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You know what they say, a team that knows “Trivia” together, stays together! And what better way to show off your knowledge and have a good time than with a clever team name?

But coming up with the perfect name can be quite the challenge, so we’ve done the work for you and gathered 25+ amazing “Trivia” team names that will surely make your next game night a blast!

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Funny “Trivia” Team Names

“Trivia” nights are a fantastic opportunity to blend humor with your knowledge! If you’re a bunch of fun-loving players, check out these funny “Trivia” team names you can use for your “Trivia” games:

1. Trivia Newton John

They’re hoping to get “Physical” with their trivia knowledge!

2. Stay At Homies

What a great team name for introverts who love to stay at home!

3. A Team Has No Name

Don’t you just miss Arya and the rest of the Game of Thrones cast? You can all be Aryas with this team name!

4. Sherlock Homies

LOL! What’s better than the friends of Mr. Sherlock Holmes himself? Sounds like a witty team!

5. Forrest Grump

That name is for all the grumps out there. Try to enjoy the event by winning the game!

6. General Unknowledge

This is for all the people who are not knowledgeable in anything… yet they try.

7. Don Quizote

That’s great word play for all the literature lovers out there!

👉 Looking for some fun questions to ask your “Trivia” team? Check out our article on 50+ “Trivia” Questions for some inspiration!

Inappropriate “Trivia” Team Names

Spice up your “Trivia” nights with a touch of offbeat humor! If all of you have the knack to be a tad inappropriate and you don’t mind it, try these inappropriate trivia team names!

1. Cream on the Crop

Whatever cream that is on whatever crop that is, let your mind do the imagining.

2. The Unicorn Unravelers

Investigating the mysteries of mythical creatures through trivia.

3. Trivia Tramps

Nothing says Trivia Game addicts in a sexy and dirty way like this team name does.

4. The Cheating Quitches

Instead of the B-word, you can just use this to call yourself if you’re self-proclaimed cheaters during the game!

5. D’ Double Ds

If you all have something BIG in common… this is a team name made in heaven (or hell?) for you!

6. Village Idiots

Please don’t be offended!

Good “Trivia” Team Names

Ready to make a lasting impression at your next “Trivia” showdown with your crew? Explore our collection of the best “Trivia” Team Names that truly shine!

1. The Think Tank

Think Tank, Shark Tank… get it? You might as well be sharks with the way you want all the scores to yourselves!

2. The A Team

Every game has an A Team, so you better proclaim yourselves as the official. That’s one of the classic trivia team names!

3. The Quizipedians

Maybe you’ve all read Wikipedia to prepare for the game; then this would be the most appropriate name for your team!

4. Geek Gods and Goddesses

Geeks might be bullied in school, but in trivia games, a group of Geeks would rule Mt. Olympus!

5. Let’s Get Quizzical

Instead of getting physical, it might be time for you and the squad to get quizzical!

Clever “Trivia” Team Names

Want to showcase your intellectual prowess with a dash of humor thrown in? You can never go wrong with these clever and pun-loving “Trivia” team names that’ll turn heads! Check it out:

1. Quizzards of Waverly Place

Fans of the Wizards of Waverly Place would definitely choose this one.

2. Les Quizerables

There is no time to be miserable. It’s time to focus on winning, quizerabs!

3. We drink, and we know things

Trivia Games are usually held in bars and pubs. Liquid confidence and brain energizers in the form of alcohol will always be present.

4. Trivia and Beers, That’s Why We’re Here

Don’t underestimate the power of a catchy rhyme that will always do the trick!

5. Winners & Boozers

There is no room for losers in your team, but for booze and beer? Welcome, welcome!

6. Apple-Bottom Geniuses

Let’s try who’ll get it!

Dirty “Trivia” Team Names

Are you a little bit dirty-minded? “Trivia” team names with dirty double meanings are a crowd favorite! Try these dirty “Trivia” team names to shock them all:

1. Awesome threesome

You can even change the second word to foursome, fivesome, or however many members you are on the team!

2. Wet & Wild Wieners (Winners)

Don’t you love puns? Especially the dirty ones with double meanings!

3. Quiz in my pants

Just be grateful that it’s just a quiz in your pants.

4. Big Hero Sex

Fans of the movie and Baymax will be fascinated by this trivia team name. Excuse the dirty pun, amigos.

5. Nine Inch Males

You know what they say? It isn’t about the team size: the performance, speed, and accuracy that’ll make you win!

The Office “Trivia” Team Names

Love the Office? These “Trivia” team names make it clear that you’re the Titans of The Office lore. Dive into our collection of The Office “Trivia” Team Names below:

1. The Jim and Pam Pundits

Their love for each other is only rivaled by your love for The Office trivia.

2. The Michael Scott Paper Company

You may not sell paper, but you definitely sell yourselves as trivia champs!

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3. Dwight’s Army of Trivia

Where are my Dwight fans?

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4. The Conference Room Champions

Turning the conference room into a trivia battleground!

5. The Angela’s Cats

The combination of The Office and cats is top-tier!

👉 If you want more questions related to the series, then why not check out our list of The Office “Trivia” Questions!

Harry Potter “Trivia” Team Names

Are you and your fellow Potterheads preparing for a magical “Trivia” adventure? These Wizards and Witty-themed team names are perfect for demonstrating your spellbinding expertise and keeping the laughter spells rolling. Check it out:

1. Quizzitch Champions

Potterheads know all about Quidditch. If it was a Trivia Game, it might as well be called Quizzitch!

2. Hairy Potters

If you love Harry Potter, are hairy, and don’t mind a gross-sounding team name, this will be perfect! Sounds like my new favorite team!

3. Granger Danger

Like Hermione Granger because she’s way smarter than all of us!

4. The Know-It-Owls

They hoot their way to victory with their wisdom and wit!

5. The Muggles Who Lived

Proving that even non-wizards can master trivia like wizards!

👉 Enjoy a magical quiz night with our Harry Potter “Trivia” questions here!

Christmas “Trivia” Team Names

Get ready to infuse your holiday “Trivia” games with a festive spirit! Here are some Christmas-themed team names that will make your competitors jolly with laughter:

1. Jingle Bell Geniuses

If you choose this name, we know what’s your victory anthem!

2. Festive Fact Finders

Unwrapping the gift of winning with their trivia skills!

3. Gingerbread Geniuses

Sounds even smarter than smart.

4. Frosty’s Brainiacs

Trivia mastery, the snowman’s way!

5. The North Pole Nerds

Nerds always win, right?

👉 Looking for a way to make your holidays even merrier? Check out these Christmas “Trivia” Questions for some festive fun!

Disney “Trivia” Team Names

Welcome to the magical world of Disney! Explore our collection of Disney “Trivia” Team Names that promise a delightful journey through the Disney universe:

1. Once Upon a Quiz

Every trivia night begins with a captivating tale for this team!

2. Pirates of the Quizibbean

Yo ho, yo ho, it’s a trivia life for them!

3. The Mickey Maestros

These trivia wizards are the true maestros of all things Disney!

4. Pixar Perfectionists

They know their Toy Story from their Finding Nemo!

5. Walt Quizney

In the mood for some fun questions? Here are the best Disney “Trivia” Questions for your next game night!

Have you picked the perfect name for your Trivia team? Perfect! Even if you mess up the answers, I’m sure you get an A for creativity and wittiness!

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