Quiz: What anime character stereotype are you?

What anime character stereotype are you?

There are many different anime stereotypes. Find out which shocking stereotype you fit into by doing this quiz!

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Which anime character stereotype are you?

We all love to watch anime; if you didn’t, you wouldn’t be here, right? If you’ve watched a few anime, you’ve probably noticed there are some pretty common stereotypes that anime characters fall into. Shonen anime, in particular, has many different character stereotypes.

Anime stereotypes

There are many common anime character stereotypes; the overpowered protagonist that so many Isekai anime share, a perverted old grandpa like Jiraiya, you get the picture!

If you’ve stumbled upon this quiz, I’m sure you’re interested in which character stereotype reflects your personality most.

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This expert quiz is made to analyze your personality and behavior and match the perfect anime stereotype for you.

So, what are you waiting for? Do this quiz and find out which shocking anime character stereotype you fit into!

Find out if your personality matches any of the following stereotypes:


Stereotypes are ubiquitous in today’s culture, generalizing a group of people, whether by sex, age, race, ethnicity, etc. Stereotypes are widely held and oversimplified beliefs about a group of people.

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This, however, can be very damaging to certain people as it can give people a false impression and the wrong image of the said group.

Thus stereotyping can have both good and bad impacts on society. These stereotypes are usually deeply embedded in our communities.

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