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Beat the Dealer: Drinking Game with cards

You only need a deck of cards and three or more players to play Beat the Dealer.

We highly recommend these waterproof playing cards from Hoyle, you can get them on Amazon.

First you have to decided if an ace is a high or low card.

Next everybody gets a card. The player who gets the highest card is the dealer. (Heart>Spade>Diamond>Club)

The game starts with the player next to the dealer guessing the numerical value of the top card.

Without revealing the card, the dealer checks the card and tells the player whether he guessed right or wrong.

If the player guesses wrong, the dealer tells the player if the card is higher or lower than his guess. The player is allowed one more guess before the card is revealed.

If the player guessed wrong twice, he must drink the fingers differences between their second guess and the card’s value.

If the player guesses the card correctly on their first turn, the dealer must drink six fingers from his drink.

If the player guesses the card correctly on their second turn, the only has to drink three fingers from his drink.

The dealer roles passes to the next player clockwise after three turns.

Special rule for Beat the Dealer Drinking Game

To make the game easier for the players, you can place half the deck face up on the table. So it will be much easier for the players to guess the right card.

This will get the dealer drunk faster.

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