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What is Rage Cage? 🤔

Rage Cage is a fast-paced ball drinking game for larger groups of people (7+ players). Rage Cage is not your standard Solo cup & ping pong ball drinking game, as it requires the players to bounce the ball into their cup as quickly as possible, or drink.

Equipment for Rage Cage ✅

Full Rage Cage Set:

You can get a full setup to play Rage Cage on Amazon:

Rage Cage Drinking Game

How many players do you need for Rage Cage?

Rage Cage is a lot of fun playing in a big round. We recommend at least 7 people. The bigger the party round becomes, the more cups we would set up. For example, for 6-8 people, we would set up 20 drinking cups around the Kings Cup in the middle. So about 3-4 cups per person. The more cups are set up, the longer the game lasts.

Rage Cage Set up

The Setup of Rage Cage is simple: Grab 20-30 solo cups, fill them up at least 1/3rd with beer, and place them in the center of a round table. Pick up one more cup to be the center cup and fill it completely with a full beer. Disperse all players evenly around the table, pick two players to start the game, and give them each a pong ball.

Rules for the Drinking Game Rage Cage

The Rage Cage begins with a backward “3, 2, 1-” countdown. After “1”, the two players with the pong balls pick a cup closest to them, chug the beer, and attempt to rapidly bounce their ball into the empty cup. Once they succeed, they will pass the cup and the ball clockwise to the next player, and this continues until a player makes it into their cup while the next person is still bouncing. Once this happens, the player will stack their cup onto the next one, and the losing player will pass their stack clockwise, pick a new cup, drink the beer, and proceed playing. The game ends when all of the cups have been consumed (ending with the center cup that contains a full beer).

Additional Rage Cage rules

Making your first try

If a player happens to make it on their first try they may pass it to any player around the table, excluding someone who is still bouncing.

Making a middle cup

If they accidentally make the ball into one of the cups on the table, they must drink that cup stack it on top of the previous cup and continue to try and make it in the stack.

Rage Cage in action:

Alternative Rage Cage Drinking Game Version:

Instead of filling the cups and the middle cup with beer, you can also take mixed drinks such as gin tonic or vodka orange. So if you do not have that much time to pre-heat in the round, and you want to get drunk faster, that’s the way to go!

Dangers of playing Rage Cage ⚠️

It is always important to take care when dealing with alcohol. Rage Cage is certainly one of the most entertaining drinking games. Be careful and don’t over do it! We hope you enjoy Rage Cage.

✍️  March 23, 2019

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