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Flunkyball is often referred as Beer Ball within German-speaking countries. Although flunky ball is similar to the drinking game beer ball, it requires a football/soccerball instead of a ping pong b all. The goal of flunky ball is to finish your beer faster than the opposite team.

What do you need for Flunkyball?

  • A football/soccerball
  • At least one bottle of beer per player
  • A large area (meadow or parking lot)

How many players do you need for the drinking game Flunkyball?

  • 1 referee
  • at least 2 persons per team

If your playerbase gets bigger, you also need a bigger place to play, because it will get super messy.

How long does a round of flunkyball take?

The playing time is about 15 to 30 minutes, depending on how well you shoot and how many players play.

Flunkyball Setup

Referee at Flunkyball

First, a referee is selected. This is not absolutely necessary, but as it is often the case with any sport, it can be very emotional when it comes to winning and losing, so we recommend a referee who keeps track of the entire game at all times.

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At Flunkyball two teams play against each other

The remaining players split up into two teams. The teams should of course have a balanced number of players, unless you have a top scorer among you, then you can balance a little with different numbers of players.

The playing field

Flunkyball is mostly played on a meadow. You can of course practice a round of flunky ball elsewhere.

The field is divided in the middle. You can mark the center line if you want. One or more plastic bottles will be placed on the center line. Fill in some water into the bottles so they don’t fly around. Both teams now face each other 5 meters from the center line.

Each player now has a bottle of beer in front of them.

Who starts the game?

Who gets the first shot, can be decided by a quick round heads or tails.

Start and finish of Flunkyball

In the starting team, a player now tries the shoot ball and hit the bottle on the center line. If the player succeeds, the entire team may now begin to drink the beer as fast as possible. They may drink until the opposing team has picked up the ball and picked it up and put the bottle back in place. Once this happens, the team must stop drinking.

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Now it’s the turn of the first player in the opposing team.

If you don’t hit the bottle with your first try, you are not allowed to try again!

Who wins at Flunkyball?

The winner is the team that first finishe all beers.

Dangers of playing Flunkyball

As much fun it is to play Flunkyball, please drink responsibly and don’t drink and drive afterwards.

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