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🐱‍🏍 How to become more confident - tips for women

Ladies, the following tips will help you and show you how easy it can be to gain more self-esteem. Nowadays, in particular, it is more important than ever to show as a woman that you don’t let yourself be disrespected. So get ready!

There is probably an infinite number of reasons one might want to become more confident. Be it to be more popular with men, assert oneself more efficiently at work, or have it easier with other people.

So, whatever your reason, these tips are sure to help you become more confident. You just have to dare to follow them. Because don’t forget: Self-confidence is not something you inherit. You get it.

1. Bring more positivity into your life

People with self-doubt usually have one thing in common: They have an incredibly negative attitude. They see a danger in everything and avoid other people just because they have had bad experiences every now and then. But this will reduce your self-confidence.

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Focus on positive things! Especially with the people around you. If you hit your head, don’t start cursing and ranting. Just shrug your shoulder and laugh. How you deal with the stones that life throws at you is entirely up to you.

Don’t let failure pull you down, and try to surround yourself with as many positive people as possible who are full of zest for life. Believe me, this is contagious. At some point, you will be radiating positivity yourself. And the more fun-loving you are, the more self-confidence you will get.

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Also, try to pay attention to your phrasing to be as positive as possible. For a change, leave out negations and rephrase your sentences. So instead of saying “I can’t do that”, say “I still have to learn that.” You see? This results in a completely different view of things!

2. Let the past rest

This tip goes hand in hand with the previous one. Do not think about the past all the time. Finish with what was. There is no point in wasting hours after hours pondering or crying over things that cannot be changed. Something like that just pulls you down.

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It is crucial that you forgive people and especially yourself. What was yesterday determines who you are, but you still have control over where you go. Live in the here and now and not in yesterday. Look ahead!

Be optimistic about your future. This will build confidence and help you finish with what was.

3. Pay attention to your body language

You and your body, you always communicate. If you let your shoulders and head droop, you signal to those around you that you have little self-esteem and lower it at the same time. So try to adopt a healthy and confident posture. That means shoulders back, back straight, stomach in.

Also, be careful not to cross your arms and legs. This is just as defensive as letting your head and shoulders hang down. So try to adopt an open posture, especially when you are talking to someone.

You should also avoid touching your face or neck while you are talking. Keep your hands away from these zones and concentrate on your counterpart.

Also, be careful not to fidget nervously. Take a deep breath and don’t move like a startled chicken. Calm down and stay cool.

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You will see that if you use body language to signal self-confidence, those around you will also accept it. So it increases as if by itself!

4. Show confidence to the outside world

You may have heard the saying “Fake it until you make it” before. So just pretend to be something, and it will eventually become a reality.

So what does that mean in your case? Just try to pretend you’re incredibly confident, even if your heart is in your boots. You will see that your self-confidence grows by itself over time so that you no longer have to pretend!

You should also dress confidently. If you’ve always wanted to wear clothes that are too unusual for you, just try them! Perhaps you will also get a brisk new hairstyle or wear a different make-up than usual. More or less - or even none at all! There are a lot of options on how to change up things. You have to dare to bite the bullet and try new things. You can change your style at any time, and your hair will grow back. So take courage!

5. Exercise regularly and eat a balanced diet

You have probably heard a hundred times how healthy exercise is. But you may not have known that exercise also helps you with your self-confidence.

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When you exercise, your body releases a variety of hormones that not only make you happier and more exuberant but also boost your self-esteem.

But not only the hormones, but also the apparent benefits of sports increase your self-confidence. You get fitter, believe more in yourself, and your body becomes more and more beautiful and healthier. Your energy level will also increase, as will your ability to concentrate. All of this helps your confidence, as well.

The only important thing is that you find something that you enjoy. There are so many sports, just try everything you can think of.

But in addition to exercise, you can also give your self-confidence a boost with a balanced diet. Junk food is poison for the body and mind. Plus, you can tell if you only feed on it. Make sure that you eat freshly prepared foods and, above all, lots of vegetables. Avoid sugar and processed foods, and also make sure to eat less meat.

If you stick to it, your body will be grateful. Your skin becomes more clean and beautiful, and you feel more comfortable all around, which in turn leads to a growth in self-esteem.

6. Flirt

Believe me, with the power of flirting, you can raise your confidence level enormously! In doing so, one also overcomes the fear of being rejected. Because the more you flirt, the more you will see that a rebuff is absolutely nothing tragic. So make the first move and be brave.

Also, as a woman, you have the advantage that men know how difficult it can be to take the courage to make the first move. They will honor that and will, most of the time, be friendly. So what are you waiting for?!

Flirting will also show you how hot the opposite sex thinks you are. You don’t even have to flirt if you don’t want to. You can’t just make conversation with them as well. Compliment them honestly or just ask for the way. The more you dare to speak to others, the greater your self-confidence will become. However, please only flirt if you are single or if your partner has no problem with it.

7. Pursue goals, dreams, and passions

I bet you have something that’s been on your mind for a long, long time. Maybe it’s a dream or a goal. Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn a new instrument or a new language. Maybe you even want a boyfriend or write a book? Who knows?

But stop just thinking about it. Take action! If you have goals that you actively follow, your self-doubts will resolve over time. The most important thing, however, is that you plan carefully and practice self-discipline. You have to pay attention to which steps are necessary for what.

It is fantastic, for example, if you want to learn an instrument. But first you have to get the instrument, either register for a course or study it yourself at home with books or the help of the Internet. Maybe you also set yourself the goal of being able to play a particular song within six months. It is only important that you pursue this matter consistently and do not throw in the towel.

Set yourself achievable goals, preferably daily. Take a step towards your dreams every day. Your confidence will grow, and you will eventually have achieved something you previously thought you could never do! This will fill you with pride, which in turn will build your confidence.

Passions also strengthen self-confidence. If you enjoy doing something very much, you should try to integrate it into your daily routine as much as possible.

Do you like to draw, but don’t have the time or energy left for it in the evening after work? Then you have to see this passion as some kind of reward for a busy day and just take the time or scribble a little in your sketchbook during lunch break. There are always ways and means to be found. So stop looking for excuses.

8. Demand respect

Women in particular often have the problem that they receive little respect - especially from men. This is still deeply anchored in society.

But when you have a lot of self-doubts, it can be tricky to stand up for yourself and demand respect. But if you do - oh, boy, believe me - it will give your confidence a real boost.

But as I said, it’s not easy. It’s best to start with small steps. Suppose you often face the problem of being treated with disrespect by friends or family or that nobody is listening to you. In that case, you should do something about that. After all, you should feel comfortable around them, right?

To gain respect, try to be firm but polite about the issue. Don’t raise your voice, but be serious. The more you stand up for yourself, the greater your self-confidence will become, and the more people will respect you.

9. Have your own opinion

It is also essential that you have your own opinion. Don’t parrot everything that is said around you. It is perfectly okay not to agree with other people on all issues. If they don’t accept that, tell them precisely what you just read: It’s perfectly fine to disagree.

In order to have your own opinion, however, you have to form one first. It is best to look at the arguments from all sides in a completely neutral way and draw your conclusions from them. If you only consult friends and acquaintances’ statements, you run the risk of only saying what they want to hear. This is also not very helpful in terms of respect.

Stay true to your opinion, and don’t be a flag in the wind just because you don’t want to step on anyone’s toes. However, if an argument seems conclusive to you, you can, of course, adopt that opinion. It’s best to believe facts, not some obscure theories, though.

It’s also perfectly fine not to have an opinion on some things. There are too many topics in this world to deal with all of them. So don’t be afraid to admit that you haven’t given too much attention to specific issues. There is no shame in that. Admitting something will provide you with not only respect but also confidence.

10. Make decisions

People with incredible self-doubt tend to be unable to decide. You weigh the pros and cons for hours without getting ahead. Don’t be that way. Be decisive! And live with your decision.

It is precisely the little things that often cause doubters to worry too long. The best example: What should I order in a restaurant? In principle, it doesn’t matter. The main thing is that you are full afterward and that it tasted good. And even if that didn’t happen, it is still a long way from the end of the world.

So you must keep priorities in mind. Work on becoming more decisive. This is an easy way to gain small amounts of confidence in yourself.

More tips

If you’re looking for even more confidence-boosting tips, here’s a great article that tells you everything you want to know about this topic. It’s very extensive, so you can spend hours looking at it. Have fun and much more success in overcoming your doubts and becoming the woman you want to be!

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