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There are a lot of accounts on Instagram that dedicated themselves to party-related content. Be it drinking memes, party ideas, or party and drinking games. You’ll find excellent reels that give you great ideas of what to do at your next party or find the next big meme that makes your belly hurt from laughing.

So, whatever party-related content you’re looking for, here are the best accounts you need to check out right now!

Party hard!

๐Ÿป Drinking Games

Everybody loves themself a good old drinking game from time to time, right? But playing the same every time can get quite boring. Here are the best accounts dedicated to drinking games that will give you great ideas on what to do at your next party!

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1. do_or_drink

Do_or_drink features a lot of great posts you can use right away for your party. There are great challenges like: “Deep throat a banana or finish your drink” or “Name the sexiest feature of every person in the group or drink six times.” So, you’ll always have the choice of doing crazy dares or just drink. But do_or_drink is not just a fantastic drinking game account on Instagram; it is, in fact, a real drinking game you can order as well!

Go check do_or_drink out!

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2. outscordgames

Outscordgames is an Instagram account dedicated to party games, family, and fun. They feature a wide variety of party game ideas you’ve probably never seen before, which are just golden. Most of them can also be adapted to be more kids friendly if you’d like!

Give outscordgames some love!

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3. drinkapalooza

Drinkapalooza is not only a meme account for party-related content but also about their very own drinking game, called โ€“ drumroll please โ€“ DRINK-A-PALOOZA! It’s a board game to get wasted like crazy. But their memes are also pretty neat!

Follow drinkapalooza for more!

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4. drunk_engineers

Drunk_engineers is the best account for people with crafting skills who like to take their party games to the next level. They share a lot of tutorials on how to play their games or build their constructions. It’s a hidden gem indeed!

Go check drunk_engineers out!

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๐Ÿฅณ Party Ideas

Before you can throw a party, you need to plan a lot of things, especially when it comes to decoration. And a great party decoration starts with a good idea. But where do you get them from? That’s what the following accounts are for!

So, if you need tons of ideas on how to decorate your next party, these accounts may be your best bet!

1. ohhappyday

Ohhappyday is an upbeat account like no other. Visiting it will not only be inspiring for your next party, but may also very well inspire some changes in your home decoration. You’ll enjoy this account for sure!

Go check out ohhappyday!

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2. karaspartyideas

Karaspartyideas is THE place for all things party. Her colorful account is very inspiring for every sort of party you may be planning. And even if you’re not about to throw a party, you’ll definitely enjoy her images a lot!

Visit karaspartyideas now!

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3. catchmyparty

Catchmyparty features the latest party trends. If you’re looking for party ideas for kid’s birthdays, baby showers, etc., you’ll definitely are at home at catchmyparty’s Instagram account!

Show catchmyparty love!

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4. mrprintables

Mrprintables is a one-of-a-kind account. This Instagram account will help you find a lot of great party decorations you can print out at home and fold yourself! That’s also a great activity for parents and their kids!

Go check mrprintables out!

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๐Ÿฅด Drinking Memes

You’re not about to throw a party but love the party lifestyle? Then you’ll fall in love with the following party meme accounts on Instagram for sure! Go follow all of them!

1. berlinclubmemes

Berlinclubmemes is THE place to be on Instagram if you love party memes. They feature a wide variety of the greatest memes in that category you could find.

Go check berlinclubmemes out!

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2. 5oclockco

5oclockco focuses mainly on the greatest reels about drinking and partying you could find. But they also post a lot of memes. Your belly will hurt from laughing!

Give 5oclockco some likes!

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3. party

Party is probably the most straightforward name for a party meme account, right? ๐Ÿ˜‚ And you’ll get exactly what you would expect: Lots and lots of amazing party meme content.

Go check party out!

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๐Ÿ’Ž Hidden Gems

๐Ÿคซ Pssst! The following accounts are probably the best smaller accounts you should follow right away. They’ll grow like crazy and brighten your days for sure!

1. PsyCatGames

PsyCatGames is our very own Instagram account, which focuses heavily on party-related content. It features not only memes but also fun and interactive posts you don’t want to miss out on. If you’re into amazing reels and great story games, you’re in for a treat!

Go check PsyCatGames out right now!

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2. PlayTruthDare

PlayTruthDare focuses, as the name already suggests, primarily on the game Truth or Dare. Its story games are just golden and feature lots of fun questions. All of playtruthdare’s interactive posts will brighten your mood. You need to check them out and follow them instantly!

They also have an amazing app you should download immediately!

Go check PlayTruthDare out!

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Party & Drinking Games

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