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Just because it’s a party game doesn’t mean it’s just for parties! “Truth or Dare” can be a great way to spice things up in your relationship and get to know your boyfriend better.

Whether you’re in a new relationship or have been together for years, these “Truth or Dare” questions for your boyfriend can bring a new level of fun and intimacy to your time together. You’ll both learn new things about each other and have a great time doing it!

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How to Play “Truth or Dare” with your Boyfriend

Playing “Truth or Dare” with your boyfriend is easy! It can be done in a variety of settings, from a cozy night in to a night out with friends.

Simply decide who goes first, and have the person choose either “Truth” or “Dare.” The other player then gives them a question to answer or a dare to complete.

If they choose “Truth,” the other person asks them a question.

For example: “What is one thing you’ve always wanted to try in the bedroom?”

If they choose “Dare,” the other person gives them a task to complete.

For example: “Text your mom and tell her you love her.”

Once the person has completed their truth or dare, it’s their turn to choose for the next round. Keep playing back and forth until you’ve had enough fun or run out of ideas!

“Truth or Dare” Generator for Couples

Can’t think of your own Truth or Dare questions for your next date night? No problem! The online version of “Truth or Dare” has you covered.

Simply download our free app or play directly on our website to access 1,000+ questions and dares specifically designed for couples. Never run out of ideas again and have endless fun with your boyfriend!

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Romantic “Truth or Dare” Questions for Boyfriend

Want to get closer to your boyfriend? Whether you’re looking for a deeper emotional connection or just some flirty fun, these romantic Truth or Dare questions are perfect for spicing up your relationship:

1. What’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever done for someone?

How sweet.

2. If you could plan our dream date, what would it be?

Dream big.

3. Describe your idea of the perfect kiss.

Let’s make it happen.

4. What is the most precious memory of us that you cherish?

Walk down memory lane.

5. What is one thing you love about me that you haven’t told me yet?

Surprise me.

6. What was your first impression of me, and how has it changed since we’ve been together?

Honesty is the best policy.

7. If you could change one thing about our relationship, what would it be?

Open your heart.

8. What is one thing you’re scared to ask me, but really want to know the answer to?

Fear not.

9. When did you realize that you were in love with me?

Remember the sparks.

10. What makes you feel most loved and appreciated in our relationship?

Let’s deepen our connection.

11. Sing me a love song.

Let your voice sweep me off my feet.

12. Write me a heartfelt letter.

Pour your emotions on paper.

13. Cook me my favorite meal.

Who said the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach? It goes both ways!

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14. Plan a surprise date night at home.

Bring the romance to our doorstep.

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15. Give me a 10-minute foot massage.

Therapeutic and romantic.

16. Call up a local radio station and dedicate a song to me.

Let the world hear your love.

17. Create a playlist of songs that remind you of our relationship.

Music is the language of love.

18. Recite a love poem to me.

Touch my heart with your words.

19. Surprise me with breakfast in bed tomorrow.

Start my day with a delicious surprise.

20. Dance with me to our song, no matter where we are.

Let’s sway to the rhythm of our love.

21. What’s one secret you’ve been too shy to tell me?

Spill the tea.

22. How would you describe the way we first met to a stranger?

Retell our story.

23. Which of my habits make you smile the most?

Share some smiles.

24. What’s your favorite memory of us laughing together?

Laughter is our shared language.

25. Can you describe the moment when you felt most connected to me?

Relive the bond.

👉 Need more? Head on over to this article for more “Truth or Dare” Questions for Couples to deepen your connection.

“Truth or Dare” for Boyfriend Over Text

Can’t be together in person? No problem! “Truth or Dare” can also be played over text, making it a perfect game for long-distance couples.

Just send any of these “Truth or Dare” questions for boyfriend over text and see what kind of fun answers come back your way:

1. What’s one thing you’ve always wanted to do with me, but haven’t had the chance yet?

Plan for the future.

2. Send me a picture of your outfit and I’ll choose what you wear on our next date.

Let’s have some fun with fashion.

3. Tell me your most embarrassing moment in front of my family or friends.

We all have those moments.

4. Make a list of your top 5 favorite things about me and send it to me.

Flattery will get you everywhere.

5. Send me a selfie with the funniest face you can make.

Let’s see those silly sides.

6. Describe our first kiss in detail in less than 100 words.

Memories can be romantic and concise.

7. Send me a voice recording of you singing a love song.

Let your voice serenade me.

8. Pretend to propose to me in the most creative way possible.

Get down on one knee… or not?

9. Share a childhood memory that you’ve never told anyone before.

Let’s get to know each other better.

10. What would you do if I suddenly turned into your celebrity crush?

Fantasy or reality? Let’s find out.

11. If we were alone right now, what would you want to do to me?

Let’s get flirty.

12. What’s your favorite piece of my clothing, and why do you like it?

Time for a fashion assessment.

13. Send me a picture of your favorite body part of mine.

One picture is worth a thousand words.

14. Tell me a secret fantasy that you’ve never shared with anyone.

Dare to share.

15. What’s the naughtiest thought you’ve ever had about me?

Go bold or go home.

16. Describe the most romantic date you can imagine.

Dreams do come true.

17. Send me a provocative selfie.

How daring are you?

18. What’s your favorite memory of us during sex?

Indulge in the past.

19. How would you feel about trying something new in the bedroom?

Let’s explore together.

20. What’s the one thing you love most about our relationship?

Share the passion.

21. Dress up in my clothes and send me a picture.

Let’s switch roles.

22. Describe how you feel when we’re kissing.

Feel the spark.

23. What’s one thing you’re excited to do with me the next time we’re in bed?

Look forward to the future.

24. Send me a text that you think will make me blush.

Challenge accepted.

25. How would you react if I decided to spice things up in the bedroom tonight?

Anticipate the excitement.

👉 Can’t get enough? Explore our list of Dirty “Truth or Dare” Questions for an evening filled with scandalous confessions with your partner.

Dares for “Truth or Dare” for Your Boyfriend

Feeling brave? Try out some of these dares to add a little excitement and adventure to your game of “Truth or Dare” to your boyfriend:

1. Do your best impression of me.

Can you mimic my voice?

2. Take a shot of hot sauce or eat a spoonful of wasabi.

Spice things up.

3. Call your parents and tell them we’re getting married.

Let’s see their reactions.

4. Recite the alphabet backwards in under 30 seconds.

Can you do it?

5. Share your deepest, darkest fear with me.

Let’s conquer it together.

6. Do a strip tease for me… or at least try to.

Are you up for the challenge?

7. Send a screenshot of your search history from the past week.

What have you been googling?

8. Do a one-minute plank.

Strengthen that core.

9. Call your best friend and tell them you’re in love with me.

Let’s see how they react.

10. Recite the Pledge of Allegiance while standing on one foot.

Balance is key.

11. Wear my clothes for the rest of the day.

Time for a fashion swap.

12. Send me a selfie in an embarrassing pose.

Get creative!

13. Put on a blindfold and let me feed you different foods to see if you can guess what they are.

Use your taste buds.

14. Call up your least favorite teacher or boss and tell them how much you appreciate them.

Spread some love.

15. Let me put makeup on you.

Do you trust me?

16. Do ten push-ups in a public place.

Show off your strength.

17. Draw a portrait of me… with your non-dominant hand.

Let’s see your artistic skills.

18. Give me a sexy lap dance.

Show off those moves.

19. Send me a video of you shadow boxing in your underwear.

Show off your fighting spirit.

20. Give me a 2-minute sensual massage.

Touch is powerful.

21. Whisper something seductive into my ear in public.

Keep it discreet and exciting.

22. Choose a sexy outfit for me to wear for our next date.

Style me sexy.

23. Kiss me passionately without using your hands.

It’s all in the lips.

24. Show me your best sexy dance moves to one of your favorite songs.

Use the rhythm.

25. Perform a serenade for me wearing nothing but your underwear.

A little nudity makes it fun.

26. Spend the next 10 minutes cuddling me in a way you’ve never done before.

Invent a new cuddle.

27. Show your most attractive body part in a creative way.

Surprise me.

28. Take a sexy photo of us together.

Capture the intimacy.

29. Act out what you were thinking the last time we were intimate.

Play it out.

30. Make a romantic dinner for us, wearing only your favorite underwear.

Who says cooking can’t be sexy?

Playing “Truth or Dare” with your boyfriend is the perfect solution. Check out our article for more Dares for “Truth or Dare” questions and take your game to the next level.

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