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Which Death Note character are you?

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What Death Note character am I?

Death Note is a widely popular anime and manga revolving around the supernatural theme of a notebook with mysterious powers, allowing the user to kill anyone by simply writing their name.

This dark and twisted story tells the tale of a young man, corrupted by power, even through good intentions. This story clearly illustrates how excessive power can corrupt those with morals.

Death Note

A rotten world polluted with crime and violence, all rooted in the greed of humankind. Within the realm of the “Shinigami” (Death Gods), a bored Shinigami drops the “Death Note” into the human world, a supernatural book able to kill any human.

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17-year-old student Light Yagami stumbles upon this bizarre book and guffaws at the concept of it; the human whose name is written in this note shall die. However, curiosity ensnares him, writing down the name of a felon.

This marks the beginning of Light playing God, twisting him into a ruthless murderer, a distorted perception of “justice.”

Light dirties his hands under the alias “Kira”, having an ultimate goal of becoming a vigilante, cleansing the world of all evil-doers.

On the other end is the diligent detective “L”. A mastermind detective who is onto Kira and his heinous crimes. This story rapidly unfolds as it shifts into a manhunt between the two, his wits rivaling that of L’s; now, the two of them are stuck in a battle that can only end when one is dead.

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Death Note characters

Death Note has a wide array of characters, ranging from characters aiding Kira in his mission to establish his twisted perception of justice – to the detectives seeking out this wrongful murderer.

Complete this quiz to find out which character you are!

Death Note adaptations

The massively popular Death Note anime had so much traction it eventually reeled in more and more adaptations. Did you know that there are three Death Note live-action films that follow up the story?

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There’s also a Netflix live-action adaptation, though it’s widely disliked and unpopular due to its rushed and westernized take on Death Note.

Death Note is a compelling anime, bringing light to flaws in humanity, such as violence, greed, corruption, and a false sense of justice.

All of this together intricately crafts a dark and gritty show, so don’t let it surprise you that there’s a Death Note musical!

So, what are you waiting for? You won’t believe which Death Note character you are, so do this quiz and find out!

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