Which anime boy is your true love?

You're a lover of hot and cute anime boys? Then this quiz is for you! Find your perfect anime match!

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Anime quiz

As a fan of anime, it’s just natural that you’ve ended up here; and we’re glad you are! Take this fun quiz to find out which anime guy your soulmate is! You’ll be amazed! Find out now!

Which anime boy is right for you?

So, you like animes and their hot and cute boys especially? Then you’ve come to the right place! Hands-down, we all had at least a little crush on an anime guy before, haven’t we? So if you want to find out which anime boy is right for you and maybe even your true love, don’t hesitate and take this quiz! You’ll be amazed!

Hot anime guys

Oh yeah, there are probably hundreds of hot anime characters out there, especially guys. Men in animes tend to be near perfect and in the best shape. Who do you find more attractive? Zoro from One Piece, Ban from The Seven Deadly Sins, or is it Howl? Let’s see if they’re the right match for you as well!

Cute anime boys

Some prefer cuteness over hotness! That’s no problem at all. We’ve included cute boys as well! So what are you waiting for? Take this fun quiz and find your true love!


  1. Cleaning
  2. Sweets
  3. Coat
  4. Sword
  5. Scarf
  6. Fangs

Describe yourself.

  1. Laid-back
  2. Creative
  3. Naughty
  4. Introverted
  5. Confident
  6. Dreamy

Do you like romance?

  1. A little bit
  2. No
  3. Yes

Which hair color do you find most attractive?

  1. Brown
  2. Red
  3. Green
  4. Black
  5. White
  6. Blond

What do you find more attractive?

  1. Slim bodies
  2. I don't know
  3. Very masculine bodies

What do you like most?

  1. Adventure
  2. Kuddling
  3. Food

How old do you like your boys?

  1. Mature
  2. Young
  3. I don't care

What makes you attractive?

  1. Nothing
  2. My wallet
  3. My background
  4. My personality
  5. My skills
  6. My body

What would you do to win your crush's heart?

  1. Nothing. He has to win me!
  2. I'll cook whatever his heart desires!
  3. I'll make him feel like a king!
  4. I'll conquer the world for him!
  5. I'd take him to the moon!
  6. I'll be his dog if it needs to!

How do you like your boys?

  1. Loyal
  2. Caring
  3. Empathetic
  4. Crazy
  5. Smart
  6. Dominant
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  1. Howl

    Your true love is Howl Jenkins Pendragon from Howl's Moving Castle!

    Howl is a powerful wizard that likes to spread rumors about himself to retain his privacy. He is a charming, engaging, and very confident man, yet he's very vain and falls into a deep pit of self-doubt when his looks aren't as intended. He likes himself a good adventure and fun. If you choose him, you get not only a handsome wizard but also someone who'll love you unconditionally.

  2. Natsu

    Your true love is Natsu Dragneel from Fary Tail!

    Natsu is a carefree mage with a reckless nature. Even though he gets physical often, he is a very loyal and protective friend who would do anything for his pals. He's very straightforward. If you choose him, you'll get an honest guy with a lot of charm.

  3. L

    Your true love is L from Death Note!

    L is quite the enigma. Despite his high IQ and sweet tooth, not much is known about him. He is quite secretive and a little bit perverted at times. L isn't very vain and appears quite disheveled and languid. He fights for justice no matter what. If you choose him, you need to be very honest. Otherwise, L finds out.

  4. Levi

    Your true love is Levi Ackerman from Attack on Titan!

    Levi is a reserved guy and also known as a "clean freak". Everything, including his environment and himself, has to be spotlessly clean. He rarely shows emotions, and he often seems blunt and insulting. He loves vulgar and dark humor. Even though all of this may seem offputting, Levi has a strong sense of morality and empathy. He cares a lot about those he truly loves. If you choose him, you're up for a challenge, but a good one.

  5. Ban

    Your true love is Ban from The Seven Deadly Sins!

    Ban is a very appealing guy full of passion, though selfish and greedy. He cares a lot for those he loves and would even die for them. He is easily surprised and excited. If you choose Ban, you're up for an adventure.

  6. Zoro

    Your true love is Roronoa Zoro from One Piece!

    The swordsman Zoro was once a bounty hunter but is now a pirate. He is very stern and serious but loses his temper fast and becomes goofy doing so. Anger is probably the only emotion Zoro is comfortable showing. Zoro is a very loyal person that's rather solemn than sad. If you choose Zoro, you're doing nothing wrong.

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