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What is Fuck, Marry, Kill? ✅

Fuck, Marry, Kill, also known as FMK, Bang, Marry, Kill or Kiss, Marry, Kill, is a hypothetical question game. Three persons are proposed as the subjects and you choose which would be the most desirable to fuck, to marry, and to kill. It is often played with celebrities but instead of persons, you can also name things like food for example.

How to play Fuck, Marry, Kill 🤓

  • Fuck: Hit it and quit it. It could be a great time while it lasts, but they’re better suited for a quick booty-call than a long term relationship.
  • Marry: Bring them home to your mom, buy a house and raise a family. With whom can you imagine spending your whole life together? Decide carefully, this is more than a long term relationship because you stuck together till death.
  • Kill: This is the one you would get rid of completely. It could be an easy decision, but also the hardest you’ve ever had to make.

Our Rating

Fuck, Marry, Kill

Fuck, Marry, Kill will definitely spice up your next party. Based on how complex, how easy it is to play and how drunk you will get, we give it 4.8 out of 5 stars. We hope you enjoy Fuck, Marry, Kill as much as we do!

4.8 out of 5 👌

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