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Who says you need tons of people to have a good party? Playing a fun and easy card-drinking game is a highly entertaining way to spend time with your friends, even when you have just three people!

“Fuck You Pyramid” is a card-drinking game with all the elements for a good time. You can combine cards, alcohol, and your friends in one game! The fun part? Whenever you nominate your friend, you tell them, “Fuck you, (Player name)!”

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How to Play “Fuck You Pyramid”

Getting started with the “Fuck You Pyramid” game is easy. It won’t take long before you and your friends are having the time of your lives!

Equipment for “Fuck You Pyramid”

To play “Fuck You Pyramid”, ensure you have the right equipment first. Luckily, the equipment for this card-drinking game is quite simple. All you need is a deck of cards and lots of alcohol!

“Fuck You Pyramid” Set up and Gameplay

Once you have your equipment ready, shuffle your cards. Then place the cards face down in a 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 pyramid shape on the table.

Here is how your card setup for the “Fuck You Pyramid” drinking game should look like:

Card Layout for Fuck You Pyramid

Before the first round officially starts, each player gets dealt a card. The player with the lowest card becomes the dealer. The dealer must ensure that the remaining cards, which are not part of the pyramid formation, are dealt evenly to all the players.

1. The Fuck You Pyramid" drinking game officially begins with the dealer starting at the lower left corner of the pyramid and turning over the first card. The dealer then announces a 5-second countdown from 5 to 0.

2. During this time, each player can place a card with the:

  • Same value (a jack for a jack, an ace for an ace)
  • Same suit (heart, spade, diamond, club) of the revealed card

3. They also call out another player to draw a card by saying, “Fuck You, (Player name)!” The player who is called out must do any of the following:

  1. If the card is from the bottom row of the pyramid, the called-out player drinks once.
  2. If the card is from the penultimate row, the called-out player drinks twice.
  3. If the card is from the second highest row, the called-out player drinks three times.
  4. If the card is from the top row, the called-out player drinks four times.

Note: For every card a player has left after the last card was revealed, they must drink four times.

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“Fuck You Pyramid” Rules {fuck-you-pyramid-rules}

This game requires some strategy and quick reflexes. Check out some tips below to ensure you have a smooth game:

Tip 1: Reserve your cards. You can hold on to your cards until the game is at higher levels. This way, you won’t get too drunk too quickly.

Tip 2: Be quick! You only have five seconds to respond, play a card, or nominate another player.

Tip 3: Watch out for aces. Aces can be tricky since they can be used as a “wild card” and work with any other suit.

Tip 4: Make a drinking rule. Before starting the game, agree on a general drinking rule that applies to everyone. For example, “Every time someone says ‘Fuck you,’ everyone drinks.”

Now that you know all about the “Fuck You Pyramid” Game, it’s time to gather your friends and start playing! But remember always to drink responsibly and enjoy the game! Cheers!

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