One Piece: Which character are you? | Quiz | Find out now!

One Piece: Which character are you?

Are you in love with One Piece and want to find out which pirate of this fantastic anime you are? Take the test and find out!

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One Piece

Hey there, pirate! Welcome to this One Piece quiz! Take the test now to find out which character from One Piece is most like you! Which one will it be? Are you funny like Monkey D. Luffy, proud like Roronoa Zoro, or brave like Nami? There is only one way of finding out: Take the Which One Piece character are you? quiz now!

One Piece characters

One Piece has many fascinating and unique characters; no wonder, as the series is almost 25 years old! Over the years, a lot of different characters have shown up in this amazing pirate story. And since there are so many, there is definitely one character that is a lot like you!

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So, many fans may have already asked themself: Which One Piece character am I? And this question will be a thing of the past with this quiz! Take it now and find out!

One Piece Quiz: Which character am I?

This quiz analyses every answer you give and compares them with our huge dataset of different One Piece characters to find out which character is most like you. And we only need 10 questions to determine that!

So, don’t waste any more time and start the quiz already!

If you’re unhappy with your result, don’t hesitate and retake the quiz. It’s not rare that there is a tie between two different characters!

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One Piece manga

One Piece is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda. Its first chapter got released in 1997, making One Piece almost 25 years old by now! Over the years, there were over 100 volumes released, consisting of over 1000 chapters!

The manga sold over 490 million times, making it the most sold manga of all time!

How many episodes does One Piece have?

But One Piece is not only a manga, as you definitely already know. The anime of One Piece has a staggering amount of 999 episodes and will soon likely have more than 1,000. So everyone who starts watching One Piece now has a lot to devour!

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