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Gossip Girl’s Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen, Mean Girls’ Regina George and The Plastics, High School Musical’s Troy Bolton and Sharpay Evans… the list goes on! Everyone loved these characters who are all “popular kids” in school. Movies have depicted popular kids in so many interesting ways and stories that have made everyone want to be one! Other people might say they’re content on merely blending in but a lot of you are still intrigued, bedazzled and secretly hoping to be someone who has what it takes to get others to like him/her.

Being the Queen Bee or even just being part of the Elite Society in the wild jungle that is the walls of the school campus is a tough job indeed. Once you’re famous in school and everybody is watching you like a hawk, you are going to try your very, very best to be damn near perfect in order to meet everybody’s high expectations of you.

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Don’t get it wrong, being part of the popular crowd in school can have its privileges that’s why everybody wants to be you when you’re popular! Who wouldn’t want to be invited to parties and hang out with the coolest kids in school, right?

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, before you go paving your path to become the most popular girl or guy in school, you must first learn what it means to be popular and the many ways on how to be popular in school.

Webster’s Dictionary defines popular as something or someone “relating to the general public and suitable to the majority”. Oxford Languages defines popular as “liked, admired, or enjoyed by many people or by a particular person or group.” Put into simple words, if you’re popular, it means that most people like you.

In school, popular kids are those that win student elections, those who get voted as Prom King or Prom Queen. There are many reasons why someone becomes popular in school. You might be popular because you’re smart, rich, good-looking or you’re just so nice and everybody wants to be your friend. The reasons can range from superficial ones to rather deep ones.

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If you’re popular, you easily get invited to the coolest parties with the coolest people in school. Everyone would want to be your friend and even teachers seem to favor you. Without a doubt, being popular means you get to have so much more fun at the top of your school’s social hierarchy.

On the other hand, it also has its own consequences. Since the spotlight’s on you, your every move and update is visible to everyone. Everybody is always interested in how you’re doing in your studies, which clubs you join, who you’re friends with and most especially, who you date… and they’ll be quick to judge you about it.

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Nevertheless, if you ask a kid if he or she would rather be a popular kid in school or someone who is content living in the background, deep in their hearts, you all desire to be popular! You seem to feel that the privileges outshine the consequences of being one. The choice is yours!

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There are many ways on how to make yourself popular in today’s generation. Some people are popular because they really want to be, some gain popularity by accident and some are just born with it.

If you’re a simpleton like the rest of us and just want to be seen and heard of for the first time in your boring life, you can choose among these top ten ways on how to be popular in school:

1. Get straight A’s and be at the top of your class! 🤓

School is school and the students with the brains and the grades are the ones who get the medals and awards. Of course, those who always get the highest grades will belong to the cream of the crop in school and sooner or later everyone is going to know you for how brilliant you are and everyone is going to expect great things from you.

Most straight-A students become scholars and are shoo-ins for Ivy League schools in college. No wonder everyone wants to be you and or be friends with you, they say that birds with the same feathers flock together, others just want to be infected by your intelligence and awesomeness in academics.

2. Run for student government! 👩‍⚖️🧑‍⚖️

School Politics are more serious than ever. Those who have control over the school activities, the coolest hangout spots in the cafeteria and the campus’ social hierarchy are considered the most “powerful” students in the walls of the school. They earned the respect of the majority because they were voted by their schoolmates.

In order to be a student leader, you need to have charisma and the ability to balance passing your classes and at the same time preparing for the rest of the school year’s festivities. It’s a tough responsibility and those who can pull it off end up getting gold medals for their leadership and are definitely known by everyone in school, students and faculty alike.

3. Join the varsity team! 🏀⚽🏆

The jocks of the school become popular because everyone enjoys cheering for them as they carry the school’s colors and name in inter-school competitions and games. Those who are part of the varsity teams are gifted with athletic skills either in basketball, baseball, football, soccer, lacrosse and more, depending on which sport is famous in your town/city/country.

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Usually, the most coveted position a jock would like to have is to be the Quarterback and/or Team Captain. These people are oozing with confidence because they’re usually always out on the field or in court and are very much used to having everyone’s eyes on them.

4. Show off your talents! 💃🕺🎭

Have you ever seen High School Musical? Well, everybody loves a good show. Students who become popular in school because they are so great at singing, dancing, acting or whatever talent they have are very much loved by everyone while they’re on stage.

They are the ones who star in plays and school productions, that’s why you’ll all be amazed at how good they are. They’re not just born with talent, they worked hard to improve themselves and they rehearsed every song, dance and play they performed for you. They deserve your praises and rounds of applauses during curtain calls!

5. Become a cheerleader! 😎

The bouncing, loud and preppy cheerleaders are part of the popular crowd because they’re considered one of the hottest people in school. Popularity is a byproduct of their being cheerleaders and that’s just that.

Girls and boys try out for the squad in order to show off their sick dance moves and choreography, toned bodies and vigorous spirit fingers. It’s not just about cheering, though. They’re as popular as the jocks because they also have their own spotlights in halftimes during games where they bring out the school spirit.

6. Make friends with the elite circle in school! 🙆

Of course, one of the shortcuts to greatness is being with the greats themselves. Not smart enough? Not cool enough? Not talented enough? Not good-looking enough? Well, at least your friends are! If they accept you then others will automatically count you as one of them. Hang out with them long enough and others won’t even know the difference…

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7. Curate your social media accounts to get everyone to follow you! 📱

In the modern age of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchats, it might be easier to become popular than ever. Just master how to post aesthetic and sexy photos, totally intriguing and controversial posts or something that could break the internet, then you can jumpstart a career of vlogging as a social media influencer.

Netizens’ opinions are easily swayed so you just need to find something they’ll find worthy to talk about and they’ll follow you for more. Without them realizing it, they’ll be your avid fans and followers in no time.

8. Become the hottest girl or guy in school! 🥵

Here’s a good example of being born with it. It’s either you’re related to someone popular or you’re so gifted with good looks or are so rich that you can afford the best skincare, clothes, gadgets and cars (Pair that with a nice and dope attitude…everyone is going to gush over you, guaranteed!).

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9. Date the hottest girl or guy in school! 🔥

Can’t be the hottest? You can just date one and become popular, too! Association breeds assimilation. So it means that the closer you are to someone who is popular, the more popular you become yourself. You don’t know who to ask him/her out? Don’t worry, we’ve got you: How To Ask Someone Out!

When you’re dating someone that everyone considers important and/or cool, it automatically gives you that stamp of approval that everyone is looking for. You are the hottest girl’s/guy’s type, then you are everybody’s type. Simple as that!

10. Break some rules! 😈

Running out of ideas? This one is definitely going to make everyone hear of you. A student who breaks rules in school is going to stand out. In this ironic world, rulebreakers even end up being cheered on for being gutsy and happy-go-lucky.

When you hear someone being reprimanded for being naughty, admit it, some of you think of him/her as a badass, cool guy because deep inside each one of us, there’s always a rebel waiting to come out! You’re going to be infamous.

Being popular is very much a big deal for kids and teens in school because during this age, what’s most important is for them to have this feeling of belongingness and acceptance as they try their best to discover themselves through others.: When you’re popular, everybody likes you.

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