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What is the Fortnite Drinking Game?

Fortnite is wildly popular with people of all ages because of its fun and fast-paced nature. In this online video game Fortnite, players are sent to an island to battle it out with 100 other players. Whoever survives until the end becomes the winner.

While a lot of kids play Fortnite, there are also adults who enjoy playing it. In fact, Fortnite has even evolved a Fortnite Drinking Game which is perfect for those who like playing video games while getting drunk at the same time!

Fortnite can be played in Duo or Squad mode, so you can play with as many people as you want!

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How to Play Fortnite Drinking Game

First of all, Fortnite is a cross-platform game. You can play it on Android, iOS, PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.

If you want to play the Fortnite Drinking Game, all you need to do is to choose your game platform and have lots of booze on hand!

Make sure also to decide on how you want to consume your alcohol. For example, instead of taking just one shot, you can chug your drink. Feel free to customize the rules as you go along!

Here are two ways you can play the Fortnite Drinking Game.

1. “Drink When…”

In this game mode, you and your friends can play Fortnite while drinking at the same time. Players just need to drink based on specific rules.

For example: Drink when you get revived by a team member.

2. “Drink Based on Your Place…”

In this game mode, you and your friends can play Fortnite like you normally would and drink only after the game is finished.

Fortnite is a game about ranking highest amongst 100 other players. When you play the Fortnite Drinking Game based on the final place or rank that you get, you will have to drink depending on which place or rank you died in.

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For example: If you get a 74th - 50th place at the end of the game, drink 3 times.

Fortnite Drinking Game Rules

As mentioned earlier, there are 2 ways to play the Fortnite Drinking Game. You can either play and drink at the same time, or play first then drink later! Whichever game rules you choose, you’ll have a blast playing with your friends!

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Fortnite Drinking Game Rules: “Drink When” Mode

If you want to play the Fortnite Drinking Game based on a “Drink when…” mode, here are some rules that you and your buddies can use.

You have to drink when…

1. Any team member gets a kill.

Celebrate killing the enemy by taking a drink!

2. You get killed by a shotgun.

It hurts whenever you get killed by a shotgun.

3. You fail to revive a team member.

You should be punished for failing to revive them.

4. You place higher than 10th place.

Good job on placing higher than 10th. Cheers!

5. Any team member gets a grenade kill.

It’s not just a regular kill, it’s a grenade kill!

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6. Any team member gets a sniper kill from 100 meters or more away.

Good job, team member!

7. You are the first to die in your team

First blood!

8. You place higher than 50th in duos, or 35th on squads.

I expect you will do your best to rank higher!

9. You die from fall damage.

Come on now, why?

10. A team member wipes a 2 man squad.

Cheers for your team members. Thank them for carrying you!

Fortnite Drinking Game Rules: “Drink Based On Your Place" Mode

This drinking game mode focuses more on the battle royal aspect of Fortnite. You will drink depending on what rank you place in the game. This mode is great if you just want to focus on the game and enjoy the drink after the match!

You will also have to drink each time more players die as the camera follows other players. You have to watch the entire game until the last player dies.

Check out these Fortnite Drinking Game rules based on how you place during the game!

Drink when you get…

100th Place = Finish your drink

You just proved yourself to be the very worst, bottom of the barrel in this game. You must finish your entire drink.

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99th - 75th Place = Drink 5 times

You’re not the worst of the worst, but you are still kinda bad.

74th - 50th = Drink 3 times.

I would say you are kinda average placing on this range. Maybe you were just unlucky?

49th - 25th = Drink 2 times.

This is for the above average folks. You only get 2 drinks.

24th - 10th = Drink 1 time.

You were almost there! Maybe you did 1 thing wrong, or got unlucky somewhere, but you almost had it!

9th - 5th = Give out 3 drinks to whoever you want.

You are at the top of the rankings. You can give out drinks to whoever you want among your friends.

4th - 2nd = Give out 5 drinks to whoever you want.

Good job reaching this high in the ranks! Go on and give out drinks to your badly skilled friends!

1st Place = Everyone else except you must finish their drink.

You must be either really good, or just super lucky. Either way you win, your friends are losers, you can enjoy watching them struggle to finish their drinks, while you gloat and flex your win.

Playing in teams

Remember, if you are playing in teams, then the number changes.

If you are playing in duos, then there will be 50 teams, so whenever you die, double your placement so you can make it out to 100. If you are playing duos, and the screen says you died at 50th place, then that means you are at 100th place.

Also, don’t forget the initial rule once you die. Aside from drinking depending on your placement, you also have to drink every time the new player you are watching dies until the game is over.

Drinking Games like Fortnite

Whether you are looking for fun drinking games for two or more people, there are still a lot of games that you can explore: 👉 Check out more fun drinking games for two!

If you’re looking for something that’s just like Fortnite, here are other games that also have drinking game versions!

1. FIFA Drinking Game

FIFA is another video game turned drinking game similar to Fortnite. It is a multiplayer online football/drinking game that football enthusiasts will surely love!

It’s a chance for players to live out their football fantasies while cheering and drinking at the same time. It’s like you’re celebrating your own World Cup from the comfort of your home!

How to Play the FIFA Drinking Game

Learning how to play the FIFA Drinking Game is a lot of fun. First, you need to have your video game console and a copy of a FIFA game. Prepare your alcohol in advance and you’re ready to go!

FIFA Drinking Game Rules

The FIFA Drinking Game is all about drinking when certain scenarios or rules occur during the game. Here are some rules to get you started.

1. During extra time, double all the drinks.

It’s not a drinking game unless you get drunk.

2. If you lose the game, take a shot.

Try to win as much as you can!

3. Drink twice if you miss a penalty kick.

How can you miss that shot?

4. Finish the drink if you injure another player.

Chug that bottle down!

5. Drink once if you foul the opponent.

Maybe you can try playing nice?

👉 Here are more FIFA Drinking Game rules!

2. Jenga Drinking Game

Jenga is a classic family board game where players need to build a tower by stacking wooden blocks on each other. You may not have imagined that this can be turned into a drinking game, but it can!

You will need excellent hand-eye coordination and some mental skills to ensure you reign victorious over your friends. Just like Fortnite, the family-friendly Jenga game can also be played as a drinking game!

How to Play Jenga Drinking Game

The mechanics are still the same as ordinary Jenga. Players need to stack the wooden blocks or stones as high as possible.

When you play Jenga as a drinking game, there’s an additional step where you can label the blocks with certain rules that players have to follow.

Here are some of the examples of what you can write on the blocks for a Jenga Drinking Game

1. Down your drink

It means what it means! If you get this block drink down your entire drink!

2. All

If you get this block, it means you and everyone else playing will take a drink!

3. 2000s

If you get this block, you have to name any 3 bands from the year 2000s onwards. If you fail then you have to drink 3 times.

4. Netflix

If you get this block, you have to name any 3 original Netflix movies in less than 10 seconds. If you fail the task, then drink 3 times!

5. Shorty

If you get this block, then whoever is the shortest in the group will have to drink. If it’s not you, then you’re safe, don’t worry!

The game will go on with stacking blocks, and completing the action listed on the blocks. The player who causes the tower to fall in the end will have to down their entire cup!

👉 Learn more about Jenga as a drinking game!

More Fun Drinking Games

We still have a lot more drinking games for you to play! Whether you like playing with video games, playing cards or just want some fun question and answer games, you can all turn these into drinking games.

👉 Take a look at our list of insanely fun drinking games!

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