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The world is already full of toxic and unnecessary pressures, we all need and deserve a little bit of sugar, spice, and everything nice once in a while. Instead of pulling each other down, you must think of different ways, no matter how small, on how to lift other people’s spirits. The simplest and fastest way to do that is by giving your compliments!

If you think that it only works one way, you’re mistaken! Compliments make the recipient feel happy and the giver, too. When you go out of your way to say nice things, it will surely make you feel much better about yourself knowing you made someone else feed good.

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Let’s have the 101 on everything about giving compliments…

What is a compliment?

Compliments are nice words of appreciation, praise, or congratulation that has the sole purpose of making a person feel good and increasing their sense of value in the world. Giving genuine compliments actually makes others want to be around you because of the positivity that you emit by doing so.

Some experts say that giving compliments has a rippling effect in the world. The people you praise/appreciate/congratulate are actually more inclined to give compliments to others in return. A small source of positivity can evidently become something bigger because people love being around positive people.

Those who constantly give compliments usually have more self-esteem and leadership skills. They are a source of happiness and positivity that the world needs. In the life we are living, we must remember that we are all in this together. Let’s value each other more and lift each other up. It’s simply good for the world!

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How to Compliment

Giving compliments can be natural to some people but not to all. The key is to give them in the most genuine way possible. There is a huge difference between compliments and flattery. Here are some of the basic steps on how to give a genuine compliment:

1. Give it freely without expecting anything in return. Complimenting someone can be awkward at first and that’s okay! Genuine compliments are easily felt by the receiver. Small talks and commercial messages are so common and easily given away that others think some compliments are insincere. A genuine one might take them by surprise!

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2. Don’t forget to smile. Going the extra mile with a smile will add to the ingenuity of your compliment. There is something about the warmth of a smile and the twinkle of appreciation in your eyes while you talk to them. A smile is something that compliments given through text messages or online chat could never have with it.

3. Focus on the details. People can sometimes be skeptical of big claims and generalities like “You’re so nice!” or “You’re so beautiful!”. One characteristic of a genuine compliment is, most of the time, they’re more specific. Pay attention to the small things that bring value and really describe the person. You can say, “I really love the light blue shade of your eyes that changes to dark blue sometimes”, or “Your opinion about poverty really astounded me.” This way, your words will carry more credibility and power.

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4. The best compliments don’t have anything to do with physical appearances. People, more often than not, cannot control their appearances. We’re born this way and you will look like you forever. Even some of the most attractive and nice-looking people might be uncomfortable if others talk about their appearance. Besides, substance over form is the rule. Look for ways to compliment others for their character, actions and choices. These matter more!

5. Be honest. This is where the line between compliment and flattery lies. Other keys to a genuine compliment are honesty and empathy. Instead of telling people what you think they want to hear, you should tell them what you genuinely think is special about them. Put yourself in the other person’s shoes and try to always look closely and see what is good about them. In a world filled with cynics and negativity, being able to see goodness is a big step towards a more positive world.

6. Compliments don’t have to be given face-to-face. In the modern and high-tech world of social media, there are a number of ways on how to express your appreciation and praises. You can like or love your friends’ posts or better yet comment something nice to make them feel great. If they posted a selfie and they actually look gorgeous, comment about how much you like their hair or something.

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How to Compliment a Girl

Girls are the object of a lot of compliments, especially from guys who want to get their affection. If you want to catch the attention of a girl, you gotta start by saying the right words and not make a complete fool of yourself. Here is a list of the Top 20 compliments you can tell a girl to make her happy:

1. You have a mind as beautiful as you are.

Girls don’t want to be merely beautiful, they also love when others notice that they got brains!

2. I love your smile.

Wanna make your girl smile? This is just uber sweet to hear when guys say it to girls.

3. I get so excited every time I see you.

Best thing to say to a girl you’re courting. This will give her the butterflies.

4. You’re my queen.

Short yet girls are suckers for this type of praises. Forget being a princess, she’s a motherfuckin’ queen!

5. I love every inch of you — even your ears.

Girls just want to be cherished in every way possible.

6. The more I know you, the more I fall.

This line is a definite dealbreaker! Best for confessing your feelings for the very first time.

7. I could have sex with you forever.

It would be totally awkward to just mention this anytime. You gotta pick the perfect moment and deliver it properly.

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8. I’d lay the world at your feet.

Sounds like something Christian Grey would tell the lucky Miss Steele!

9. Even when you’re angry and grouchy, I still love you.

Admit it, girls can be such angels but they can also sometimes be a great pain in the ass. Accepting them for who they are will make them love you.

10. Your cooking is simply the best!

Girls really do their very best to improve their cooking skills especially when they’re trying to impress you. If you really want to make her feel happy, appreciate their cooking!

11. I respect your opinion.

In the medieval and old school society, the female opinion was not really accounted for. Women just didn’t have their own voice. For her to know that you acknowledge and respect what she has to say will mean the world to her.

12. You’re my family.

For couples who really love each other, this is something you say to your girl to assure her that it’s you and her against the world.

13. You’re my best friend.

Girls want someone they can trust since a lot of people really try to take advantage of the female population.

14. You make me so happy.

You’ll know when a girl cares for you if she goes out of her way to make you happy. Make sure to appreciate her efforts, no matter how small.

15. I look forward to waking up next to you each day.

This is another way to say that you want to marry her. You can add “Will you marry me?” after saying this line.

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16. You deserve the finest things in life.

Some girls might say otherwise, but admit it, girls love to be lavished and cherished. It’s just a dream we all secretly share.

17. You are the most precious gem.

It might sound too cheesy but it still works every time.

18. I love talking with you.

Guys usually only want one thing from girls so you’ll know that a guy is totally into you when you both enjoy just talking with one another.

19. You always take good care of me, now it’s your turn.

In a healthy and loving relationship, couples who treat each other as equals are just so sweet.

20. I’m such a lucky guy to be able to call you mine.

This is the line of proud boyfriends to their equally awesome girlfriends! Flex your lady!

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How to Compliment a Guy

It’s not only the girls that deserve some compliments. Guys also have some emotions that need petting and lifting from time to time. Your guy might try to hide it but it actually means the world to him that you notice him and the things he’s doing for you. Here are the Top 20 compliments to tell to your boyfriend:

1. I love you just the way you are.

Most guys just want to be understood and accepted. Studies show that men have more insecurities than women since the pressure on them is also more. Accepting them and their faults will make them feel much more closer to you.

2. Thank you for working so hard for us.

All hard-working men deserve every gratitude from their partners and their family. This would fuel them everyday.

3. You always know exactly what to say and do.

Appreciating your man’s effort no matter how small is such a big deal for them.

4. You are so handy, I wouldn’t know what to do without you!

Guys love that you need them. It means that they are really happy when you need them.

5. You are such a great listener.

Girls talk and guys listen. That’s just the way it is. Appreciate when your guy sincerely pays attention to everything you say.

6. You make me swoon.

When your man knows his way to your heart, don’t hesitate to praise him and make him feel good, too.

7. You are so great at that!

Guys are all secretly Alphas. Letting them know that you think they’re good will encourage them to continue being great!

8. You are so damn funny!

Humor makes a man super sexy so if you think they’re sincerely funny, laugh your ass out, darling. He’ll love you for it!

9. You are my hero!

If a guy helps you out, express your thanks and praise at the same time. Let him know that he is the man! Your man!

10. I am your number one fan!

This compliment is best for athlete boyfriends. Be your bf’s cheerleader!

11. I love that you’re so tall.

Boys all want to be taller than their girlfriends in their dreams so if yours is, point that out while leaning on his shoulders.

12. You definitely weren’t lying when you said you were hitting the gym!

Boyfriend got that buff bod that you just wanna lick? Congratulate him for the hard work!

13. I believe in you.

This might be short and simple but with the right timing and sincere look, he might even cry!

14. You look beautiful even when you cry.

Speaking of crying, when a guy trusts you to let his emotions show in front of you, you would be very moved so this could lighten the mood and make him smile a bit.

15. I would follow you to the ends of the Earth.

Let him lead the way from time to time, especially when he knows what he’s doing.

16. You make me weak in my knees.

Dreamy boys are so hard to find. When you finally find him, don’t be afraid to get your walls down and express your emotions. He will love you more.

17. Your manly voice gives me chills.

This will be in your favor! Listen and giggle to him whispering i love yous all night long.

18. Chris Hemsworth, is that you?

You can use whoever celebrity you both think is hot for this. He might laugh but he’ll still secretly love it.

19. You always make me feel safe.

It’s the boyfriend’s job to make the girl feel safe so if he’s doing a great job at it, tell him so, he deserves it!

20. You smell so good.

It might be his great taste in perfume or his natural manly musk. Either way, point it out and let him know. He’ll be elated and he might even give you a smooch!

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Compliments for Friends

Compliments aren’t only for people in relationships. You can give compliments to your friends anytime you want to. They’ll be happy to hear what you think about them, especially if they’re nice and inspiring words. Here are the Top 20 compliments you can use to effectively make you friends smile:

1. Don’t forget that you are enough.

Remind your friend that they are wonderful just the way they are. Tell this to friends you’re comforting after a breakup.

2. You are absolutely one of the strongest people I know.

Friends lift each other up. This is one of the best things you’d hear a friend say.

3. I admire your amazing outlook on life.

It’s important to be supportive of each other’s dreams. Let your friends know you love their dreams and that you will always be there for them along the way.

4. I always have so much fun when we’re together.

Telling this to your friend will let them know that you’re comfortable with them and you don’t mind spending time with them.

5. Thanks for always having my back.

Friends help each other out so when your friends are there for you during the hard times, make sure to let them know you appreciate them.

6. That color suits you so great!

If your friend’s hair color or shirt color looks good, let them know so that they can continue looking great.

7. What a cool top! Where’d you buy that?

Your friend will be touched that you noticed and will gladly share more about their style.

8. You are such a gift to all of us.

Your friend will be in tears of joy and you’ll be hugging each other out.

9. I am so glad we met.

Friends are supposed to be angels sent to you in the form of strangers who become family by choice. They’ll love to hear that you think of them that way.

10. You’re gonna be so freakin’ bright!

Knowing that someone believes in you will totally give you that needed boost to do your best.

11. You inspire me.

Your friend will be glad to know that he has been a good influence to you.

12. Nothing will ever stop you because you’re so driven.

Confidence is fueled by friends who believe in you no matter what.

13. You literally made my day.

It is always great to know that you have made someone else happy.

14. I love our friendship.

This is a totally sweet thing to say to your friend and you’ll end up having a nice time together.

15. You are so brave.

It might be short but it with the right timing, voice and look in your eyes, it will be the most flattering compliment ever received by anyone.

16. I admire your selflessness.

Friends share with each other and are gifts to each other. Hearing this from your friend will make you feel appreciated and important and needed.

17. I love how crazy you are.

Anyone who accepts your craziness is a true friend of yours and deserves all the love in the world!

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18. You and I definitely are in the same wavelength.

Birds of the same feathers flock together. If your friend is awesome and he/she tells you this, you are definitely awesome, too!

19. I feel safe sharing my secrets with you.

If your friend trusts you with his/her secrets, that’s the ultimate compliment ever.

20. You have great taste!

Appreciating someone’s taste is like leveling and understanding them.

How to Respond to a Compliment

Now you’re all ready to give compliments like a pro but, of course, there will come a point when you would be given one so you also need to learn the etiquette on how to accept a compliment. The standard rule is to express your gratitude yet not sound cocky but at the same time, not reject it. Do it wrong and you’ll be in a very awkward situation. Here is a few ways on how to gracefully accept compliments:

1. Say “Thank you”. Accept the compliment. The person went out of his/her way to say something nice to you. Acknowledge his/her effort by being grateful. This way, you won’t sound vain. You’ll be polite and nice.

2. Be mindful of your gestures. Your nonverbal behaviour matters, too. While saying “thank you”, lean slightly forward and smile with your eyes. This will show them how much you appreciate the compliment and that your “thank you” is sincere.

3. Avoid a compliment battle. Instead of saying that “I won’t get close as to how awesome you are”. Just accept the compliment by saying your gratitude. Embrace the moment, your moment!

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4. Don’t deny the compliment. Don’t downplay yourself. It could come off as an insult to the giver. Cherish his/her appreciation and admit it, you did/are good!

5. Don’t question the compliment. Showering someone with a sincere compliment will definitely need some guts so if you’re given one, don’t be skeptical if it’s true or not. You can feel if it’s genuine.

6. No milking of compliments. You’ll sound vain if you ask for more reassurance. Smile it out, darling. The person already told you you’re great! You’ve technically proven yourself and have nothing else to prove further.

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Backhanded Compliments

Compliments aren’t always nice ones. Have you ever heard of backhanded compliments? If you’ve never received one then count yourself as lucky!

What is a backhanded compliment?

A backhanded compliment is a seemingly nice statement of appreciation/congratulation/praise but is not actually complimenting the person. It is more of a comment that blurs the line between a compliment and an insult.

Backhanded Compliment Samples

Instead of creating a positive effect, these backhanded compliments just do the exact opposite. They’re unnecessary and should never even be given in the first place. Here are some examples of backhanded compliments that you should note and avoid giving in the future:

  • I didn’t expect you to pass that test!
  • This is the first time I am able to appreciate your clothing preference.
  • I never thought you could afford something as expensive as this.
  • You shocked me with how un-awful your presentation was.
  • Your instagram makes you look like a very fun and adventurous person even though you’re not.
  • Wow, you’re so independent that I don’t think you’ll ever marry.

There you have it! You’re now ready to give and accept some verbal sunshine! Never underestimate the power of random compliments. Spread some positive vibe to the people around you and see its long lasting effect in the world.

“Sincere compliments cost nothing and can accomplish so much. In any relationship, they are the applause that refreshes.” -Steve Goodier

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