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Picolo Drinking Game Online 👌

Picolo is the perfect drinking game to spice up your party. This new shot drinking game is just like Drunk Pirate and King’s Cup. Except that it is a drinking game without cards! You just need your phone and at least 2 players.

We can promise you one thing: everyone will get completely drunk! How do you ask? Well, every player will receive tons of booze-related tasks and funny questions. Prepare yourself for hundreds of drinking challenges, hilarious questions, and lots of alcohol!

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Play Picolo with our free online Picolo app. Fill in the names of all players and Picolo will take care of the rest. The Piccolo online drinking game is free to play. All game modes can be played for free in English and many other languages.

Play Picolo online!

Epic drinking games like Picolo 🔥

Picolo is not the only great drinking game. Ready for some more fun? Here are some great Picolo alternatives:

1. Most Likely To Drinking Game

Amazing group drinking game that is based on people’s opinions about each other. It’s our favorite group game!

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The Most Likely To Drinking Game is available on both app stores as well:

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2. Never have I ever Drinking Game

Never have I ever is a classic party and drinking game. Perfect to get to know your friends while getting drunk.

Play Never Have I Ever online

Never have I ever as a drinking game is available for both iOS and Android. Get the app here:

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3. Spin the Bottle Drinking Game

Spin the bottle is another good alternative for Picolo. You spin a bottle to select the next player. This player gets to choose between a Truth or Dare. Play Spin the Bottle online or as an app to discover revealing truths about your friends and perform naughty dares.

Play Spin the Bottle online

Spin the Bottle is available on the Play Store and on the App Store:

App icon Truth or Dare
Truth or Dare Rated 4.8 stars out of five stars

Rules of the Picolo game ✅

  • Players: 2 or more (can also be played in large groups)
  • Duration: A quick 15-minute game, or for hours!
  • Equipment: The online Picolo app

The rules of the game are simple. Enter the player names, select a game mode, and you are ready to start this drinking game. Now follow Picolo’s instructions. All players will get lots of fun questions and drinking tasks!

You can also play without entering names. But for the most enjoyment, we recommend playing with names. An unforgettable evening is guaranteed! You will be given tasks such as:

Example task: Player A, do whatever challenge player B asks you to do. Drink 5 sips if you refuse…

1. The Getting Started Mode

There are four game modes to play. The first mode is perfect when you’re just starting. In this mode, you get actions like:

Example task: Player A, drink 3 sips! And choose someone who has to drink 5 sips.

But you’ll also get classic Would you rather? questions while you play.

2. The Hot Mode

As the name suggests, this is the naughty and sexy mode. Some example Picolo questions and challenges:

  • Person A simulates an orgasm for 10 seconds
  • Person A lets person B touch her intimate area. Or drink 5 sips
  • Everyone takes off a piece of clothing
  • Player A, make up your mind: who do you think has scored more, Player B or Player C? This person must drink one sip for each time they scored

Also a lot of “Would you Rather” questions and “Never have I ever” statements are in this game mode.

3. The Bar Mode

This mode is especially funny when you are in a bar with your friends. Be careful: We can promise you that the bar tab will rise quickly! But you can also definitely try this game mode at home to get drunk.

⚠️ Warning: This mode could get you kicked out of the bar.

If you play this mode at a bar, chances are high that you will get to know new people. There is no way to not get noticed, while doing the Picolo challenges. Additionally, you will most definitely not be sober when you leave the bar.

4. The Silly Mode

No one is likely to play this mode sober. But if you’ve been drinking a lot, go for it!

Challenges in this game mode involve awkward social behavior, like only speaking to one player or turning into a T-rex.

Highly entertaining game mode, perfect for people you don’t know that well yet!

5. The group mode: War

Suited for more than two players, this game mode splits up the player into two teams. The teams play against each other and the losing team has to drink.

This mode is highly competitive, be prepared to face off against each other to hand out sips!

A bonus feature is the great team names Picolo randomly gives out like Team Brown Nosers, Kumquat, Pasties or Zucchini. From what we can tell the list is endless and the names are hilarious. Make sure to address the other team only by their name.

Features of the Picolo Drinking App 📱

  • Suitable for large groups
  • Easy to play and many game modes
  • Make up your own assignments!
  • Game modes for single players and teams

Dangers with the Picolo drinking game ⚠️

As with any drinking game, you should watch how much you drink. Please do not drive after drinking!

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