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Trying to talk and get to know someone is not a simple challenge. Sure, you can go on and on from one topic to another but it just ain’t easy as one, two, three! It will somehow get to a point where you run out of stuff to talk about and then it could start getting awkward for the both of you. Definitely not cool, right?

One great way to master the art of making friends and expressing yourself to others is through familiarizing yourself with Conversations Starters and Icebreakers. Before anything else, you need to know what these two are and then start using them when you need to.

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What are Conversation Starters?

A conversation starter is an opener or introduction used to effectively and creatively begin a conversation. They can be ideas in the form of questions or statements you can use in a given situation to make friends and/or meet people. Different situations, ages and other factors may call for different starters.

Want to know more about how to start conversations? Follow this link for more Conversation Starters and 250+ Conversation Starter Questions.

What are Icebreakers?

An icebreaker is originally any exercise facilitated intended to help the participants or group of people to start the process of building good relationships, teamwork and rapport with each other. Icebreakers are usually warm up games that will help a group of strangers to get to know each other and be closer to one another.

Here is a list of Icebreaker games for people from all walks of life and all ages. Some of these games incorporate conversation starters that will encourage people to really speak up. If used properly and appropriately, conversation starters and icebreakers can really help you make new friends you can keep for life!

Get To Know You Games for Kids

Even at a very young age, kids establish friendships through playdates or at school. It is very important to guide them while at this stage so that they may be able to grow up as people who have self-esteem, good interrelationship skills and emotional quotients. Here are Get To Know You games for kids to enjoy:

1. Catch The Ball Icebreaker

This game is good for a large group like a class. In this game, all you need to do is form yourselves into a circular formation. Pass the ball to someone and that person should tell everyone something about himself/herself, the sky’s the limit. Continue until you want to. This game will let you know little bits about the other participants.

2. The Telephone Game Icebreaker

This game will test the participants’ focus, attentiveness and teamwork. All you have to do is divide the group into smaller groups and let each group form a line. A message will be given/whispered into the ears of the frontliners and they need to pass the message to the next person, and so on. The group whose last person is able to speak up and tell the message correctly to someone waiting on the other end of the line is the winner.

3. Kiss the Kids Icebreaker

In this game, you will need lots of Kisses chocolate, one for every participant or more and different statements. The rules are that if the statement describes the participant then he/she should stand. If not, then he/she should remain seated. If all participants, at any point of the game, are standing, give them all a “Kiss”.

Here are some sample statements you can use:

  • If you are a dog lover, stand.
  • If you are blonde, stand.
  • If you have a toy car, stand.
  • If you love Math, stand.
  • If you have watched Frozen, stand.

This game will help the kids find common things or traits or hobbies with their friends.

4. Finish The Sentence Icebreaker

In this game, all you need to do is start with a sentence that is incomplete and let the next person complete or finish the sentence and start a new one which will be incomplete. Assign someone to write everything down.Make sure that the sentences also make sense when read all together in the end. The end result could be a story which can be ridiculous but really fun!

5. Pillow Toss Name Game Icebreaker

This game is best for people who just met. Have everyone say their names just once then all you have to do is form yourselves into a circle and toss the pillow to another person while instructing them to toss it to another person. You can say, “Rey, toss the pillow to Shara.” The game goes on and on until someone messes up or cannot mention another name. This game will help everyone learn each other’s names.

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Optional Rule: Don’t toss the pillow back to the person who tossed it to you or refer to yourself as the next recipient of the pillow.

Get To Know You Games for Teens

While growing up, teenagers like less physical games and games that will give them a chance to speak out their feelings and themselves. Teens are ready to mingle with the masses and find themselves in the process. Here are games fit for teenagers:

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1. Secret for a Secret

All you need to do is trade your secrets with the group. You can agree on a sequence as to who shares first. This will help teens express some bottled up issues and feelings. This game will give them a sense of belongingness. Make sure to only play this with your best friends who you can trust!

This is a game for a small group of friends. If you think about it, it’s not really a game but since there are rules, you can consider it one. The rules are simple. First, be honest and second, the secret should be kept forever between those present during the game.

2. Truth or Dare Icebreaker

Truth or Dare is a classic favorite because it’s very simple! You just need to ask your friends to honestly answer questions or bid them to do a task. The questions and dares can range from easy to funny to deep ones! This game is not for the scaredy cats.

Would you dare to play Truth or Dare? Follow this link for the official Truth or Dare game rules, ideas and more!

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3. Would You Rather Icebreaker

This game will let you know more about your friends’ preferences and in the process, understand why they are what they are. All you need to do is ask each person a question that will make them choose between two things. The sky’s the limit as long as the question starts with “Would You Rather”.

Here are some sample questions you can use on your family and friends:

  • Would you rather be pretty but dumb or smart but ugly?
  • Would you rather be imprisoned because you killed someone or be imprisoned because you stole from a bank?
  • Would you rather forget to wear panties or forget to wear a bra?
  • Would you rather be a lawyer or a doctor?
  • Would you rather be a millionaire or a saint?

You can follow up questions and make the player explain why they chose what they chose. If you want to know more about the Would you Rather game, check out our article: Would You Rather!

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4. Most Likely To Icebreaker

This is another simple game in which you will say “Most likely to” statements and everyone can vote on who will be that person among the group. The person can agree or disagree, nonetheless, it will start fun and interesting conversations about dreams and even ridiculous things that will surely entertain you and your friends!

Here are some samples that can get you started:

  • Most likely to get married before turning 25 years old…
  • Most likely to become filthy rich…
  • Most likely to become a movie star…
  • Most likely to become a serial killer…
  • Most likely to become a saint…
  • Most likely to have sex on the first date…
  • Most likely to pass out drunk during a party…

Can’t wait to start playing? Follow this link to play online: Most Likely To!

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5. Charades Icebreaker

You can play this classic favorite at home with your family, in school with your friends or anywhere! Play charades by team. Each team chooses a volunteer. The volunteer should guess the word that the other team has chosen. Your teammates should act out without talking or using words/sounds to help you guess the word. The team with the most correct guesses wins!

Follow this link to know more about Charades: Charades Game Rules!

Get To Know You Games for Adults

Even adults should have time for icebreaker games that will help them forget about the stresses of adult life and just focus on having fun with the people they interact with. Here are some stress-relieving icebreaker games adults can try:

1. The Hot Seat

This game is a friendly version of an interrogation. Each person is given his or her turn. He must sit on a random chair. Then each of the other players may ask one question to the person on the “hot seat”. Feel the vibe in order for you to determine the perfect questions to ask. Make sure to make the person on the hot seat blush and explain themselves. You are in for some fun!

2. This or That Icebreaker

This is another version of the “Would You Rather” game. In this or that, the players should choose between options in all honesty. Other players can ask you to explain yourself. The options don’t need to be just two, use your creativity and make everything more interesting!

Here some examples:

  • Chocolates or sex?
  • Flying or sailing?
  • Christian Grey or Edward Cullen?
  • iPhone or MacBook or iPad?
  • City or Countryside?

For more question ideas for this game, follow this link: This or That Questions!

3. Never Have I Ever Icebreaker

This classic favorite verbal, drinking game because it gives you an idea on what’s everyone experienced so far in their lives! You just say “Never have I ever…” followed by something you’ve never done and those that have already done it, drinks! Continue until you’re all drunk like crazy.

Here are some fun Never Have I Ever statements you can try out:

  • Never have I ever made out in public.
  • Never have I ever eaten carrot cake.
  • Never have I ever had sex in the CR.
  • Never have I ever gone out of the country.
  • Never have I ever finished reading a book.

Want to play this game now? Follow this link: Never Have I Ever!

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4. One Word Game Icebreaker

This game is another simple verbal game in which you will each be asked to describe or relate to a certain topic using one word only. This will encourage everyone to speak up since they should only use one word. It won’t be too much of a pressure to join the game! This game proves that you can get to know someone and befriend them even if they don’t say that much.

5. Name Bingo Icebreaker

One of the most enjoyable icebreaker games ever, Name Bingo uses the players’ names and some traits/statements to the original Bingo game sheet. You will need 5x5 name bingo sheets with personality grids (eg. Grid Labels: Has blue eyes, Has long lashes) for every player. The more players, the better! Here are some great ideas for labels on the grids:

  • Studying to be a ______ (career)
  • Has braces
  • Has curly hair
  • Wears dark lipstick
  • Loves to drink tequila

Each player is given a sheet. Go around the group to fill the grids with the names of persons that match the descriptions. You can repeat names but not side by side on the sheets.

The player who completes the fastest wins! The game can continue with someone calling the names in random just like in the original Bingo game. Players cross or shade the grid of the names called. The person who first crosses a row or column of five names will yell “Bingo!” to win.

Get To Know You Games for Couples

In order to spice up relationships between lovers and to have a sense of consistency, you need to think of ways to have fun together. Alone time does not always have to be spending all day locked up in the bedroom. You can go on dates and even play icebreaker games together.

1. One Word One Answer Icebreaker

This game will build connection fondness for each other. Take a trip down memory lane and mention a time or memory (one word only) and your partner will answer you with one word to describe that memory.

For example, your girlfriend can say “Prom” and you will answer “Red” then you’ll both be reminded of the time you went to the prom in which the girl wore a red dress. She’ll be flattered that you remembered!

2. Stare Off Game

This game is very simple yet very much fun for couples. All you have to do is look each other in the eyes and the first person to blink loses. Staring into each other’s eyes is very romantic and intimate to the point that you both can’t stop smiling. Trust me when I say it will definitely end with a kiss or two or three!

3. Yes or No Cocktail Game

This game is like two truths and a lie, but just waaaayyy better. Turn it into a drinking game to make it even more fun! You and your partner can take turns asking each other questions which could only be answered by yes or no. Taking two sips of your drink means “yes” and one sip means “no. The ultimate goal is to get to know each other and get drunkenly in love with one another!

4. Guess the Movie

Couples usually love to watch movies together. You can each prepare slides with pics from different movies and let each other guess the movie. You’d be fascinated if you used the same pics and movies for your slides. Just shows how much you have in common that your minds are practically synced!

Relationships, connections and small moments in your life when you’re having fun are priceless. You must do what you can to make them even more memorable. With these games, you will be forging stronger bonds and starting beautiful relationships with people.

Hungry for more icebreaker games? Follow this link and level up your daily experiences: Icebreaker Games!

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