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Valentine’s day is on its way, and some of you hopeless romantics still haven’t found the perfect idea for your significant other. Well, we’re here to help! How about you try some of these romantic Valentines Day puns? You’ll be sure to make them chuckle.

Cheesy Valentines Day Puns

Are you looking for language romance ideas to tell your partner how much you love them on Valentine’s Day but don’t want to be all serious and Shakespeare about it? If you want to be a funny Valentine, look no further because we have the best funny Valentine’s Day puns that will make your love LOL and remember how much he/she loves your sense of humor!

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Pile on the cheesiness with these puns!

1. Are you a flame? Because I think I found my perfect match.

Let’s light each other up!

2. Are you a lightbulb? Because you turn me on.

So that’s why everything is brighter when you’re around.

3. Are you a magnet? Because I’m attracted to you.

They say opposites attract!

4. Are you a thief? Because you stole my heart.

You can steal my heart too!

5. Your name must be Summer because you are hot.

Do dad jokes like this work?

6. I followed my heart to you.

I’ll admit. This made my heart flutter because I see you have a lovely heart!

7. I love you beyond measure.

No one can measure our love!

8. You don’t need to pay rent to live inside my heart.

Let’s have a heart-to-heart conversation about us.

9. You must be a bowling ball since you’re right up my alley.

If you’re looking for date night options, a bowling date sounds fun!

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10. You must be glue because I am sticking with you.

I guess we’re stuck with each other!

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11. Your shirt must be made out of wife material.

Yes, so don’t treat me like I’m just regular girlfriend material!

12. I hope thistle show you how much I love you.

This is the perfect funny flower pun you can write on the card when you send flowers to your girlfriend or wife!

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Corny Valentines Day Puns

If you and your partner really love each other then telling corny jokes to each other should be a hoot! What’s great about corny Valentine’s Day puns is that even if they’re bad, you can still laugh about it because you know you just want to crack each other up!

Try saying any of these puns over a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner!

1. Are you a drum? Because my heart beats for you.

It’s beating so loud!

2. Are you a keyboard? Because you are just my type.

Type away!

3. Are you a locksmith? Because you have the key to my heart.

Even if this is corny, I think you have an adorable heart!

4. Are you a needle? Because you are sew special to me.

Will you find me even if I’m like a needle in a haystack?

5. Are you an alien? Because I believe you’ve abducted my heart.

I’ll turn green with envy if you abduct anyone else’s heart!

6. Not a daisy goes by where I don’t think of you.

Daisies always remind me of you!

7. I love you so matcha.

If you’re looking for a list of food puns to make someone smile, this is one of the cutest!

8. You are tea-riffic!

You are plane awesome! Now, you have me telling a corny joke too! We must really belong together!

9. I can donate blood to me anytime since you’re just my type.

That’s one of the most unique gift ideas you can give to someone you like. Hope you really do have the same blood type!

10. You must be a geologist because you rock my world.

I don’t have to be a geologist to rock your world!

11. Your name must be Autumn because I am falling for you.

There’s just something about the fall season that makes people want to fall in love.

12. My love for you blossoms every day.

Our love grows like a beautiful flower.

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Dog Valentines Day Puns

Out of all the puns about animals, dog puns enjoy a special place because they’re just so darn adorable! Dog Valentine’s Day puns take things to the next level because no one can resist words of love combined with the cuteness of dogs!

There’s just no way you wouldn’t love any of these Valentine’s Day dog puns!

1. I chews you to be my Valentine, and I Shih Tzu not.

I love Shih Tzus and I love you too!

2. You are my pup of tea.

You’re my cup of tea, too! I don’t need fresh flowers. Just give me a cute puppy for Valentine’s Day!

3. Fur real, you’re the best Valentine I could ever ask for.

Thanks! I’m glad you’re my Valentine too!

4. How did the dog sign off his Valentine’s Day card? With pugs & kisses.

It’s still XOXO for me!

5. I ruff you.

I love you more!

6. I’m mutts over you!

Does that mean your dogs love me too?

7. Muttin’ could ever come between us, Valentine.

Can we have a date night by ourselves without the dogs?

8 You’re beautiful and you love dogs. You’re simply pawfect!

I’m happy to have found a dog lover who loves me too!

9. What do you call a dog whose love is electric? Sparky!

Our love is electric too!

10. Whenever you have a ruff day, count on me to make you feel wonder-fur.

Will you let me hug you too?

11. You are bone-ified pawtastic, so I’m unleashing my love fur you.

I’m fantastic? Aww, I think you’re great too!

12. Thank you for being such a paw-fect Valentine.

Spending Valentine’s Day with our fur babies made this day really special.

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Valentines Day Puns for Friends

While everyone expects romance during Valentine’s Day, this is a day that we should celebrate with all our loved ones including friends and family! Whether you have a date or not for Valentine’s Day, your friends will always be there for you!

Show your friends how much they mean to you with some of these Valentine’s Day puns for friends!

1. I value your friend-chip.

We’ve eaten a lot of chips together while talking about being each other’s Valentine’s Day dates!

2. No bunny compares to our friendship!

We’re just like cute bunnies when we’re together!

3. There’s so mushroom in my heart for my best friend.

My boyfriend knows he has to share space in my heart.

4. You’re sud-sational!

Thank you! You’re fabulous too after taking a shower!

5. Happy Wine-lentine’s Day!

Cheers to more wine and cheese nights together!

6. When I’m with you, I’m feline good.

If we’re still single when we’re 50, let’s get cats!

7. Let’s spend some koala-ity time together.

There’s nothing I’d rather do than spend time with you!

8. I ain’t lion when I say I love you.

I’m not lying! You’re my best friend. Of course, I love you!

9. Thank you so mocha for being my friend.

I always love our coffee dates!

10. This Valentine’s Day, I want to say I turtlely love my best friend!

I totally love my best friend, my partner, my family and other people too!

11. I can’t bear to be without you.

BFF for life!

12. You are berry special!

Of course, I am. I’m your best friend!

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Food Valentines Day Puns

You don’t need to worry about gluten-free and vegan options because our Valentine’s Day food puns have no restrictions! If the best way to someone’s heart is through their stomach, then food puns will make your love more delicious!

Enjoy delicious food while reading these food puns that will make your heart skip a beat!

1. I love you butter than everyone else!

This is one way of buttering me up and making me crave food!

2. We make a great pear.

I knew someone’s gonna be slipping a food pun during Valentine’s Day, and I love it!

3. We’re mint to be.

This is the ultimate vegetable pun that will make my heart beat!

4. I only have fries for you.

You know the way to my heart!

5. You make miso happy.

Let’s go on a food adventure in Japan and eat lots of sushi and drink miso soup!

6. You’ve stolen a pizza my heart.

This is a perfect message if your special someone is a food lover like me!

7. I’m b-egging you to be my Valentine.

I like my eggs sunny side up!

8. Let’s avo-cuddle!

Will you bring me avocado toast after we cuddle in bed?

9. I love you from my head tomatoes.

Why does this make me think of sharing a plate of spaghetti with you?

10. I yam in love with you.

I’m in love with you too!

11. You’re the loaf of my life.

The love of my life is someone who supports my love for carbs!

12. Will you peas be my Valentine?

Of course, as long as you promise to eat my peas!

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