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Like card-drinking games? If you’re looking for fun and easy fun drinking games to play with your drinking buddies, then “Fuck the Dealer” is perfect for you!

This game is about guessing the card, and it’ll get you drunk real fast! It’s a popular game, and we’ll show you how to play it!

How to Play “Fuck the Dealer”

The “Fuck the Dealer” drinking game is a fun and easy card-based game where players need to guess the value of the top card on the top of the deck. Also known as “Screw the Dealer”, this game makes players take turns acting as the dealer while the rest of the players try to guess what card the dealer is holding.

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Equipment for “Fuck the Dealer”

Setting “Fuck the Dealer” is easy! Here’s what you need:

  • Deck of cards
  • Beer or other alcoholic drinks of choice

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Then, decide on a dealer and shuffle the deck. The dealer should keep the top card of the deck a secret.

“Fuck the Dealer” Gameplay

To start the “Fuck the Dealer” game, the designated dealer asks the player to their left to guess which suit the next card will have. This could be a suit of hearts, spades, clubs, or diamonds.

1. If the player/guesser answers correctly, the dealer must drink, and the player who has answered will become the new dealer. If the player/guesser gets it wrong, they must take a drink.

2. The dealer then asks the same player the next question. What is the value of the following cards on the deck (2-10, ace, king, queen, jack)?

3. If the player answers correctly, the dealer must drink, and the player becomes the new dealer. If the player answers wrong, they must drink, and the dealer asks the next question.

4. Does the next card in the deck have a higher or a lower value than the previously revealed card? If the player answers correctly, the dealer must drink. Otherwise, the player must drink again.

5. The dealer changes after three incorrect answers. The person sitting to the dealer’s left becomes the new dealer, and the game “Fuck the Dealer” is restarted.

“Fuck the Dealer” Rules

“Fuck the Dealer” has many rule variations that you can apply to make your game more exciting! Once you get the hang of it, you can even make up your own rules!

The penalty drink is just one game element that you can tweak. Here are additional “Fuck the Dealer” Rules for you to check out:

1. The dealer must take four drinks if the player is correct on the first guess (suit of the card). If the player is incorrect, the dealer asks the player to choose higher or lower.

2. The dealer must take two drinks if the player is correct on the second guess (card value). If the player is wrong, they must take a drink based on the difference between the actual value of the card and their second guess.

For example: If your guess was 5 and the card was an 8, you must take 3 drinks.

Once the player takes the drink, the card must be turned face up, and the game continues with the next player.

Dealer’s Choice

The dealer may pass the deck to any player after successfully dealing with 3 players.

Face Down

The discarded cards can be faced down instead of turned up to make the game more challenging.


Once all four suits of a card have been used, everyone must drink.

“Fuck the Dealer” Tips

“Fuck the Dealer” can be quite deadly, especially if you’re the dealer. There’s a high chance that you’ll end up wasted! If you don’t want people getting drunk too quickly, feel free to adjust the amount of alcohol that players need to drink.

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Tip 1: When making your first guess, choose cards near the center of the deck. The good card numbers are 6, 7, and 8.

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Any cards will give you a better chance of making a correct second guess when the dealer asks you higher or lower since you know the card would be one of the remaining numbers.

Tip 2: Pay attention to the cards that have already been called: If there are three 6 cards on the table but no 5 cards, you can start your first guess with a 5, not a 6 card.

That’s all you need to know about playing “Fuck the Dealer”, a simple yet fun drinking game! Remember to drink responsibly and have a good time with your friends. Cheers!

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