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Do you love drinking games played with your friends and family? Do you also enjoy watching your favorite TV shows with them? Well, now you can do both at the same time! Watch your favorite series while drinking your poison and having one of the most drunken times of your entire life!

These types of games are best played during sleepovers, parties and actually, anytime you want to play it.

What is the Brooklyn 99 Drinking Game?

The Brooklyn 99 Drinking Game is a game which was inspired by the TV Show and was popularized because of the many fans that the show has. It now has a lot of online apps, downloadable ones, and a lot of versions and rules that you can think of.

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This drinking game is fun because aside from the booze, the show itself will work its magic on you. Even if you play it again and again, there are a lot of rules and variations you can add that would make everything fresh and new every time!

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How to Play the Brooklyn 99 Drinking Game

The game is pretty simple to play! You only need a few things to get started so don’t sweat it out!


For this game to start, you will need at least two players. But of course, the more players, the merrier! But of course, the more players, the more booze you’ll need.

Things You Need

All you need is a TV, lots of episodes of Brooklyn 99 and your choice of alcohol (Beer, vodka or tequila will do best!). It also won’t hurt to prepare some snacks for the gang. Good show, good company, good booze and good food!

Brooklyn 99 Drinking Game Rules

Of course, this game can’t even start without all the players agreeing on a unique set of rules for the game. As mentioned, this drinking game has a lot of versions depending on what the players want and are willing to set as rules. Of course, the sky’s the limit when it comes to the rules you’re gonna set.

First golden rule, you must all decide to pick designated characters for each player and take a shot everytime his/her character’s name is mentioned in the show. Here are the main characters in the show, if there’s more of you, two or more players can be designated to the same character:

  • Detective Jake Peralta
  • Captain Ray Holt
  • Detective Amy Santiago
  • Sergeant Terry Jeffords
  • Detective Charles Boyle
  • Detective Rosa Diaz
  • Gina Linetti

There are also different rules that will require different numbers of shots during the game. Check out these Brooklyn 99 Drinking Game Rules that will make your next drinking game one for the books:

Take a shot when:

  • Someone says “Captain”.
  • There’s a flashback shown.
  • Santiago is sucking up.
  • Terry talks in third person.
  • Jake is referencing “Die Hard”.
  • Captain Holt talks about a celebrity no one has heard of.
  • Captain Holt insults someone unexpectedly.
  • Rosa becomes violent towards an object without life.
  • Hitchcock mentions his love of sitting.
  • Scully mentions his love of sitting.

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Take two shots when:

  • Jake says a wrong phrase or word.
  • Holt dismisses someone.
  • Gina is on her phone again.
  • Jake talks about his Daddy issues.
  • Amy gets turned on by an organizational tool.
  • Charles says something sexual.
  • Captain Holt smiles.
  • Charles corrects someone’s pronunciation of Nikolaj.
  • Terry talks about being a dad.
  • Rosa shows her soft side.

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Take three shots when:

  • The date and time are shown.
  • Diaz is losing her temper.
  • Boyle is talking about food.
  • Jake smiles in an awkward situation.
  • Charles is obsessing over Jake.
  • Terry starts talking about yogurt.
  • Hitchcock laments over lost food.
  • Gina is dancing and/or says something about his dance troupe.
  • Someone mentions the phrase, “title of your sex tape”.
  • Doug Judy is flirting with Rosa.

We can’t all be like Rosa Diaz when she said, “I hate small talk. Let’s drink in silence”. With these brilliant drinking game rules, you’ll be wishing you were also a detective in the single-camera ensemble comedy about what happens when a talented, but carefree, detective gets a new captain with a lot to prove, Brooklyn 99!

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