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Fortnite Drinking Game

Turn your favorite battle royal game into a crazy drinking game. There are different variations to play Fortnite as a drinking game. We've collected the best game modes to get wasted while playing Fortnite.

Party & Drinking Games — February 13, 2019
Halloween Drinking Games

What you’ll need to play Fortnite as a drinking Game:

  • Fornite for any platform (Android, iOS, PC, XBox, PlayStation)
  • Lot’s of Alcohol

Fortnite Drinking Game Modes

There are two different game modes for the Fornite Drinking Game. We prefer the first mode, called “Drink when…”, because in this mode you can play and drink at the same time. Just click on the game mode to jump to the rules section.

Drink when… Mode

This Fortnite Drinking Game mode is perfect to get drunk while playing the game. Here are the rules:

Take One Drink When…

  • Any team member gets a kill
  • You get get revived
  • You fail to revive a team member
  • You place higher than 10th

Take Two Drinks When…

  • Any team member gets a grenade kill
  • Any team member gets a sniper kill from 100+ meters
  • You die (+2 if you die to the storm)

Take Three Drinks When…

  • You place higher than 50th in duos or 35th on squads
  • You die from fall damage
  • A team member wipes a 2 man squad

Take A Shot When…

  • You are the 1st in the squad to die
  • You get killed from melee
  • Any team member gets a melee kill
  • Any team member gets a crossbow kill

Finish Your Drink When…

  • A team member wipes an entire 4 man squad
  • You are killed by a trap
  • Any team member gets a kill from a trap

Drink based on your place after the game

Players will be drinking for their placement in a battle royale match.

This Fortnite Drinking Game mode focuses on the battle royale portion of the game. Players will be drinking for their placement in a battle royale match. As well as drinking for each subsequent player death after they die and the camera follows other players.

Fortnite Drinking Game Rules for this mode:

Players can either take turns or play in teams for this drinking game. But they must make sure to watch the entire game after you die. When players die the camera follows who killed them, and so on, until the game is over.

When a player dies he drinks based on the following chart:

  • Place: 100th
    Finish your drink. Way to be the worst in the game.

  • Place: 99th - 75th
    Drink 5 times

  • Place: 75th - 50th
    Drink 3 times

  • Place: 50th - 25th
    Drink twice

  • Place: 25th - 10th
    Drink once

  • Place: 10th - 5th
    Give out 3 drinks

  • Place: 5th - 2nd
    Give out 5 drinks

  • 1st Place
    Everyone else finishes their drink

If the game is played in teams then the number is extrapolated. So if it’s teams of 2 then there will only be 50 teams so double your placement number at the ending to make it out of 100.

On top of all that, once you die you must drink every time the new player your watching dies until the game is over. So you must finish watching the game after you die.

The Fortnite drinking game is a very fun way to spend your night. This game is one of the funner ones to watch because you never know when the player will get picked off. It can be pretty steady drinking especially if you happen to land right next to someone and get last place.

Dangers while playing Fornite the Drinking Game

As much fun Fortnite is, do not forget: Take care when drinking and please do not drive afterwards by car or bike!

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Our Rating

Fortnite Drinking Game

Fortnite Drinking Game will definitely spice up your next party. Based on how complex, how easy it is to play and how drunk you will get, we give it 4.8 out of 5 stars. We hope you enjoy Fortnite Drinking Game as much as we do!

4.8 out of 5 👌

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