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The Asshole drinking game is a popular card-based drinking game that is a bit more complicated than your average card game. It’s also known as President, Scum or Capitalism.

The main objective when playing the Asshole drinking card game is for players to get rid of all the cards on their hands as soon as possible.

The first player to get rid of all their cards becomes the President in the next round of the game while the last player to get rid of their cards becomes the Asshole. There are various rules to keep track of, but once you get familiar with the game rules, it becomes easier and more fun to play!

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How to Play the Asshole Drinking Game

To play the Asshole drinking card game, you should have 4 players or more. All of the players must spread out and sit around a surface where cards can be played. Remember that the object of the game is to get rid of all your cards as quickly as you can.

Here’s how to play the first round of the Asshole drinking game:

1. The first hand of Asshole is the establishing hand.

This will determine everyone’s rank for the next round. Players could have the role of President, Vice President, Normal People, or the Asshole.

2. Players are given 6 or 7 cards depending on how many the players are.

Aces are the highest non-special card, and 3s are the lowest. (2 is a special card).

3. The game starts with a player laying down a single, pair, triples, or quadruples of a card.

The next player must drop a card of equal or greater value. They should also use the same number of cards that the previous player dropped.

For example

  • If the first player drops two 9 cards, the second player must drop two cards that are equal or greater in value.
  • If the second player drops the same card/s as the previous player then the next player is skipped and must drink.
  • If the second player is not able to drop any of their cards (They don’t have cards that are of equal or higher value), they will have to skip their turn and take a drink.
  • Cards are cleared if everyone skips or a two is played.

4. The game continues until all the cards have been played.

Once all players have gotten rid of their cards, or when someone plays a 2 card, a new hand begins. The person who last played a card will be the one to begin the new hand.

5. Players will get new positions/roles for the next round based on the order of when they got rid of all their cards.

  • The 1st player to get rid of all their cards becomes the President.
  • The 2nd player to get rid of all their cards becomes the Vice President.
  • Players who get rid of all their cards after the 2nd player are Normal People.
  • The second to the last player to get rid of all their cards becomes the Vice Asshole.
  • The last player to get rid of all their cards becomes the Asshole.

6. For the following rounds, high ranking players can tell the other players who are lower in rank to drink whenever they want to.

And that was the final step on how to play the drinking game!

Asshole Drinking Game Rules

There are a lot of rules when playing the Asshole drinking game. Once you’re done with the first round, the succeeding rounds are when things become a bit more confusing but definitely more fun! Don’t worry! You’ll get the hang of it after playing for a while.

Make sure you know these rules when playing the Asshole drinking game.

- Turns

The President begins the game with the first turn, followed by the Vice President, then the middle of the pack (normal) people, and finally the Vice-Asshole and Asshole.

- Playing Cards

Unless you’re playing the first card of the hand, any card played must be equal to or greater than the card played prior to it. If an equal card is played, then the next person in line’s turn is skipped this round. Aces are the highest non-special card, and 3s are the lowest (2 is a special card).

The hand ends whenever a full rotation of turns is complete, ending with the person who put down the last card. Following the end of a hand, the Asshole clears the pile, and whoever placed the final card on the previous hand begins this one.

When a new hand begins, if the person beginning the hand has a pair, triples, or quadruples of a card, they have the option of playing them all at once, and for the duration of this hand, only that specific pairing of cards can be played.

- Special Cards

2s are “special” in that a single 2 card clears the entire pile, and whoever dropped it begins the next hand. A single 2 can even clear a round of doubles, triples, or quadruples, but they can’t be played out of turn.

Positions/Roles in the Asshole Drinking Game

Players’ positions/roles during the Asshole drinking game are determined based on the order that players were able to play all their cards. The first player to get rid of all their cards is the President for the next game.

The second is Vice President. Second to the last player is the Vice-Asshole, and the last player is the Asshole. Anyone in between will be Normal People with no specific special rules assigned to them.

Below are the things that players can do based on the position/role that they have:


  • Before each game, the President can request two cards of their choosing from the Asshole, in exchange for any two cards they decide to give them
  • Starts the game with the first turn
  • Can force any player to drink at any time for any reason
  • Can order the peasants to refill your drink when needed

Vice President

  • Before each game, the Vice-President request any card from the Vice-Asshole in exchange for a card of their choice
  • Goes second following the President
  • Can make anyone other than the President drink at any time

Normal People

  • Turn is decided by the finishing order from the previous game
  • Can force each other and the Assholes to drink

Vice Asshole

  • Gives the Vice President a card of their choosing before each game
  • Turn is second to last
  • Can force the Asshole to drink


  • Gives the President two cards of their choosing before each game
  • Goes last in turn
  • Must refill anyone’s drink when needed
  • Must deal the cards & clear the piles when a hand is over

Other Asshole Drinking Game Rules

The various rules when playing the Asshole drinking card game make it more fun and chaotic. Just imagine players trying to keep track of all the rules while drinking at the same time. It will be hilarious seeing people try to keep up with every rule but end up drinking anyway!

Check out the other rules that you should include in your game of Asshole.

Drinking Rules

Drink whenever the following happens:

  • When you pass
  • When you get skipped
  • when a 2 is played
  • Whenever someone ranking above you tells you to drink
  • Whenever the President calls a “Board Meeting” everyone waterfalls.

Note: Waterfall means that all the players start drinking and are not allowed to stop drinking until the person above them stops drinking. (The Asshole will have to keep drinking until all the players stop!)

Special Rules

Here are other special rules that will make your game of Asshole more exciting. Feel free to come up with your own rules too!

  1. President Only - When you begin a game of Asshole, you’re not allowed to leave, or really do virtually anything else of your choosing, unless you’re President.
  2. Forever president - If a player is so dominant that they are President multiple games in a row, they can introduce rules of their choosing.
  3. The Reverse 3 - The 3 card reverses the order to counter-clockwise, then back if another 3 is laid down.
  4. Magnetic Table - When lifting a drink off the table it must be slid off the side of the table as if it is a powerful magnet.
  5. Sexy Beer - Moan after every time you take a drink.
  6. Viking - The President points to a player who must put both hands to their head to form “horns,” while yelling oogh! oogh! oogh!. Players to the left and right of the player must make rowing motions. Players must drink if they fail to act like proper Vikings (The president will decide).
  7. Social - All the players must drink when three cards of the same value are played in one round. Not only for three cards played by different people, but also for triples.
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