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What anime should I watch?

In need of a new anime to watch? Take this quiz to find out which new anime you should watch!

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You got to love animes, right? There are people out there that genuinely state they hate anime but haven’t watched any. Although there are animes of all sorts, like cute ones, romantic ones, or intense and violent ones, they still won’t listen. *Sigh*

But let’s end this rant. After all, you’re here to have some fun and find a new anime to watch. You’ve come to the right address. Here’s the best quiz you could do to find new and exciting anime shows!

What anime should I watch?

That’s probably a question every otaku asks themself at least once in their life: What anime should I watch? And it’s a great question, but also hard to answer. There are so many good animes out there that it can get quite tricky to find the right one for you. But no worries! This quiz was made for people just like you!

Top animes of 2020 and 2021

We’ve added the best and latest animes to this quiz that scratch that particular itch! Only the newest animes, you heard right! This quiz takes to account what kind of animes you like. So, continue and find out which anime is made just for you! What are you waiting for?

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