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A date night with your significant other doesn’t have to be limited to just dinner and a movie. In fact, sometimes it’s the simple activities - like a game of “Truth or Dare” for couples - that can bring out the most laughter and connection in a relationship.

If you’re looking to add a playful spark to your next date, we’ve got you covered. We’ve curated a list of 69+ couples “Truth or Dare” questions that are perfect for spicing up your romantic moments!

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How to Play “Truth or Dare”

Truth or Dare is super easy to play! All you have to do is ask your partner to choose between “Truth” or “Dare”.

For example, you could ask “Truth: What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you?” or “Dare: Sing a love song to me using only animal noises”.

After your partner has completed their choice, it’s your turn to choose! Keep playing and switching turns until you’re all “dared” and “truth’d” out.

Play “Truth or Dare” Online

Want “Truth or Dare” questions and challenges at your fingertips? Easy! This online version of the game lets you choose between different categories, such as “Classic” or “Hot”.

Simply download our free app or play it directly on our website to access 1,000+ questions and challenges. Never run out of fun date ideas again!

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But wait, there’s even more! Join the excitement and check out our interactive Truth or Dare for Couples video on YouTube. Get ready to play along and experience the thrill firsthand!

Intimate “Truth or Dare” Questions for Couples

“Truth or Dare” for couples is a fun and light way to deepen your connection and get to know each other even better. You don’t have to be shy, get ready to explore new topics and experiences with these intimate questions:

1. What was the craziest date you ever had?

Did you end up getting a tattoo that you regretted the next day?

2. Have you ever had a one-night stand?

Was it a good night?

3. Do you like listening to music during sex?

I may or may not have a sex playlist, depending on how you answer.

4. Have you ever sent nudes of yourself?

If yes, can you send me some?

5. How was your first time?

Was it awkward or amazing?

6. Have you ever drooled on your partner in your sleep?

Hope they found it adorable and not gross.

7. Have you ever farted while having sex?

That blows!

8. What is the worst turn-off in bed?

Dirty nails gotta go!

9. Have you ever been caught masturbating?

Tell me all about it!

10. How many sex partners have you had so far? (approximately)

You tell me yours. I’ll tell you mine.

11. Have you ever watched porn together with your partner?

It’s a bonding experience!

12. Have you ever met a boyfriend/girlfriend through a dating app?

This is totally normal these days.

13. Have you ever watched your partner sleep?

It would be creepy if they caught you watching them sleep.

14. Have you ever left home without underwear?

That’s a very naughty thing to do!

15. Have you ever stripped for someone else?

Make it sexy!

16. What is a sex fantasy of yours that you would like to do someday?

Would you like to try a threesome?

17. Have you ever thought of someone else while having sex with your partner?

Whatever floats your boat!

18. Have you ever had an open relationship?

To each his own!

19. Have you ever looked at the ass of a stranger?

You must have done it at least once in your life.

20. Have you ever felt ashamed of someone you were in a relationship with?

That’s not cool.

21. Have you ever looked at the crotch of a stranger?

Accidents happen!

22. Have you ever cheated on somebody?

Mistakes can be made.

23. What makes you horny?

Strawberry or oysters?

24. In which places have you already masturbated?

Have you done it in a public place?

25. Have you ever made a love confession to someone when you were drunk?

Did you wake up the next day and wish you could move to another country?

26. Have you ever had your back hair removed?

We all have our grooming needs.

27. Do you have an intimate piercing?

That’s amazing of you!

28. What makes you super horny?

Tell me what turns you on!

29. Have you ever undressed in front of a webcam?

Do you have a video of it?

30. What was the longest time you haven’t showered?

Hope you had a very good reason. I like feeling clean!

31. Have you ever had a crush on a friend’s partner?

We’ve all had those moments, haven’t we?

32. What’s the most scandalous place you’ve ever had sex?

A walk on the wild side, maybe?

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33. Have you ever pretended to be someone else during sex?

Roleplay can be so much fun!

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34. Have you ever gone on a date just to make someone else jealous?

A little bit of drama never killed anyone.

35. What’s your secret weapon for turning someone on?

A little bit of mystery can be very sexy!

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Kinky “Truth or Dare” Questions for Couples

Feeling a little adventurous? These kinky “Truth or Dare” questions may push you out of your comfort zone and spice up your date night! Remember to always respect each other’s boundaries and have safe words in place if needed.

1. What do you think about dirty talk?

I want to know what goes through your dirty mind!

2. Have you ever swallowed sperm?

How did you find the taste?

3. What is your preference, top or bottom?

I’m flexible.

4. What is your favorite sex toy?

Do you have a name for it?

5. Are you loud in bed?

Tell me if I need to soundproof my bedroom walls.

6. Can you imagine doing porn if you were wearing a mask?

I don’t think porn is as sexy in real life.

7. Have you tried anal sex? Do you like it?

It must have hurt!

8. Have you ever had a threesome?

If not, would you like to have one in the future?

9. Have you ever had sex with a person of the same gender?

When you have sexual chemistry, gender is secondary.

10. Have you ever used a sex toy with your partner?

We all have our ways to spice up our sex life!

11. Have you ever had sex with a person who was much older than you?

Did you benefit from having sex with someone who’s more experienced?

12. Have you ever made someone squirt? / Have you ever squirted?

I can only imagine how good the sex was!

13. What was the most unusual place you had sex?

Moving roller coaster, anyone? Is that even possible?

14. Have you ever masturbated together with your partner?

It’s just another way to bond with your partner.

15. Have you ever had sex with more than one person on the same day?

Sounds naughty!

16. Have you ever had sex in public?

If so, where was it?

17. Have you ever masturbated somewhere other than at home?

Have you done it in a library?

18. Have you ever had sex with someone who was married?

If you have, that’s terrible but was forbidden sex totally hot?

19. Have you ever paid for sex?

If yes, I hope you were safe.

20. Do you prefer sex from the front or behind?

I want to know what you like.

21. Have you ever cum too early?

Don’t get too excited!

22. Would you lick a woman if a man came in her before?

The things that you do in the heat of the moment…

23. Do you like BDSM or bondage?

Is there a difference?

24. Have you ever been tied up during sex?

Tied up and blindfolded!

25. Do you prefer a dominant or a submissive partner?

Let’s see if we’re compatible.

26. Do you have a fetish? If yes, which one?

Want to see my feet?

27. Did your ex-girlfriend have bigger breasts than your current partner?

Does it matter?

28. Have you ever swallowed sperm and almost vomited?

It happens. Not all blowjobs are amazing, you know?

29. Would you like to be peed on?

No way!

30. Have you ever licked a vagina that tasted bad?

I hope not!

31. Have you ever given someone a deep throat blowjob?


32. Have you ever used an anal plug?

How was it?

33. Would you like it if your partner comes on your face?

Some people call it getting a facial.

34. Did your ex-boyfriend have a bigger penis than your current partner?

I don’t remember.

35. Have you ever fantasized about a celebrity while having sex?

Spill it.

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Hot Dares for Couples {hot-dares-for-couples}

Thinking of taking your relationship to the next level? These hot dares are sure to get your hearts racing and ignite some passion in the bedroom (or wherever you choose to complete them!).

1. Whisper something dirty in your partner’s ear.

If you make your partner blush, you’re doing it right.

2. Give your partner an erotic massage.

We all have our sexual fantasies.

3. Fondle partner’s breasts for 5 seconds.

Your partner will thank you!

4. Gently kiss your partner’s neck.

That’s it…don’t stop.

5. Give your partner a passionate French kiss.

Let’s see some tongue action!

6. Give your partner a foot massage.

This is so relaxing!

7. Massage your partner’s intimate area (underwear stays on).

Are you getting hot just thinking about it?

8. Open your partner’s pants with your mouth.

You must have a very skillful mouth.

9. Undress your partner, but leave the underwear on.

Leave something to take off for later!

10. Nibble on your partner’s earlobe.

That tickles!

11. Roll seductively on the floor.

I hope you can successfully do this without looking silly.

12. Take a banana and simulate the perfect blowjob.

Let’s see your banana-eating skills!

13. Touch your partner’s body from top to bottom.

That’s easy!

14. Touch your boobs in an erotic way.

Do you like that?

15. Imitate an orgasm.

You should worry if I’m good at faking it.

16. Tell your partner what you like most about their body.

Will you believe me if I say your eyes?

17. Give your partner a hickey.

You’ll make me end up wearing a turtleneck tomorrow!

18. Describe your wildest fantasy to your partner.

Let the imagination run wild!

19. Blindfold your partner and tease them with kisses.

Sensory surprises for added excitement!

20. Share your favorite intimate memory with your partner.

Connect on a deeper level.

21. Dance seductively for your partner for one minute.

Get those hips moving.

22. Ask your partner to rate your kissing skills out of 10.

Honest feedback for improvement!

23. Give your partner a sensual massage using only ice cubes.

Cool down and turn up the heat at the same time!

24. Roleplay as strangers meeting for the first time in a public place, like a bar or cafe.

Who knows where this could lead?

25. Use only your mouth to remove one piece of clothing from each other.

This will definitely test your skills.

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BDSM Dares for Couples

Interested in trying out some light BDSM? Whether you’re new to it or experienced, these dares will add a little spice to your playtime!

1. Get your butt spanked.

Hands or paddle?

2. Tie your partner to the bed and satisfy them orally.

That’s hot!

3. Tie up your partner and tickle them as long as you want.

Hope they’re not so ticklish that the mood gets ruined.

4. Tie your partner to the bed and slowly slide an ice cube over their body.

The ice should melt right off…

5. Choose your favorite whip or flogger and spank your partner’s butt with it.

There’s beauty in pain.

6. Tease your partner and stop shortly before they come.

That’s a special kind of torture!

7. Blindfold your partner and tease them with feathers.

Sensory surprises make it interesting!

8. Use ice cubes to trace a chilly path over your partner’s body.

A mix of sensations for added excitement.

9. Play a sexy board game with your partner.

It’s game night, but make it intimate!

10. Share a fantasy and act it out with your partner.

Bringing dreams to life can be thrilling!

11. Experiment with flavored body paints.

Art has never been so delicious.

12. Have a steamy make-out session in the shower.

The water adds a sensual touch.

13. Try a new position you’ve never attempted before.

Variety keeps things spicy!

14. Exchange sensual massages with your partner.

Relaxation and connection in one.

15. Share your naughtiest desire with your partner.

Open communication fuels the flame.

16. Use silk ties or scarves for gentle bondage.

A soft introduction to a little restraint.

17. Experiment with temperature play using warm oil.

Heat things up with slippery sensations.

18. Share an intimate secret you’ve never revealed.

Vulnerability deepens the connection.

19. Engage in a role-playing scenario with your partner.

Create a fantasy world just for two.

20. Take off your partner’s underwear by just using your mouth.

You’ll realize that a mouth is very sexy.

21. Finger your partner (vaginally or anal).

Don’t underestimate the power of magical fingers!

22. Lick your partner’s nipples.

Hope your partner’s nipples are sensitive.

23. Try to bring your partner to orgasm in 5 minutes.

What’s your go-to move?

Bonus: Gay “Truth or Dare”

“Truth or Dare” isn’t just for straight couples! While the questions and challenges listed above can be enjoyed by any couple, here are some specifically for same-sex couples:

1. Have you ever had a crush on someone of the opposite sex?

It’s okay to explore different feelings!

2. What’s your favorite position during sex?

Try something new or stick to what works.

3. Have you ever thought about having a threesome with your partner?

Communication is key!

4. Do you prefer top or bottom?

Or are you versatile? Embrace your preferences.

5. Have you ever had sex in public?

Be careful not to get caught!

6. Do you have any fetishes?

Embrace them and share with your partner if comfortable.

7. Have you ever used sex toys with your partner?

They can add a whole new level of pleasure.

8. How do you feel about open relationships?

There’s no right or wrong answer, it’s all about what works for you and your partner.

9. Do you watch porn?

No shame in enjoying some visual stimulation together.

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10. Have you ever been to a gay club or bar?

Explore the vibrant LGBTQ+ scene!

11. What’s your favorite LGBTQ+ movie or TV show?

Share your favorites and discover new ones.

12. Have you ever attended a Pride parade?

Celebrate the diversity of love and identity!

13. Do you prefer dating someone older or younger?

Age is just a number, but preferences vary!

14. Have you ever used a dating app to meet someone?

It’s a modern way to connect and find love.

15. What’s your go-to karaoke song at LGBTQ+ events?

Belt it out and let your true colors shine!

16. Have you ever participated in a drag show?

Embrace the art of drag and express yourself!

17. What LGBTQ+ celebrity do you find most attractive?

Share your celebrity crushes and swoon together.

18. Have you ever been to a LGBTQ+ beach or resort?

Enjoy the sun, sea, and a welcoming environment.

19. Do you prefer a romantic or adventurous date?

Explore different dating styles and preferences.

20. What’s your advice for someone struggling to come out?

Share your experiences and offer support and understanding.

21. Take a body shot off your partner.

Let me lick you up and down ‘til you say stop.

22. Twerk in front of your partner.

Twerk that booty!

23. Demonstrate your favorite sexual position using a piece of furniture.

Your partner should be able to understand!

24. Share your sexual fantasy about your partner.

Your partner should make it come true!

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25. Sing a sexy song to your partner.

What would you consider a sexy song?

26. Give your partner a hickey.

Doesn’t it make you feel like you have a naughty secret?

27. Eat a banana in front of your partner.

You know what to do and what your partner will think!

28. Show your “O” face!

Your partner can tell you how close your fake “O” face is to the real version!

29. Act as if you are hitting on your partner.

Don’t let your flirting skills become rusty!

30. Do a striptease!

Make sure to have your music ready!

Looking to add some laughter and playfulness to your relationship or spice things up in the bedroom? “Truth or Dare” for couples is a fun and unique way to connect with your partner.

100+ Fun Relationship Questions for Couples
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