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What is the Rage Cage Drinking Game?

Rage Cage is a drinking game that’s perfect for large groups of people. This is a fast-paced drinking game where players need to bounce a ping pong balls nto a cup, usually a a red solo cup.

The Rage Cage drinking game rules are quite similar to Beer Pong since both involve bouncing a ping pong ball< into a cup, usually a red solo cup. The main difference is that players don’t have to move as if they’re playing ping pong. This game is about getting a ball into a cup as quickly as possible, or else, you will have to drink!

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How to Play Rage Cage

Rage Cage is great to play at parties because it’s better played by a group. We recommend that you have at least 7 people in your group to truly enjoy Rage Cage.

Once you start, make sure to keep your cool and bounce that ping pong ball into a cup! This isn’t like Beer Pong where you can take your sweet time before you shoot.

You have to act fast when playing the Rage Cage game. The longer it takes for you to bounce a ball into your cup, the more cups of beer you will have to drink.

Before you start your game, make sure to have the following:

  1. Table: Ideally, it should be a round table.
  2. Beer: Lots of beer!
  3. Red Solo cups: 20-30 red cups should be placed in the middle of the table. Fill this up with beer up to ⅓ of the cup. These cups should surround 1 cup filled to the brim with beer which will be the Kings Cup.

A good rule of thumb is to prepare 3-4 cups per person. If there are 6-9 players, there should be around 20 cups with a Kings Cup in the middle.

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Rage Cage Rules

The game rules for Rage Cage are easy enough to follow. As we’ve mentioned earlier, this game is all about acting fast. Just think of it as a race!

Here are the Rage Cage drinking game rules to keep in mind.

1. The game begins with a backwards “3, 2, 1” countdown.

After “1”, the two players with ping pong balls pick a cup closest to them, drink the beer, and attempt to rapidly bounce their ball into the empty cup.

2. Once they succeed, they will pass the cup and the ball clockwise to the next player.

This continues until a player makes it into their cup while the next person is still bouncing.

3. Once this happens, the player will stack their cup onto the next one.

The losing player will pass their stack clockwise, pick a new cup, drink the beer, and proceed with playing.

4. The game ends when all of the cups have been consumed.

The last beer-filled cup to drink is the center cup which is also called the Kings Cup.

Additional Rage Cage rules

There are many ways to inject more fun into your Rage Cage game. Consider adding these special rules to make your game extra challenging!

Making your first try

If a player happens to make it on their first try they may pass it to any player around the table, excluding someone who is still bouncing.

Making a middle cup

If they accidentally make the ball into one of the cups on the table, they must drink that cup, stack it on top of the previous cup and continue to try and make it in the stack.

Drinking Games like Rage Cage

Want to try other drinking games that are just as fun and hilarious as Rage Cage? Here are other chaotic party drinking games that are sure to be a hit among you and your friends just like Rage Cage!

1. Buzz Drinking Game

The Buzz Drinking game is a fast-paced game similar to Rage Cage. This game seems easy to play at first, but it’s harder than you think once you start playing it. The premise for the Buzz Drinking Game is that players will take turns counting from number one while replacing specific numbers with the word “buzz”.

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When someone isn’t able to call out the word “buzz” when they’re supposed to, then all players will have to drink! This game will become more challenging as time goes on. The more words you will have to memorize and think of.

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How to Play the Buzz Drinking Game

To start playing the Buzz Drinking Game, either the youngest or whoever the group decides on, will be the starting player and start the count at 1.

The player next to the first player, in a clockwise direction, will be the one to continue the count and say 2 and so on.

Each player has to replace specific numbers with the “buzz” to move the game forward.

If someone fails to say “buzz” or messes up the game, then everyone playing will have to drink!

For example, say “buzz” when the following comes up:

  • Double-digit numbers like 11, 22, 33, 44 …
  • Numbers with 7 in it like 7, 17, 27 …
  • Multiples of 7 like 7, 14, 21 …

👉 Learn more about Buzz!

2. Beer Pong

Another fun party drinking game you can play with your friends is Beer Pong Beirut. Just like Rage Cage, in this game, you compete with your friends and shoot ping pong balls into red cups. Make sure to practice your aiming skill. It’s going to matter a lot when you’re playing Beer Pong!

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How to Play Beer Pong

To play Beer Pong make sure you have a long square table then place cups filled up to ⅓ with beer on either side of the table in a triangle formation (3-2-1). There should be 6 cups on either side of the table. 2 or 4 players can play this game, as solo or duos.

The opposing players will face each other in opposite directions just like in regular ping pong. Instead of using a paddle to hurl the ball across the table, players in Beer Pong will have to use their hands and aim towards the beer cups on the opposing team’s side.

If a player successfully shoots a ping pong ball into the cup of the opposing team, the opponent must drink the cup where the ball landed in, and that cup gets taken off the table.

The first player or team who makes the opposing team drink all of the beer cups wins the game!

👉 Learn more about Beer Pong!

Tips for Beer Pong

Have a cup of clean water beside you.

This way you can wash the ping pong ball if it ever falls on the ground.

Have more than 1 ping pong ball, ideally 2-3 balls.

Depending on your and your friends’ aim, you may have to always scramble around picking up ping pong balls! Distract the enemy team so they lose concentration and miss!

3. Mr. Freeze

The last party game on our list is Mr. Freeze, which is a drinking game that keeps you on your toes, for sure! It’s similar to Rage Cage in a way since you have to be ready at all times and never let your guard down!

You can play this any time during a party, or you can let it be an ongoing game throughout the night. This way, it will be more confusing to everyone, especially to those who are not paying attention!

How to Play Mr. Freeze

To play the Mr. Freeze Drinking Game, the group has to choose one person that will be appointed as Mr. Freeze (or Ms. Freeze) at the start of the party.

While the party is going on, Mr. Freeze can randomly choose any time to “freeze” and the first person that notices must stop and “freeze” as well. This will go on until there is one unfrozen person left. The person who wasn’t able to “freeze” in time will then have to take a shot.

Whoever noticed the “freeze” first will be the new Mr. Freeze, choosing whatever time they want for the next “freeze”. This way, there will be a new Mr. Freeze and the game will continue.

Once you start playing, try to stay alert at all times which can be extra challenging once you’ve had a few drinks. Watch out for the next time Mr. Freeze chooses to “freeze” himself!

👉 There are still a lot more games to play and a lot more alcohol to drink out there! Try out any of these insanely fun drinking games!

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