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What is the Game of HAM?

The Game of HAM is a great combination of a board and a card game for adults full of dark humor.

It doesn’t matter if you’re hanging with some of your closest friends or you’re at a huge party because it can be played by 3 to 15 or even more players. At first glance it might seem complicated, but after a short period of getting used to it, it gets hilarious! Try it out and have fun!

Game of HAM: Gameplay Video

For an idea of how the game is played:

Rules for Game of HAM

  1. Don’t take it too seriously! The Game of HAM is a funny game full of dark humor. So please don’t take it too seriously!
  2. Be fair! Like in any other game, play fair to keep the fun going.
  3. 18+! Please remember that the Game of HAM is for adults. The cards contain the finest black humor, but it’s really nothing for minors. Don’t play the game if you or another player is under 18.

Gameplay for Game of HAM

Every player starts at the white spot and the winner is the first player who arrives at the golden field. Bevor the start every player draws 10 pink cards. To start the Game of HAM you pick the first judge.

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It’s best to choose him randomly. Then this first judge picks a grey card and reads them to the other players. Now the other players respond to the grey card with one of their pink cards. Then the judge gets to decide which is the best card. The owner of this card is the winner of the first round. This is called winning a card trick in the Game of HAM. And after winning a card trick, you are allowed to move forward.

To know how many spots you can move forward, you have to look at the grey card again. In the bottom of each grey card, there is a picture of a ham and on that ham are to different numbers. For example: 1/6. The player gets to decide which of these numbers he picks to go forward. In this case, the player can either move 1 or 6 spots forward. The winner of the round becomes the judge of the next.

After each round, every player has to pick back up to 10 pink cards.

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Game of HAM board and cards

The different spots

As the Game of HAM isn’t just a card but also a board game, there are many different spots. So, after winning one round, you have to move, and what’s happens next depends on the certain spot:

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  1. A colored spot: If you are on a colored spot, you draw one card with the same color. These cards can help you winning. For example, if you are on an orange spot, you draw an orange card. You can either play the card immediately or later. But be sure you’ve read the rules on the card carefully before you play it!
  2. A numbered spot: If you are on a numbered spot, you move forward the number stated. (Nothing happens if you’ll land on a special spot again.)
  3. A white spot: If you are one a white spot, nothing happens. But the good thing about the white spot is, you can’t be bounced!
  4. An occupied spot: If you are on a spot where another player is already standing, you bounce him back to nearest spot. Except the spot is already a white spot of course.

To win the game you have to land on the golden spot exactly. Otherwise you have to go back by the rolled number!

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Game of HAM Review

Here’s our honest review for Game of Ham.

What we liked:

  • Fun to play in small & large groups
  • An almost better version of Cards against Humanity

What’s okayish

  • The board element of the game could be improved
  • The colors and design aren’t just our vibe

What we didn’t like

  • Lot’s of rules. This can be overwhelming when playing the game the first time

The Game of HAM can be the perfect solution to get every party going.

It doesn’t matter if you’re playing with strangers or your best friends, this game is always fun!

There are many variations and different ways to play Game of HAM too. Besides, you can also design your own Game of HAM cards. Just take a look at the official website to get more information: Game of HAM - The Ultimate Party Game

By the way, HAM stands for “Hating all Mankind”. Doesn’t it sound perfect?

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