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What is Fuck You Pyramid?

Who says you need to have tons of people just to have a good party? Playing a fun and easy card drinking game is a highly entertaining way to spend time with your friends.

Fuck You Pyramid is a card drinking game that has all the elements for a good time. You get to combine cards, alcohol and your friends in one game! The main goal is for you and your friends to nominate each other to drink by alternately revealing cards from the pyramid.

Every time you nominate your friend, you’re telling them, “Fuck you, Player A!”

Equipment for Fuck You Pyramid

To play Fuck You Pyramid, make sure that you have the right equipment first. Luckily, the equipment for this card drinking game is quite simple. All you need is a deck of cards and lots of alcohol!

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How to Play Fuck You Pyramid

Once you have your equipment ready, make sure to shuffle your cards then place cards face down in a 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 pyramid shape on the table.

Card Layout for Fuck you Pyramid

Before the first round officially starts, each player gets dealt a card. The player with the lowest card becomes the dealer. The dealer must ensure that the remaining cards that are not part of the pyramid formation are dealt evenly to all the players.

The game officially begins with the dealer starting at the lower left corner of the pyramid and turning over the first card. The dealer then announces a 5 second countdown, from 5 to 0.

During this time, each player can place a card with the:

  • Same value (a jack for a jack, an ace for an ace)
  • Same suit (heart, spade, diamond, club) of the revealed card

They should also call out another player to draw a card by saying, “Fuck You, Player X!”

The player who is called out must do any of the following:

  • If the card is from the bottom row of the pyramid, the called out player has to drink once.
  • If the card is from the penultimate row, the called out player has to drink twice.
  • If the card is from the second highest row, the player has to drink three times.
  • If the card is from the top row, the called out player has to drink four times!

Note: For every card a player has left after the last card was revealed, he/she must drink four times.

Tips for Playing Fuck You Pyramid

There is no rule that you must lay down cards early. You can even wait and reserve cards for the higher levels in your Fuck You Drinking Game. You’re allowed to strategize so that you don’t get wasted quickly!

Just keep in mind that players who hold on to their cards for the higher rows of the pyramid are taking a risk since having the most cards by the end of the game will “fuck you up”.

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After revealing the cards from all the rows of the pyramid, players who have remaining cards on their hands must drink four times the amount of cards that they still have.

Fuck You Pyramid is a fun card drinking game that will surely get you tipsy in a short amount of time!

Games Like Fuck You Pyramid

Playing card games is an awesome way to let loose and have fun with your friends. Once you throw in alcohol, you get to have twice the fun!

Aside from the Fuck You Drinking Game, there are many other card drinking games that will entertain and keep you on your toes whether you play any of these games during a casual hangout at home or with a few friends or during a wild house party!

Check out these other card drinking games.

1. Kings Cup

The Kings Cup drinking game is another well-known card drinking game that can easily be played by two or more people.

This is a fun drinking game you can play in parties where players need to drink based on the cards that you and your friends draw from the deck. Each card has an assigned rule/action that the player who picked it must do.

You’ll find that the more you play, the rules become crazier or maybe you just become more drunk!

👉 Ready to play Kings Cup? Check out Kings Cup rules that you can use for your game!

2. Higher or Lower

Higher or Lower is another card-based drinking game that tests how much luck you and your friends have. This game is all about the players’ ability to make the right guess. Each player takes turns being dealt cards.

Once a player receives their first card, he/she needs to guess if the next card will be higher or lower than the first card that they received. If their guess is wrong, the player next to them will have to drink once. If their guess is correct, the player gets to make another guess for the next card.

The objective is to get the most right guesses in a row. If you get one wrong, you lose the game. Sounds easy, right? Remember you need to play this quickly, and you’ll be drinking a lot of alcohol while playing so it won’t be as easy as you think. But it will be hilarious, for sure!

3. UNO

Who knew that the popular family-friendly UNO card game could be turned into a drinking game too? It’s quite easy to do this since you only need to add drinking rules to the existing UNO cards that you have. It’s as easy as picking a Draw Two card which means that you have to take a sip of your drink twice!

UNO as a drinking game is quite easy to play and will get you and your friends drunk and silly in no time!

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👉 Ready to play UNO as a drinking game? Check out UNO drinking rules to get you started!

4. Slapjack

Slapjack card-based game that tests players’ speed and accuracy which definitely gets hampered once you have a drink or two in your system!

In Slapjack, each player gets to have a pile of cards in front of them which they will take turns to draw from. Once one of the players draws a Jack card, all the players must “slap” the Jack card. The first one to do so gets all the cards that have been laid down so far while the rest of the players must take a drink.

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