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Finding someone who you connect with can sometimes be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. If only there was some sort of tool you can use in order to sort the people you click with from those who don’t. Oh, wait, there is!

The birth of pick-up lines and when they were first used is kind of hard to determine because as long as mankind has existed on this planet, we have already leaned on communication and conversations as a bridge to other people. If you achieve that spark and aura of ease and compatibility with someone you’re trying to have a conversation (or a relationship) with using the art of communication, I betcha that you’ve used a pick-up line or two somewhere during your chat.

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Excited enough? Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s try to understand what pick-up lines are, how they work and why they’re so dang effective!

What are Pick-Up Lines?

Pick-Up Lines are one or two lines that serve as conversation starters. They are used to engage the person/s you’re talking to into wanting to talk more with you, with the intent of starting a romantic relationship or going out on a date with the person.

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There are a lot of pick-up lines but people mostly enjoy the dorky and geeky ones that are generally perceived as cute! Here is a list of the different types of best nerdy pick-up lines that will surely go a long way for you and your crush:

Best Nerdy Pick-Up Lines

Girls and boys love to fool around and talk about geeky topics now and then just to spice up their conversations and make them more memorable than ever. Here is a list of the top five pick-up lines for you to use to wow the ladies and excite the gentlemen:

1. Your magnetic field is too strong, I can’t resist you.

The nerdy way to tell someone that you are attracted to him/her no matter what you do.

2. Are you a star? Because I’d orbit around like the planets orbit around the sun.

Smart and geeky nerds would definitely know that the sun is a star!

3. Are you a Marsian? Because you’re extraordinarily out of this world.

4. My love for you goes on and on like the value of pi.

Nothing says forever like 3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197169399…

5. You must be Google because you got everything I’m searching for.

Google would be flattered that you’re using them as a nerdy pick-up line. Nothing says nerd or geek more than Google!

6. Like a dictionary, you add meaning to my life.

He/she will melt upon hearing this dorky line that works every time!

7. Even though you’re a muggle, you got a body that’s dang magical!

Potterheads will be over the moon for this one.

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8. You must be a Dementor because you just took my breath away!

Another Harry Potter reference that’ll make even Hermione Granger, Luna Lovegood and Cho Chang blush!

9. If you were a triangle, you’d be acute one!

Puns are very effective in pick-up lines, especially this one!

10. You’re like the Wi-Fi because I can feel a connection with you.

Nothing says connection more than the Wi-Fi internet!

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Dirty Nerdy Pick-Up Lines

Are you feeling naughty today? You’ll be shocked at how effective it is to induce sex by talking about sex and all the little naughty jokes you never had the confidence of saying out loud. Try out these dirty nerdy pick-up lines that will probably make you both feel so horny and just do the deed.

1. If you were on my computer screen, I’d select all your clothes and press delete.

Oh my, my, my… If that ain’t nerd-sexy, I don’t know what is!

2. The slope of your curves are perfect.

A nerd’s version on how to appreciate a beautiful body.

3. Wanna go to my room and experience my gamma ray burst?

If you aren’t a nerd and dirty-minded at the same time, you won’t get this line.

4. I would really like to send my probe into your wormhole.

A nerdy way to express how much you really want the other person.

5. Would you like to see my hard drive? It isn’t 3.5 inches, nor is it floppy!

What a lengthy and firm drive that is… a hard drive, indeed.

6. Your name must be Winter because you’ll be coming soon.

This dirty reference is a quote from the famous Game of Thrones series.

7. You wanna see what creature lies in my Chamber of Secrets?

It will be a huge snake, for sure.

8. One night with me and you’ll be an Avenger tomorrow because you’ll feel Thor in the morning.

Another witty pun with a dirty reference from The Avengers. Marvel fans and geeks would love this one!

9. Wanna come inside my hobbit hole?

Need I say more, hobbits? Wink, wink!

10. You should call me Advanced Calculus because I’m really hard.

The girls will be blushing at this one, dear.

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Funny Nerdy Pick-Up Lines

Do you think the quickest way to anyone’s heart is by making them laugh? Geeky statements and jokes can be quite hilarious with the proper timing and vibe. Here are some of the funniest nerdy pick-up lines you can use:

1. I don’t think even Professor Snape could Severus apart!

There’s something about this line that just makes you wanna giggle, right? Make sure Professor Snape won’t catch you!

2. You’re transforming my software into hardware, babe.

This might be a bit dirty but it’ll give you some major witty and funny points, too!

He/she won’t see this coming but you’ll be rewarded with a laugh and a soft slap on the shoulder with this one!

4. Do you like my shirt? Thanks, it’s made of 90% cotton. Do you like me? Thanks, I’m 100% boyfriend/girlfriend material.

That’s the confidence we’ve all been looking for!

5. When I grow up, I wanna be a historian. I’m very eager to look for a date.

With a cute smile and that look in your eyes, the person you’re talking to would melt!

6. Are you sure that Disneyland is the happiest place on Earth? Because I’ve never been happier than when I’m next to you.

You little Casanova, you! Anyone would fall head-over-heels for this pick-up line.

7. You must be a bank loan because you sure do have my interest!

Interest compounded twice and over and over again!

8. Nothing lasts forever, they say. You’re nothing to me!

Now that’s a great play of words.

9. Even in space with zero gravity, I’d probably still fall for you.

Gravity is much like love. Both strong and forceful.

10. You plus Me equals Infinity!

You’re no mathematician but this one is just too obvious a formula!

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Cute Nerdy Pick-Up Lines

Girls find it especially cute when boys geek out on something but at the same time maintain their boyish charm. Kind of sounds impossible, right? Well, these cute nerdy pick-up lines surely do the trick every time:

1. If I were an organ donor, I’d give you my heart!

Sounds a bit weird but it’s actually a very nerdy way to say how much you love the other person.

2. You are the Obi-One for me!

Star Wars fans and geeks would go crazy for this one.

3. You must be French ! Eiffel for you, darling.

Paris and the Eiffel Tower work every time to catch someone’s attention!

4. I’m not Luna but I sure know how to Lovegood!

Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter just made a little dance on bare feet just for you!

5. The Sorting Hat told me I belong to you.

Screw the four houses of Hogwarts, I’m yours.

6. You must be a target because I miss you.

This will be so out of the blue and will catch them off guard.

7. You’re like an A on my test paper. I’d take you home and show you to my parents!

That is by far the best compliment one could give!

8. What section are you in? I swear we have chemistry together!

Now that is some low-key and subtle way of trying to get someone’s attention and telling him/her you’d click!

9. Are you a 90-degree angle? ‘Cause you’re looking sooo right!

One of the crowd favorites that does the work every time!

10. You’re like the moon… you shine bright like a diamond even in the dark.

The moon is flattered and so will she/he be.

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Nerdy Science Pick-Up Lines

Maybe the planets and the stars in the galaxy have aligned just for the two of you to meet or maybe it’s all about the chemistry between you two that creates that spark! Whatever it is, these nerdy science pick-up lines will most probably help you take your relationship to the next level:

1. Even if you were a null hypothesis, I would never reject or deny you.

Now that is unconditional love in all its nerdy and geeky glory.

2. Are you Polaris? Because you will forever be the northern star of my heart.

You can then decide to go stargazing afterwards!

3. Let’s go make a covalent bond together. My lab or your lab?

And that’s how scientists hook up with each other!

4. You must be a fossil because I want to date you so bad.

It’s gonna get as hard as a fossil tonight!

5. I’m a secant line because I wanna touch your curve twice.

Atta boy! You go tap the curve! Twice!

6. Are you Nikola Tesla? You’re so electrifying!

Only geeks and nerds know who this electrifying human being is.

7. Until I saw you, I felt like I was lost in space.

Talking about space makes it a lot more romantic than anything else.

8. Ouch, what are you? You’re hotter than a Bunsen burner!

She/he will be downright flattered with this one. Make sure to say it after you touch him/her.

9. Hmmmm, how is it possible that you’re sweeter than fructose?

A lot of things are sweeter than fructose but certainly not humans.

10. Do you like Science, too? I lab you so much!

Another pun that works every time no matter what you do or where you are. Simple yet effective!

Gone are the days when geeks and nerds were considered uncool and outcasts. The beauty of this modern world is that exclusivity is almost extinguished and an all-inclusive and kinder world that focuses more on friendship, connections, relationships, belongingness, camaraderie and above all else, love!

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