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When it comes to memes, Instagram is quite a strong platform. It doesn’t matter which kind of content you prefer; chances are pretty high you’re going to find memes to your desired niche! Christian memes? Plenty of those there. Art memes? Of course! Memes for girls? You got ’em.

So, whatever your preferences are, Instagram will have memes for you. The tricky part, though, is finding these accounts. That’s why we decided to tackle this crazy task and find the best accounts you should follow right now! Some of them may still be quite small, but believe us: They have amazing content and will grow like crazy! You won’t regret following them, promised!

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Without further ado, here are the top Instagram meme accounts you should follow asap!

😂 Funny Memes

As you could probably imagine, this category will have the most entries. Of course, all memes in our list are funny; but these don’t necessarily focus on a specific topic. All they care about is good fun the general public would find amusing. Nothing wrong with that.

So here are some of the funniest meme accounts on Instagram you could find, which will definitely brighten your day.

1. dank__memes

As a meme lover, you’re probably already familiar with the term “dank memes”, so we don’t have to explain it further to you. Dank__memes states to have the best memes from all over the internet, and they’re probably not wrong about that. They feature pop-culture references and much, much more.

Go check them out:

instagram meme

2. WhatDoYouMeme

WhatDoYouMeme is one of Instagram’s finest meme accounts, which you should definitely check out. It focuses on everything meme and is just a place full of fun.

But do you know what the best thing about them is? WhatDoYouMeme is not just a fantastic meme account on Instagram; it’s also a physical card game called What do you Meme?! We actually did an in-depth review and How To Play video on YouTube!

Check out WhatDoYouMeme on Instagram:

instagram meme

3. relationshipmemes.s

Relationshipmemes.s focuses, as their name already implies, heavily on relationship-related topics. And their content is just golden since almost everybody can relate to their memes.

Share the love:

instagram meme

4. xmemeking

Xmemeking shares some of the finest memes on Instagram. But beware: Some of xmemeking’s content may be a little bit offensive to some, and they share a lot of 18+ stuff.

Find out more:

instagram meme

5. memesdial

Memesdial posts memes on a daily basis and shares a lot of hilarious stuff. You’re going to find plenty of pop culture references there.

Give them some likes:

instagram meme

6. newredditmemes

As newredditmemes’ name implies, their account posts a hand-picked selection of Reddit’s finest memes. You’re in for a good giggle browsing through this fantastic account.

Check out newredditmemes now:

instagram meme

7. dose.ofmemes

Are you feeling down and in need of memes? Then go check out dose.ofmemes right now to brighten your day! You won’t regret visiting them, as they post funny memes on a daily basis!

instagram meme

8. penguin_explains2

Penguin_explains2’s deal is to explain all memes posted to their site, which, to be frank, can be really helpful from time to time, especially if you’re not a native speaker or got your wires crossed, as everyone does from time to time!

Let the penguin explain memes to you!

instagram meme

🎨 Art Memes

Some may think of artists like they’re not much into memes and stuff that only peasants enjoy. But artists like fun too! (They’re just like you and me, you know 😜)

The following meme accounts focusing on art, art history, and much more are the cream of the crop in that category! Go check them out!

1. classical_art_memes_official

The name says it all: Classical_art_memes_official focuses on classical art, duh. Even if you’re not a fan of classical art, you’ll find great enjoyment in their posts, as they address modern issues with paintings from the past.

If you don’t already follow them, you definitely should right now!

instagram meme

2. artmemescentral

You’ll definitely fall in love with the great memes of artmemescentral. They focus not only on classical art but also on some modern paintings and other stuff related to art.

Let’s get artsy:

instagram meme

3. classicaldamn

Classicaldamn puts modern-day captions on classical paintings to brighten everyone’s day. You’ll get lots of enjoyment out of these; I’m pretty sure!

instagram meme

4. dankartdirectormemes

Compared to the previous meme accounts in this category, dankartdirectormemes dedicates itself more to the life of graphic designers and artists. If you are in a creative job, you can probably relate and will feel the pain of all these memes!

instagram meme

5. mographmemes

Mographmemes is also more about the life of creatives than about art itself, but you’ll get the gist of it as soon as you visit their account, which you definitely should!

instagram meme

6. designmeme

Designmeme focuses only on graphic designer memes and jokes because, as they say, their entire life as a designer was full of jokes. So, if you’re into graphic design, go check them out immediately!

instagram meme

🙋‍♀️ Memes for Girls

The following accounts target mainly a female audience and focus on all stuff women will find more enjoyable than men. But don’t get us wrong, just because this category is called Memes for Girls, it doesn’t mean that guys can’t find enjoyment in the following accounts as well.

1. girlyzar

Girlyzar is an already quite big Instagram account that focuses heavily on memes that women will find way more amusing than most men. Especially since it addresses problems and everyday moments, most girls will have already faced at least once in their life, while still being funny as hell. And some are really wholesome, too!

Check them out right now. Almost 3 million followers can’t be wrong.

instagram meme

2. bitchhh.humor

Bitchhh.humor is all about girls, girls, girls. You’ll find some really great memes there that not only girls will find amusing!

instagram meme

🙋‍♂️ Memes for Guys

You could argue that most meme accounts are rather targeted towards men than women, but finding meme accounts that solely target men is actually harder than expected.

1. menshumor

Menshumor is probably the best site you could find in this category. They do not only share funny memes for men but also some very wholesome memes as well that will lift your mood on a rainy day.

Go check out menshumor right now:

instagram meme

2. flirtmemes

Flirtmemes is all about pick-up lines for men. Some may be quite cheesy or bad (in a good way), but most are really funny. If you’re into pick-up lines, you should definitely check out their site!

instagram meme

😢 Depressing Memes

Memes don’t always have to be fun and giggles; there are also some that focus more on the darker sides of life. The following accounts, for example, have dedicated themselves to this topic. But guess what? You’ll still find most of these memes funny, if not somewhat relatable.

1. Miserable_Men

It’s debatable if miserable_men can be considered a meme account or not, but you’ll definitely find their photos more than just amusing. The account has dedicated itself to only posting photos of men, most of them elderly, that don’t seem very happy in public. Maybe they’re waiting for their wife and are just a little bit annoyed, while some do really seem unfulfilled. Yeah, it may seem wrong to find enjoyment in the suffering of others, but this account is just golden.

Go check it out right now:

instagram meme

2. sad_memes_original

Sad_memes_original posts a lot of memes with a more grim tone than other accounts. Most of them are still funny but have a sad truth to them that most of us can relate to. Just check them out and find out for yourself!

instagram meme

3. ancient_memez

Ancient_memez may not fit this category perfectly since they could also fit into the Art Memes category, but most of their posts are, in fact, more depressing or filled with darker humor than other pages that most of us may relate to.

Go check them out:

instagram meme

🌟 Inspirational Memes

Every one of us needs some inspiration from time to time if we like it or not. The following accounts are the best you can find on Instagram in that regard. Go check them out immediately!

1. being.awakened

Being.awakened is probably the most inspiring meme page you can find on Instagram. Their wholesome and good-hearted posts make you feel better, open up your hearts, or make you think. We can highly recommend this page!

instagram meme

2. unspirational

Every post of unspirational is created like your classical inspirational poster but with a twisted message. But even though the account is called unspirational, indicating it is the very opposite of inspirational, most of their posts have their very own truth to them! Yeah, they could also very well fit into the Depressing Memes category, but we think they are inspiring in their very own way!

instagram meme

🙏 Christian Memes

Religion plays a big role in a lot of lives. But even though religion tends to be anything but funny, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t people out there trying to bring in some good old fun into their beliefs. And there are some really nice meme pages on Instagram dedicated to Christian stuff, most of them quite sarcastic, though.

1. epicchristianmemes

Epicchristianmemes describe themselves as: “Two Pastors with pretty dreams to make pretty memes.” And that’s exactly what they do: create amazing memes. You should definitely check them out if you’re into Christian-related memes!

instagram meme

2. thebestchristianmemes

Thebestchristianmemes posts original memes about Christian topics that are just golden. Go follow them now, believers!

instagram meme

💦 Freaky Memes

Sometimes, you gotta be freaky. We hope everybody knows what is meant by this. So, check out the following meme pages only if you’re a little bit naughty 😏

1. wholesome.sexual

The name says it all: wholesome.sexual posts wholesome and sexual memes. You’ll definitely enjoy their content if you’re a little bit freaky!

instagram meme

2. theragingsexaholic

Theragingsexaholic features freaky content, as you might have already suspected. Just look at the example meme provided: You’ll definitely find the memes on their page more than just funny!

instagram meme

💎 Hidden Gems

🤫 Pssst! The following accounts are probably the best smaller accounts you should follow immediately. They’ll grow like crazy and brighten your days for sure!

1. PsyCatGames

PsyCatGames is our very own Instagram account, which focuses heavily on party-related content. It features not only memes but also fun and interactive posts. If you’re into story games and great reels, you’ll love this account!

Go check it out right now:

instagram meme

2. PlayTruthDare

PlayTruthDare focuses, as the name already suggests, mainly on the game Truth or Dare. Its story games are just golden and feature lots of fun questions. Their interactive posts will change a boring day to a fun one. And the comment section runs wild from time to time!

They also have an amazing app you should download immediately!

Go check them out:

instagram meme
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