you.

You’re the one I’ve been searching for.

5. Are you a Geodude? Because you Rock my world.

Well, that’s just Geodude humor.

6. If I were a Nidoking, would you be my Nidoqueen?

We’ll make the perfect team.

7. Is that a Sudowoodo in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

I hope it’s the latter.

8. I’d like to Rock Slide all the way through your Dark Cave.

That escalated quickly.

9. Darling, I must be a Mismagius because I’ll make all of your wildest dreams come true.

Let me show you a world of magic and love.

10. When I look at you, my Metapod can’t get any harder.

The power of love, baby.

11. You remind me of Pokemon. I just want to Pikachu.

You’re too cute to resist.

12. My love burns for you like the fire on a Typhlosion’s back.

It’s a flame that will never die.

13. I’ve got Masterballs baby.

Wanna catch ‘em all?

14. You must know Tail Whip. Because your beauty leaves me defenseless.

It’s super effective.

15. Do you know Dig? Because you just dug your way straight to my heart.

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Dirty Pokémon Pick-Up Lines

Ready to turn up the heat and add a little spice to your flirting game? These dirty pick-up lines will leave your partner blushing and wanting more:

1. I wanna see your Squirtle squirt.

Let’s make a big splash together.

2. I must be a Bulbasaur because I’d love to plant my seed in you.

Let’s see what grows between us.

3. I know you’re not a pokestop, but I’d still spin you around and tap that.

You’re irresistible.

4. Aipom’s pretty good with his hands, and so am I.

Need a massage?

5. I’d like to Slowpoke your Cloyster.

Let’s take it slow and savor every moment.

6. I heard Meowth’s not the only mischievous cat in town.

Care to prove it?

7. You’re going to need a Hyper Potion by the time I’m done with you, baby.

I’ll leave you breathless.

8. Do you wanna play my Poke Flute?

I’ll give you a melody, for sure.

9. How I wish I was a Seaking, so I could Horn Drill you.

Let’s make some waves.

10. I think my Diglett’s attracted to your Sweet Scent.

I can’t resist your charms.

11. I hope you know Surf because I’m getting wet just looking at you.

You’re making my heart race.

12. You just gave me a Cubone.

I’m willing to give it all for you.

13. I wish I was an Abra, so I could teleport to your bedroom.

Let’s make some magic happen.

14. Let me Squirtle on your Jiggleypuffs.

If you know what I mean.

15. Is that a Pokeball in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

I hope it’s the latter.

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