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Introducing yourself to other people can be quite challenging and awkward. What more when you have to introduce yourself to a large group of people! Over the years, people have figured out how to make the process of getting to know each other less painful through various fun and awesome games!

One of the crowd favorites is Two Truths and a Lie! Get ready to know your friends more and spill some secrets!

What is Two Truths and a Lie?

Two Truths and a Lie is a classic favorite party and getting-to-know-you game, icebreaker and a team-building activity that is both simple and fun. It’s a game that will let you introduce yourself to others by saying three descriptions; two truths and one lie about yourself and let the others guess which is the lie!

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No special equipment or preparation is needed for this but you can use a piece of paper and pencil if you want to take note of scores. This game does not have any fuss at all. You can play it in a formal or casual setting. You can play it while you’re standing or sitting. You can play it anytime, anywhere!

How To Play Two Truths and a Lie

This game is very easy to play, just follow these simple rules to start the game:

  1. Gather in a circle and agree on who goes first among the group.
  2. The person who goes first should say three things (two truths and one lie) about himself/ herself.
  3. The other players should then guess which among the three stuff you shared is the lie.
  4. The person who correctly guesses the lie earns a point.
  5. You can choose to count scores or not.
  6. The game goes on until you want it to.

The fourth and fifth steps are optional as scores are not the ultimate goal. By the end of the game, you’ll have known your family, friends and colleagues a little bit better than before!

Two truths and a Lie Examples

Here are some great examples of Two Truths and A Lie statements you can use:

  • I am a great singer
  • I play volleyball.
  • I love working out.
  • I have a white car.
  • I have a black cat.

Two Truths and a Lie Ideas

It can be quite confusing and hard to think of things to describe yourself when you’re put in the spot or in the moment so the following ideas are suggestions on what stuff to share to your family and friends for this game:

N e w !
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Good two truths and a lie

Here are good statements to use when playing Two Truths and A Lie. These statements are going to pique your friends’ interests and make them know you more.

  1. I have a twin.
  2. I graduated at the top of my class in high school.
  3. My family is vegetarian.
  4. I have a very famous movie star cousin.
  5. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a soldier.
  6. I grew up with natural curls.
  7. I have a nice singing voice.
  8. I have a photographic memory.
  9. I knew Taylor Swift personally.
  10. I once had a cameo role in a movie.

Best two truths and a lie

Here are the best stuff to try for this game. You can talk about anything under the sun; your childhood, your hobbies, your favorites and even your dreams!

  1. I have been to Disneyland.
  2. I have never been outside the country.
  3. I grew up with my grandparents.
  4. I’ve been to more than ten different schools in my life.
  5. I am a famous singer in our town.
  6. My favorite food is spaghetti.
  7. My father worked for NASA.
  8. I have more than twenty pairs of shoes.
  9. My IQ is 198.
  10. I am related to royalty.

Funny two truths and a lies

If you want the game to have a nice and hilarious turn then you can try these statements that are sure to give the group a good time guessing which are true and which is the lie!

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  1. I love drinking and gambling.
  2. I was interviewed on TV once.
  3. I hate Kanye West so much it hurts.
  4. nap almost every day at noontime.
  5. I always use fake names at fancy restaurants.
  6. I once dyed my hair purple.
  7. I have eaten and finished a whole pizza by myself.
  8. I am colorblind.
  9. I am allergic to peanuts.
  10. I drink five cups of coffee everyday.

Two truths and a lie flirty

If you’re up for a naughty game of Two Truths and A Lie, use these statements that are going to stir erotic and naughty conversations between you and your friends. Be sure that everyone is comfortable with your topics and are open-minded enough to still have fun!

  1. I am an ultimate virgin.
  2. I have never tried a threesome.
  3. I have slept with more than 15 people in my life.
  4. I am very active on Tinder.
  5. I have sex twice a day everyday.
  6. I have never kissed someone of the same gender.
  7. Anal sex is a hard limit for me.
  8. I have never watched Fifty Shades of Grey.
  9. I like watching porn.
  10. I have a fetish for silk and feathers.

Games like Two Truths and a Lie

Aside from Two Truths and a Lie, there are also other fun getting-to-know-you and party games that could also serve as icebreakers. Try out these other crowd favorites that have always been loved all over the world by people of all ages:

1. 20 Questions Game

In a 20 Questions Game, the first player should think of a person, place or thing and the rest of the other players try to guess what the thinker is thinking of. The other players take turns asking the thinker questions that will be answered by yes or no. The other players should be able to guess the person, place or thing in 20 questions or less. The player who guesses correctly becomes the next thinker and the game goes on.

In need of more info on how to play this famous game? Follow this link and have some fun with the 20 Questions Game!

2. Fuck Marry Kill

All the players have to do is take turns telling each other a list of three names per round. Each player must then decide who he or she will fuck, marry and kill among the names listed or mentioned. This game is going to be even more fun when you try to justify why you want to fuck, marry, or kill that person!

You can try using categories for this game to narrow down the list of names for your game. It’s going to be a game will surely let you explore the fun world of erotic stories, sex games and perversity!

You can follow this link to know more about the Fuck, Marry, Kill Game.

Getting to know and mingling with other people don’t have to be painfully awkward if you are creative enough and willing enough to play around and become more enthusiastic in opening up to others! Give in to these totally fun games and conversation starters that are guaranteed to earn you true friends for life! Conversation Starters!

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