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Have you ever wondered what kind of friend are you? Below, you’ll see 5 of the most common types of friends. Answer the questions below them and see how well you do. Here are some additional awesome conversation starters as well.

Before you begin, get a piece of paper and take note how many questions you answer YES to.

The Shoulder to Cry On

  • Do your friends call you when they need someone to listen?
  • Are you someone who friends tell their secrets to?
  • Can you keep your friends’ deepest, darkest secrets until they die?
  • Have you been the designated driver more often than you like?
  • Are you present in the moment during conversations?
  • Do you know how to “really” listen?
  • Can you sense if your friend is under stress or having a personal problem?
  • Are you comfortable to show your emotions, talk about your troubles, and share deep secrets to your friends as well?
  • Do you try your best to make time for friends, especially those who are having a rough patch in their lives?
  • Do you consider yourself patient?
  • Can you switch from bouts of laughter to tons of crying when talking to a friend?
  • Do you weather the storms with your friends the same way you celebrate successes?
  • Are you comfortable talking about death, sickness, relationships, and other serious topics?
  • Do you know what comfort food your friend needs when he/she is down, depressed or heartbroken?
  • Are you vulnerable with your friends?
  • Do you check in on your friends regularly?
  • Are you an emphatic person?
  • Can you read if your friend needs someone to talk to?
  • Do you always show up on time?
  • Have you ever felt that you can communicate telepathically (one look is enough for your friend to understand what you mean)?

The Life-of-the-Party

  • Do your friends call you when they need a good laugh?
  • Are you always the first one invited to parties, get-together and other events?
  • Do you love hanging out with people?
  • In a party, are you most likely seen entertaining a group of people?
  • Do you usually find yourself heating up the dance floor and other people follow?
  • If there’s a fight, do you usually break it up?
  • Have you ever not been able to remember the night before?
  • Do you enjoy singing karaoke?
  • After a party, do you see photos of yourself with almost everybody posted on social media?
  • Do you find your friends calling or texting you non-stop when you’re late or not attending a party?
  • Have you ever thrown a party while your parents were out of town?
  • Do you usually make a loud entrance during parties?
  • Have you ever taught a group of people a new drinking game?
  • Is it easy for you to make new friends?
  • Do you usually go out with friends during weekends?
  • Have you ever gone skinny-dipping?
  • Is it natural for you to tell fantastic stories, no matter how big or small your audience?
  • Have you ever smoked a cigar before?
  • Do you throw the best parties that your friends look forward to?
  • Have you ever played a harmless prank on a friend who’s asleep?

The Wise Mentor

  • Do your friends call you when they are in trouble?
  • Are you the go-to person of your friends when seeking life, career, or personal advice?
  • Can you give advice without being judgmental?
  • Do you choose to give advice that your friends need to hear over what they “want” to hear?
  • Do you find yourself researching issues your friends are facing, in hopes of providing better-sounding advice?
  • Are you usually the voice of reason during disagreements between 2 or more friends?
  • Do you find it hard to turn your friends down, even when they seek advice with the same problems you talked about multiple times in the past?
  • Do you know when your friends only need someone to listen to them, and when they need someone else’s advice?
  • Do you tend to give advice on topics you also haven’t experienced personally?
  • Are you inquisitive?
  • During conversations, can you feedback key points of your friend’s story and make him/her feel heard?
  • Do you always know what’s best for your friend?
  • Are you a fan of inspirational books, shows, movies, documentaries?
  • Can you put aside your own problems to help your friends with theirs first?
  • Do you encourage your friends to achieve their goals?
  • Are you able to put yourself in your friends’ shoes before giving advice about their current dilemma?
  • Do you consider yourself open-minded?
  • Have you helped a friend become comfortable in his/her own skin?
  • Are you able to help your friends with their problems without making them feel inadequate?
  • Do you have your friend’s best interests at heart?

The Brutally-Honest, Loyal Friend

  • Do your friends call you when they are seeking advice?
  • Are your opinions the most-sought after in the group?
  • Do you find it hard to tell white lies?
  • Can you fight for your (and your friend’s) beliefs?
  • Do you often find yourself thinking, “I told you so” whenever a friend talks about the same mistake or problem he/she already did in the past?
  • Do you support your friends no matter what?
  • Do you think you can make a difference in your friend’s life?
  • Do you work out fights with friends, no matter how big or small your disagreements are?
  • Are you perfectly fine calling out a friend if he/she is wrong?
  • Do you intentionally keep friends grounded?
  • If you see your friend’s boyfriend/girlfriend flirting with someone else, will you tell your friend about it even if you know it will make him/her cry, get angry, or possibly end that relationship?
  • Will you speak your mind even if it embarasses your friends?
  • When asked for advice, can you provide suggestions instead of solutions?
  • Do you encourage your friend to love himself/herself all the time?
  • Do you genuinely want to hear what the other person has to say?
  • Do you tend to confront a friend directly to fix misunderstandings quickly?
  • Do you tell your friends whenever they’re making a mistake?
  • Can you maintain open communication, even if your friend is pushing your buttons or saying something that rattles you?
  • Do you consider yourself as impartial?

The Risk-taking Adventurer

  • Do your friends call you when they want to try something new?
  • Are you always recommending your friends to new restaurants, food and activities to try?
  • Have you ever eaten something that was still alive?
  • Did you invite friends to bungee-jump or sky-drive with you in the past?
  • You love to do dares whenever you’re playing Truth or Dare with friends.
  • Do you invite friends to travel at an exotic place every summer?
  • Are you willing to go with the flow?
  • Do you consider yourself as your friend’s ‘partner in crime’?
  • Have you ever climbed a mountain?
  • Are you someone who buys cheap airline tickets to an exotic location you’ve never been to and bring friends along with you?
  • Would you do extreme sports to help friends face their fear of heights, underwater, etc?
  • Did you ever encourage a close friend to get matching tattoos?
  • Have you ever broken a bone before?
  • When something is bothering you, do you tell it to your friend directly?
  • Have you bailed a friend out of jail before?
  • Do you push your friend (who has a crush on someone) to make the first move?
  • Have you agreed or encouraged your single friends to go on a blind date?
  • Are you comfortable setting up a surprise party for a friend?
  • Have you lied to save a friend from getting arrested?
  • Do you love challenging yourself and your friends to face their fears?


Which type of friend do you see yourself as?

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Are you the shoulder-to-cry-on? The life-of-the-party? The wise mentor? The brutally-honest loyal friend? Or the risk-taking adventurer?

  • If you answered YES to 1-9 questions out of 20 in one section, skip and go on to the next section. The score is too low to consider it your predominant friend personality.
  • If you answered YES to 10-14 questions out of 20 for two or more sections, note them down.
  • If you answered YES to 15-20 questions out of 20 under a particular type, then you now have a clue of your predominant friend personality.

As you can see, the results can always be a mix of two (or more) friend personalities. You can be a well-rounded friend who can give the best advice or be the wise mentor, but also push you when you need to get out of your comfort zone and experience a fun-filled day out.

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