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Modern pick-up lines are inspired by the shows, movies, books, characters, celebrities and styles that are popular in today’s generation. These pick-up lines are the most interesting and effective because most people enjoy them.

No matter how much advice we receive, books and magazines we read, and video tutorials we watch on how to start a conversation with other people, especially strangers, we just can’t seem to shake off the fear of rejection and awkwardness that’s why pick-up lines were even made in the first place!

But before diving into some awesome examples of pick-up lines you can use, let’s first try to understand what pick-up lines really are!

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What are Pick-Up Lines?

A pick-up line is a type of conversation starter that uses witty jokes, questions and statements to engage conversation with others. Different pick-up lines work for different situations, people, and topics.

Pick-up lines might save you from all your worries and troubles of awkward silences, introverted personalities, and boredom when it comes to getting to know someone. With the right timing, execution and vibe, pick-up lines can turn you into the best conversationalist and make you the Mr. or Ms. Congeniality of the group!

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Best The Office Pick-Up Lines

The Office has inspired these pick-up lines and will surely help you in taking that secret office romance to the next level! Nothing is more dangerous than falling in love with your boss! Check them out and put them to good use!

1. I might be a huge fan of ‘The Office’ but I like you so much more than that American sitcom.

Fans of the sitcom who say this must really do like you!

2. Let us have a love affair like how Michael Scott starts a sentence and just see where it goes.

No one can tell Micheal Scott what to do so you can go ahead and love who you love!

3. Today is a casual day or so thought by Michael Scott, but I think this is a very special day for both of us.

Maybe it’s finally the day we both start to recognize our feelings for one another!

4. We must be a pair of soup snakes who would love to dance all throughout this lovely and sparkly night.

In life, we’re all like Michael Scott, we dream of our soul mates and end up getting soup snakes, instead.

5. We should celebrate this beautiful moment and call it a Pretzel Day for the both of us.

If you’re having a bad day, just go get some of these twisted treats to twist your frown upside down!

6. Watching you is a lot more satisfying than watching the cool sitcom ‘The Office’.

Considering that it’s only the best show there is, you must be pretty special in his eyes!

7. Let’s make passionate and intense love tonight and we just might also burn Utica to the ground.

In The Office, Michael and Dwight vows to burn the Utica branch if they steal Stanley from the Scranton office which resulted in a funny episode.

8. My ideal date is either a walk under the stars or just get lazy and crazy with the sitcom ‘The Office’.

What else would you expect from a big The Office fan, right?

9. If I were as funny as Michael Scott from ‘The Office’, would you go out on a date with me?

Now that’s the spirit! You’re on your way to find your soup snake (soulmate)!

10. I think that love is the water of life, would you like to drink deeply with me?

Just like Michael, you want to find The One and create a beautiful life together above anything else!

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Funny The Office Pick-Up Lines

Being an adult working in the office all day long can be quite boring and stressful. Add some humor to your 9 to 5 jobs with these funny The Office pick-up lines and successfully pick-up that hot officemate of yours!

1. I love you as much as Michael hates Toby.

Now that right there is unconditional love! FYI, Michael intensely despises Toby because he believes his purpose is to make the office fun while Toby’s is to make it lame!

2. Hey beautiful, did you know that the eyes are the groin of the head? And I am looking at you hard right now.

We never realized this one until Dwight said so!

3. IIf I were to choose, I’d choose you over and over again like Dwight would choose brown and gray balloons.

One thing’s for sure, you’re so much better than brown and gray balloons, darling.

4. You make me so happier than watching an episode of The Office.

Your presence being compared to an episode of the office is by far one of the greatest compliments ever.

5. Would you rather be feared or loved? I want both. I want someone to be afraid of how much they love me.

Touch down, Michael’s hilarious take on romance might be endearing but it can really be overwhelming at times.

6. Let’s keep on watching ‘The Office’ until we can make our love much funnier than ever.

A little corny but the mere mention of The Office will make it awesome!

7. Are you for real or are you a Holly-Gram?

Holly Flax is Michael’s The One and everyone simply deserves to find their “Holly”!

8. You must be good with Excel because I heard you’re a master with spreadsheets.

More like spreading legs on the bed sheets, babe.

9. My job might be stupid and boring but it’s still amazing and wonderful because it’s where I met you.

Now we’re taking this to a whole new level of overtime!

10. I just want us to be friends plus a little extra. Also, I love you.

This is a line straight out of Pam and Jim’s love story!

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Cheesy The Office Pick-Up Lines

Refresh your working days and turn them to memorable ones by using these cheesy quotes and pick-up lines inspired by everyone’s favorite American Sitcom… The Office!

1. I will wait for you even if I have to wait for another season of ‘The Office’.

Talk about hardcore patience, right?

2. Is your name Ryan? Because you started this fire in my heart with your love.

Well, Ryan started an actual fire in the series, though.

3. No question about it, for you, I am willing to get hurt again.

Getting back to the dating world after a heartbreak-induced hiatus might be challenging but it’s worth it if you’re doing it for The One!

4. Uhmmm… I…uhmm, I get very nervous talking to pretty girls.

Here’s a classic move for all you hopeless romantics out there.

5. I love you like a marketer loves reporting.

Workaholics can be real romantics, too!

6. Are you from accounting? Because I was ac-counting on asking you out later!

Whoever said accountants are boring, right?

7. I think you’re great with the copy machine because I want to reproduce with you.

A little naughtiness to spice up a boring day in the office just like in the show!

8. You need to file a workplace safety incident report because I just fell for you.

Smooth move, Office Boy!

9. We’re working on a timeline so let’s get to know each other as much as we can.

This is how you trick someone into dating you in The Office!

10. My plan A was to marry you a long time ago… pretty much on the day I met you.

Funny, witty and definitely something that would happen to Jim and Pam who ended up together!

The Office has made the 9 to 5 madness and struggles look bearable with its wit, humor and crazy antics. Those are what make these pick-up lines great and oh-so-effective when it comes to relieving work-related stress and igniting some good-natured office romance for everyone’s happiness and amusement!

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