Which Anime Character Am I?

You have to take this quiz if you love anime!

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Anime quiz

As a fan of anime, it’s just natural that you’ve ended up here; and we’re glad you are! Take this fun quiz to find out which anime character you are! You’ll be amazed! Find out now!

Wich anime character is most like you?

Have you ever wondered which anime hero is most like you? Fear no more, this quiz is here to help! With plenty of results, it is the perfect quiz for every anime fan!

Anime characters and anime heroes

Animes come with a plethora of different characters. Almost every anime character is unique in its own right. We’ve tried to fill this quiz with as many different characters as possible!

Anime girls & anime boys!

Don’t be afraid that this quiz only contains male heroes. There are as many heroines as heroes! Yep, you heard right: There are as many female as there are male results! So if you get the result of a gender you don’t identify as it’s not the quiz’ fault 😉

Which anime should I watch?

As there is a lot of anime out there to watch, it can be quite challenging to decide what to watch. Each result of this quiz offers a different anime as well. So if you don’t know the character who is most like you just watch the corresponding anime! Every anime in this quiz is just golden!