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Ready to make tough decisions and have fun? A get-together wouldn’t be complete without a round of the classic “This or That” game!

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This fun and interactive game is sure to get the conversation flowing and provide entertainment for everyone. And with our list of over fun questions, you’ll be sure to keep your friends and family entertained for hours.

So what are you waiting for? Bring on the laughter and get ready to have a good time with This or That!

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Play “This or That” Online

Want the fun of This or That but can’t come up with questions? With our online version of the game, you can easily access over 1,000 questions for endless entertainment!

Simply gather your friends and family and download our app or access our website to start playing. And the best part? It’s completely free!

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Interactive “This or That” video

Want more difficult, fun, and interesting questions to choose from? Bring your game nights to the next level with us on Youtube! Watch our playlist of Would You Rather questions, it’s the perfect place for hours of entertainment!

Whether you’re hanging out with family or your friends, join us in asking all sorts of weird and wonderful questions to get the conversation moving! Feel free to share your answers - after all, it’s all about having fun!

How to Play “This or That” Game

This or That is an easy question-and-answer game, where players are given two options and must choose which one they prefer. It’s a great icebreaker for any gathering, as it allows people to get to know each other in a fun and light-hearted way.

Step 1: Gather your friends and family, making sure everyone is comfortable and ready to have fun. Gather at least 2 players, but the more the merrier!

Step 2: Decide on who will go first. This can be done randomly or by choosing a designated person.

Step 3: The person chosen will then ask another player “This or That?” followed by two options. For example, “Netflix or Hulu?”

Step 4: The other player must then choose between the two options and explain their choice. The game continues with each player taking turns asking and answering questions. Keep the energy up and have fun!

Best “This or That” Ideas

Making decisions can be tough, but it doesn’t always have to be so serious. With our list of the best This or That ideas, you and your friends will have a blast trying to choose between two equally fun or interesting things.

1. Netflix or movie night at the theater?

Both options involve some form of binge-watching, but which one do you prefer?

2. Coffee date or brunch date?

Coffee is a must, but brunch has endless possibilities.

3. Spend the day at the beach or in the mountains?

Water activities or hiking adventures? Tough choice!

4. Wine tasting or brewery hopping?

Both involve alcohol, so it’s a win-win situation.

5. Order takeout or cook at home?

Sometimes, staying in is the new going out.

6. Go on a road trip or a cruise?

Endless highways or luxurious ships? Either way, you’re going somewhere far!

7. Have a picnic or go to a fancy restaurant?

Enjoy the outdoors and save money with a picnic, or treat yourself to a fancy meal.

8. Get matching tattoos or matching outfits?

Tattoos are permanent, but fashion trends change – what will it be?

9. Go to a concert or a music festival?

Get up close and personal with your favorite artist, or dance the day away with multiple performers.

10. Early bird or night owl?

Do you thrive with the sunrise or come alive in the moonlight?

11. Meet your favorite celebrity or your role model?

A moment to cherish with someone you admire or someone who inspires you.

12. Skydiving or bungee jumping?

The ultimate adrenaline rush is calling, but which high-flying adventure will you choose?

13. Be able to sing or dance incredibly well?

Command the stage with your voice or mesmerize with your moves.

14. Win the lottery or find your perfect job?

Fortune can bring freedom, but a dream job can bring lasting fulfillment.

15. Own a luxury car or a private jet?

Travel the streets in style or take to the skies in luxury.

16. Have a chef-cooked meal every day or a personal stylist?

Savor gourmet dishes daily or showcase a flawless fashion sense.

17. Live in a big city or a cozy small town?

The hustle and bustle of urban life or the charm of a close-knit community.

18. Work in a team or solo?

Collaborate and share ideas or have the autonomy to do it your way.

19. Have a huge library or an impressive art collection?

Surround yourself with boundless knowledge or visual masterpieces.

20. Travel the world for a year or live in your dream destination for a year?

Embrace the nomad life exploring the globe or settle down in your paradise.

“This or That” Questions for Kids

Just because This or That is a party game doesn’t mean kids can’t get in on the action! We’ve come up with some fun and exciting questions specifically for children.

From animals to food to cartoon characters, there’s something for everyone! So whether it’s a rainy day or you just need some entertainment, get your kids involved in the game of This or That!

1. Cat or dog?

Both will make great best friends!

2. Rabbit or giraffe?

Which one do you want to pet?

3. Bunny or squirrel?

Which one is cuter?

4. Broccoli or green beans?

Eat your greens!

5. Become a fish or a bird?

You’ll get to see so much beauty with either one!

N e w !
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6. Panda or lion?

Both seem cute, but they’re wild animals so be careful!

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7. Batman or Spiderman?

If you want cool toys, choose Batman.

8. Gummy worms or gummy bears?

I’ll take any kind of gummy!

9. Pirates or ninjas?

One finds treasures. The other has cool moves.

10. Anna or Elsa?

They’re both awesome! Girls get it done!

11. Get good grades or play more?

You should try to get good grades so you can play more!

12. Minions or the penguins from Madagascar?

Both are amazing!

13. Little Mermaid or Mulan?

Which Disney princess are you?

14. Hogwarts or Narnia?

Both are magical places that are great to visit!

15. Avengers or Justice League?

Avengers assemble!

16. Apples or oranges?

It’s always good to eat fruits.

17. Amusement park or water park?

Does it matter? You should be happy you get to play all day!

18. Chicken nuggets or hotdogs?

Eating hotdog on a stick is way more fun!

19. Mobile phone or iPad?

Will your parents let you have either one?

20. Cake or pie?

Birthday cakes are the best!

21. Swimming lessons or piano lessons?

Swimming lessons = playtime

22. Cookies or cake?

Cookies are for snacks. Cakes are for parties!

23. Donuts or candy?

You can hide candy for later!

24.  Reading books or watching movies?

Where did you discover Harry Potter?

25. Swimming pool or beach?

Playing in the water is the best!

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26. Ice cream in a cone or dish?

You scream. I scream. Everyone wants ice cream!

27. Disney+ or Netflix?

Who else is Mickey Mouse’s number 1 fan?

28. Snowball fight or sledding?

Playing in the snow is fun!

29. Roller coasters or bumper cars?

Who doesn’t love bumper cars?

30.  Live in a treehouse or on a castle?

Want to live like a princess?

31. Tik Tok or YouTube?

Peppa Pig is on YouTube.

32. Zombie outbreak or an alien invasion?

Do whatever it takes to survive!

33. Hot or cold drinks?

You’ll want something sweet!

34. Peanut butter or Nutella?

Chocolate makes everything better!

35. Nintendo Switch or PlayStation 5?

Animal Crossing is on Nintendo Switch!

36. Video Games or Board Games?

Tough choice!

👉 Playing with the young ones? Make family time more entertaining with our extensive list of “Would You Rather” Questions for Kids here!

“This or That” Questions for Teens

Let’s not forget the teens! This or That is just as much fun for teens as it is for adults and kids. We’ve come up with some great questions specifically tailored to teenage interests, from music to movies to things they do in their free time.

This or That is a great way for teens to get together and bond over shared interests. So make sure to add this game to your next party or hangout!

1. Jeans or sweatpants?

The real question is do you want to look good or feel good?

2. College right after high school or a gap year?

It’s your future. Choose wisely.

3. Introvert or extrovert?

There are different types of people. Let’s respect our differences.

4. Intelligent or funny?

The person that I would like to date!

5. Instagram or Facebook?

Insta all the way!

6. A day with your best friend or a party with everyone you know?

Every day is like a party when with your best friend!

7. Art festivals or music festivals?

We should celebrate the arts more through festivals!

8. Alcohol or weed?

Both are valid options…

9. Sandals or sneakers?

Both are comfy options that your feet will thank you for.

10. Bar of soap or shower gel?

There’s nothing like that fresh feeling after taking a shower!

11. Black or white clothes?

Clothes are clothes.

12. Katy Perry or Taylor Swift?

I’m here for women supporting women!

13. Sun kissed golden goddess or snow-white ice princess?

Both are strong women!

14. Book or movie?

Both can take you to a different world!

15. Breakfast or dinner?

Breakfast for dinner is the best of both worlds!

16. Call or text?

There are no emojis when you call!

17. Pop or Indie?

Music connects us all.

18. Comedy or drama?

There’s a very thin line between comedy and drama.

19. Concerts or movies?

Count me in for movie dates!

20. Dark chocolate or white chocolate?

Chocolates! ‘Nuff said.

21. New phone or a new laptop?

I can’t live with a phone!

22. M&M’s or Skittles?

Colorful candy to brighten up your day!

23. Rich Friend or Loyal Friend?

A loyal friend will make you feel as if you won the lottery.

24. Doctor Who or the Walking Dead?

Will you survive a zombie apocalypse?

25. Meet Barack Obama or Donald Trump?

It would be an honor to meet a president that you respect!

26. Thailand or Italy for vacation?

Both should go on your bucket list!

27. Frozen yogurt or ice cream?

If you’re on a diet, frozen yogurt is a good choice.

28. Football or basketball?

You’ll have to do a lot of running with either sport!

29. Be the class clown or class nerd?

You never know you might be the next Mark Zuckerberg!

30. Giving a gift or receiving a gift?

It’s the thought that counts!

31. Glasses or contacts?

If it’s going to make you look smart, glasses are fine!

32. Liquid soap or bar soap?

As long as you feel clean!

33. Truth or Dare or Never Have I Ever?

Get ready to squirm in your seat for some tough questions!

34. Google or Bing?

Can you Google which one is better?

35. Hard or soft shell tacos?

Some say tacos are the perfect meals!

👉 Challenge your friends with more thought-provoking “Would You Rather” Questions for Teens and elevate your game night now!

“This or That” Questions for Couples

Looking for ways to get to know your special someone better? This or That is a great way to learn more about each other’s likes and dislikes. And don’t worry, we’ve got plenty of questions specifically designed for couples!

From romantic activities to dream destinations, these questions will definitely keep the conversation going. So light some candles and get ready to learn more about your significant other with these This or That questions!

1. Marriage or career?

Being in a happy marriage is a good way to live.

2. Cuddle in the morning or at night?

Cuddling makes you feel warm and cozy.

3. A partner who smokes or drinks?

You can drink together!

4. Live in the past or present?

We can only live in the present.

5. Living room or bedroom?

The real question is what’s your favorite place?

6. Modern or rustic?

For a wedding? I want rustic!

7. Sleep on the left or the right side of the bed?

Sleep on the side that’s closest to the bathroom!

8. Divorce or staying in a bad marriage for the kids?

This is a tough decision to make no matter what you choose.

9. Dress out for a night out with your partner or wear sweats and cuddle at home?

It’s fun to dress up every once in a while and get out of the house!

10. Couple’s trip to a beach or in a forest?

Beach baby!

11. Alaska or Hawaii for your honeymoon?

They’re both gorgeous places!

12. Antique or new furniture?

Choose timeless furniture that you can live with for a long time.

13. Condominium or house?

Wouldn’t you want your spouse to say, home is wherever you are?

14. Be your partner’s boss or employee?

Try not to mix your professional and business lives.

15. Sweetheart or honey?

You can call each other whatever you like.

16. Fast or slow?

I’ll tell you when to stop.

17. Bath or shower?

Feeling shiny and clean afterward is the best.

18. Spring or fall wedding?

A wedding is a beautiful affair!

19. Beach or mountains?

It’s good to escape city life sometimes!

20. Look alike or sound alike?

It’s cute when couples go matchy-matchy!

21. Hate each other’s friends or hate each other’s family?

Couples don’t just marry each other. They marry each other’s families too!

22. Share a toothbrush or share a pillow?

Sharing a toothbrush is a whole different can of worms.

23. Big or small wedding?

It should be what’s within your budget.

24. Big yard or small yard?

A big yard for a big family!

25. Blinds or curtains?

Curtains are more fun!

26. New year’s eve or Valentine’s day?

There’s something about welcoming new beginnings…

27. Netflix or cable?

Netflix and chill, baby.

28. Carpet or hardwood floors?

Hardwood floors seem so homey.

29. Convertible or minivan?

If you and your partner are ready to start a family, you know what you will get.

30. Chandelier or lamps?

Why do I remember Sia when I hear the word chandelier and Aladdin when I hear lamps?

31. Classic or modern?

A newlywed couple will have fun decorating their home with either theme.

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32. Destination or beach wedding?

Can’t the beach be the destination?

33. Get a kiss goodbye in the morning or allow you to sleep without kissing you?

Don’t disturb my beauty sleep!

34. Get married but have no kids or single with kids?

Wouldn’t you want to have a partner in life first?

35. Couch or recliner?

Taking a nap on a soft couch is the best way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon!

👉 This way for more fun, intimacy, and memorable moments with “Would You Rather” questions for Couples!

Deep “This or That” Questions

Are you looking to get deep and have meaningful conversations? These This or That questions will help you explore the depths of your relationship with someone and understand their perspectives on different matters.

These questions are not only thought-provoking, but they can also lead to insightful conversations about each other’s life experiences — so be ready for the journey!

1. Global warming or natural disasters?

If the world is going to end, wouldn’t you want it to be because of an uncontrollable natural disaster rather than something we could have prevented?

2. Work in the office or work at home?

Both have their pros and cons.

3. Play it safe or take risks?

Everything in life has risks?

4. Fancy car or fancy house?

Your house will become your home. Need I say more?

5. Bake a cake or buy a cake?

As long as there’s cake, it’s a good day already.

6. A successful career or happy family life?

Think about what’s important in life. We work to live.

7. Make lots of money or make a huge impact on the world?

Living a legacy for future generations is more important.

8. Marry and divorce or never marry at all?

It’s better to have loved and lost…

9. Travel the world or focus on your career?

Travel while you’re young!

10. Be a spouse who works or stays at home?

Be a spouse who works at home!

11. Friend zoned or ghosted?

Isn’t being friends better?

12. Be a genius or be wealthy?

If you’re a genius, you can make your wealth.

13. Live as a happy fool or tortured artist?

Who wouldn’t want to live a happy life?

14. Be a heartbreaker or the one that always gets your heart broken?

Falling in love can be painful sometimes.

15. Be a psychopath or sociopath?

Psychopaths tend to be manipulative and can be charming while sociopaths are erratic and unable to lead a normal life. Both are scary.

16. Born in the future or the past?

The future is so exciting!

17. Have a curvy or slim body?

All types of bodies are beautiful!

18. Have a cute or beautiful face?

Cute things make people feel happy.

19. Fall in love and die or live an immortal life alone?

What is eternity if you can’t spend it with someone you love?

20. Be a jack of all trades or incredibly talented in one thing?

If you can be talented in anything at all, keep at it and share it with the world!

21. Live life as a slave or die?

While you’re alive, there’s still hope!

22. Be financially bankrupt or emotionally bankrupt?

At the end of the day, we want to be good people. We can earn money again even if we lose it.

23. Be idealistic or realistic?

The kind of person you aspire to be…

24. Love or sex?

Whatever you’re in the mood for…

25. Be invisible or able to read minds?

Remember that with great power comes great responsibility.

26. Adult mind in a child body or a child’s mind in an adult body?

Imagine what a child can do in an adult’s body!

27. Take the red pill or blue pill?

The truth is always better than the lie.

28. Be a hero or a villain?

It’s a good day to save people!

29. Live life as a paranoid millionaire or carefree average person?

Isn’t freedom still the best?

30. Join a gunfight or a knife fight?

Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight!

Funny “This or That” Questions

Ready to get the party going? Let’s lighten up the atmosphere with some funny This or That questions.

These questions are sure to get a few laughs out of the room and can be used to liven up any conversation! Laugh, joke, and have a good time with these hilarious questions.

1. Manicure or pedicure?

A pedicure is like a surprise!

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2. Sing or dance for a talent show?

Isn’t dancing easier?

3. Look at every mirror you see or never look at a mirror?

4. Only eat spaghetti or pizza on a deserted island?

Just think spaghetti means long life!

5. Take care of a pet rock or pet tarantula?

A pet rock won’t bite!

6. Have a third nipple or an extra toe?

More fun for you!

7. Attend Hogwarts or Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters?

Learning magic seems fun!

8. Be a chair or a table?

Would you want to be something that supports people?

9. Give up alcohol for a year or give up your cell phone for a month?

Alcoholic drinks are overrated!

10. Be a dragon or unicorn?

Everyone loves unicorns!

11. Fart in front of your crush or smell a fart from your crush?

One does not fart in front of one’s object of affection. I’d rather be the one to smell something!

12. Have bad breath or stinky feet?

You can’t kiss someone if you have bad breath!

13. Be a Russian oligarch or a Saudi oil tycoon?

As long as you’re rich, I guess?

14. Be a vampire or a werewolf?

Vampires are sexy!

15. Ability to fly or teleport?

Teleporting seems easier.

16. Ability to fly or turn invisible?

Imagine what you can discover when you’re invisible though remember that people who eavesdrop don’t always hear good things!

17. Underdressed or overdressed?

Clothes make the man or woman!

18. Be an ugly genius or a hot moron?

Who has the right to say if you’re ugly or hot?

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19. Be at the mercy of Cersei Lannister or Ramsay Bolton?

I would rather jump from a castle wall!

20. Be chased by Godzilla or King Kong?

King Kong still looks cuter than Godzilla.

21. Constipated or have diarrhea?

I would rather not have either.

22. Eaten by a shark or a tiger?

It’s the circle of life!

23. Book smart or street smart?

You need street smarts to survive these days!

24. Live without the internet for a week or not take a bath for a month?

I’d rather be clean.

25. Be extremely smart or extremely lucky?

Some people say that you should make your own luck.

26. Stuck in traffic for 6 hours or ride a bike for 8 hours?

Even sitting around can be tiring.

27. Be friends with Donald Trump or Kim Kardashian?

At least Kim has decent fashion sense.

28. Shave your eyebrows or shave your head?

Everything but the hair!

29. M&Ms or Kit Kat?

Everybody wants candy!

30. Makeup or no makeup?

The goal is to have a no-makeup look!

Dirty “This or That” Questions

You don’t need to have clean and wholesome fun all the time. Sometimes, you want to get a little bit dirty. These dirty This or That questions are perfect for spicing up the mood at any party or gathering with your friends!

Get ready if things get a little messy! You’ll find yourself laughing or screaming or both!

1. Boobs or butts?

Who’s heard this? I like big butts and I can not lie.

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2. Hugs or kisses?

Hugging you makes my day. Kissing you makes my week!

3. Get covered in edible body paint or wear edible underwear?

Hope it’s tasty!

4. Licking or sucking?

Don’t stop!

5. Sex in the car or the hallway?

There’s more privacy in the car?

6. Sex on the first date or when you break up?

As long as you both agree, go nuts!

7. Sex or cuddling?

Who doesn’t love cuddling after sex?

8. Fool around with your crush or with your ex?

There might be hope for something better if you fool around with your crush?

9. Phone sex or dirty texts?

If you’re in a long-distance relationship, you’ll need these!

10. Dirty books or dirty movies?

Whatever floats your boat, hun.

11. Sexy striptease or dirty talk?

Are you the visual type?

12. Lingerie or fully naked?

There’s nothing wrong with a little mystery first.

13. Hook up with an older partner or younger partner?

Age is just a number!

14. Meet someone on Tinder or on a blind date?

You gotta put yourself out there!

15. Legs or neck?

The neck is always an erogenous zone.

16. Sex once a week or sex every day?

Do you have the energy?

17. Regret sleeping with someone or regret never trying?

Shoot your shot!

18. Leather or lace?

Hmm…what you choose says a lot. wink

19. Play with hot wax or ice cubes?

Why am I thinking of Ricky Martin?!

20. Get blindfolded or handcuffed?

It’s all about trusting your partner!

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21. Give a lap dance or get one?

If you’ve got the moves, flaunt it!

22. Make out in an elevator or in an Uber?

There’s more privacy in an Uber at least!

23. Roleplay as doctor and patient or teacher?

Ways to spice things up in the bedroom!

24. Top or bottom?

Wherever the moment takes you!

25. Take a bubble bath or a steamy shower?

Things get steamier when it’s for two people!

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“This or That” Quiz

Want to keep on playing? Here is a list of random This or That questions based on various categories to keep the conversation going!

  1. Learn ballet or gymnastics?
  2. Cheerleader or marching band member?
  3. Be famous online or in real life?
  4. Being too warm or too cold?
  5. Beer or wine?
  6. Stop using paper or stop using plastic?
  7. Lipstick or lip gloss?
  8. Money or free time?
  9. Buy things online only or only buy things in stores?
  10. Christmas or Halloween?
  11. Switch bodies with your mom or dad?
  12. Sugar or spice?
  13. Cremation or burial?
  14. Public education or home school?
  15. Personal chef or personal trainer?
  16. Watching movies or listening to music?
  17. Work with an asshole or a liar?
  18. Disney or Nickelodeon?
  19. Bungee jump or skydive?
  20. Take a vacation together or start a business together?
  21. Piercings or tattoos?
  22. Perfect teeth or perfect hair?
  23. Have the ability to talk to animals or become an animal?
  24. High heels or ballet flats?
  25. Scrambled eggs or fried eggs?
  26. Keds or Converse?
  27. Straight hair or curly hair?
  28. Staycation or glamping?
  29. Breakfast or no breakfast?
  30. Pilates or yoga?
  31. Morning person or night owl?
  32. Morning shower or evening shower?
  33. Travel alone or travel with friends?
  34. Get a good morning text or a good night text from the person that you’re dating?
  35. Bagels or muffins?

These This or That questions are sure to get the party started and keep everyone entertained. Get creative, answer honestly, and have a good time!

Whether you’re playing this game with friends or just looking for some interesting conversation starters, these questions will make sure that your conversations — and parties — never run dry!

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