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Does your relationship need some spark? If you and your partner are curious about trying something new, dirty Truth or Dare is your game. Try it out and spice up your night together!

With over 100+ questions and dares, you are guaranteed to find out secrets about each other you have never even thought of.

👉 Please mind the age limit! If you’re under 18, please try our standard version of Truth or Dare.

How to Play Truth or Dare

Spice things up between you and your partner! This game is like the classic version of Truth or Dare but with an adult twist. Enjoy getting more intimate with this fun game!

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Whether you ask intimate questions or want to have a good laugh with silly dares, this game will bring out the best in both of you. If you’re familiar with the game, head straight over to our collection of the best Truth or Dare questions for adults!

Play Dirty Truth or Dare Online

Did you get curious about Truth or Dare? If you want to play Truth or Dare online, download the app or check out our web browser version. That way, you can play anytime, wherever you want.

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Play Truth or Dare online

Truth or Dare Interactive Game

Check out this video if you want to play an interactive edition of Dirty Truth or Dare. It will show you how to play, and it already has questions and dares you can use. Go on! Watch the video and have some fun!

Dirty Truth or Dare Questions

Honesty is one of the most attractive character traits. Reveal some dirty secrets and deepen your connection with your loved one. Discover new things about your partner as you challenge each other with the following questions!

Naughty Truth Questions

When you are a little shy, start as the questioner. These naughty questions are perfect for easing up and getting familiar with the game. Once you feel confident, you can ask things you never dared to!

  1. What is your favorite body part?
  2. Have you ever secretly watched someone skinny dipping? If yes, tell the story!
  3. Do you keep eye contact when you find someone attractive?
  4. What is a guilty pleasure that turns you on?
  5. What was your best kiss ever like?
  6. What is your biggest insecurity about yourself in bed?
  7. What are your dirtiest secrets?
  8. Who was your secret crush while growing up?
  9. What was your first thought when you saw your crush without clothes?
  10. Have you ever imagined having sex with a random person?
  11. What do you like during foreplay?
  12. Do you like the idea of doing a pole dance with random people watching?
  13. Which celebrity have you had sexual fantasies about?
  14. Which part of the body do you prefer to kiss other than the lips?
  15. How was your first sex experience?
  16. What’s the best orgasm you’ve ever had?
  17. What do you think about sexting?
  18. Did you ever send someone a worn piece of clothing?
  19. Which body part do you love watching during sex and why?
  20. What are your thoughts on edible underwear?
  21. What is the first dirty thing you would do if you woke up as the opposite sex?
  22. How do you feel when touching yourself?
  23. Do you have a sexual bucket list?
  24. Have you ever watched another couple have sex?
  25. Have you ever had a teacher crush?
  26. Have you ever sent a nude photo?
  27. Do you like it with lights on or off?
  28. What do you think about dirty talk?
  29. Have you received a nude picture of the person you are interested in?
  30. At what age did you lose your virginity?
  31. Have you ever witnessed people having sex?
  32. Do you leave the lights on or off during sex?
  33. What is your favorite place to have sex?
  34. When was the first time that you had an orgasm?
  35. Have you ever taken someone’s virginity?
  36. What excites you the most?
  37. Have you ever used a sex toy?
  38. What do you think about friends with benefits?
  39. Describe your hottest outfit!
  40. Would you rather give or receive pleasure?
  41. Have you ever been friend-zoned? If so, by whom?
  42. What was your worst sexual experience so far?

Dirty Truth Questions

Once warmed up, you are ready to ask more dirty questions. Also, change the questionnaire so that the game is balanced. Be prepared to experience exciting and embarrassing Truths.

  1. Have you ever paid for a lap dance?
  2. When was the last time you masturbated?
  3. What three words would you use to describe yourself in bed?
  4. What sex act have you done that you’ll never do again?
  5. Have you ever had sex with someone who was married?
  6. What’s the most unusual place you made love?
  7. What is your craziest one-night stand story?
  8. Have you ever had a one-night stand?
  9. Do you prefer a dominant, submissive, or neutral partner? Explain why?
  10. Have you ever paid for sex?
  11. What is your biggest sexual regret?
  12. Have you ever come too early?
  13. Have you ever pretended to have had an orgasm?
  14. How many people have you slept with?
  15. What is the longest you’ve gone without having sex?
  16. Would you kiss a random person to prove our love?
  17. What’s the dirtiest thing you wanted to say during sex but were too shy?
  18. Did you ever do roleplay during sex? If so, what was it about?
  19. How many years apart were you and your youngest crush?
  20. What is the kinkiest thing you’ve done during sex?
  21. Have you ever had an orgy?
  22. Have you ever been tied up? If not, would you like to try it?
  23. What is the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done sexually?
  24. Have you ever masturbated in a public restroom?
  25. Have you ever done sexy things with food?
  26. What’s your favorite thing about a quickie?
  27. In public or in private?
  28. What is the quickest someone has gotten you into bed, and how?

Sexy Truth Questions

What’s sexier than talking about sexual fantasies? What’s best is that you can try them out in the future. Going through these questions, you might notice that you have some ideas in common.

  1. Do you like to listen to music while having sex?
  2. What is your favorite position?
  3. Can you imagine doing porn if you were wearing a mask?
  4. Would you dare to make a video during sex without any mask on?
  5. Have you ever experimented with someone of the same sex?
  6. What are the sexiest things someone has said to you?
  7. What is your favorite body part to get licked or sucked on?
  8. What is your deepest sexual fantasy that you want to be fulfilled?
  9. Where is your sexual Achilles heel? How would you want me to handle it?
  10. Spit or swallow?
  11. Are you a top, or are you a bottom?
  12. Do you like to receive a sexy picture every once in a while?
  13. What is your favorite type of porn?
  14. Are you loud in bed?
  15. Would you like it sexy if I licked peanut butter off your belly button?
  16. Have you tried anal sex?
  17. Does naughty talk get you aroused?
  18. What makes you orgasm during sex?
  19. Who do you think about when you masturbate?
  20. What is the wildest fantasy you ever had that came true?
  21. Do you wish to experience a threesome with people?
  22. Do you like it when someone kisses your neck?
  23. Does it make you hot to think about having sex with a stranger?
  24. Do you love using sex toys?
  25. What sex toy would you like to try out next?
  26. Sweet and slow or fast and aggressive?
  27. What is your favorite position during sex? Explain why?
  28. What’s the dirtiest thing you have been caught doing as a teen?

👉 Did we get you hooked? If you want to explore more questions for couples, follow the link!

Dirty Dares for Truth or Dare

Let the real fun begin by proving yourselves upon dares. Get closer to your special someone without having to answer personal questions. Show your courage and have fun!

Sexy Dares for Couples

What could be sexier than daring things your partner wants you to do? You can be sure that everything they advise you is something they also like. So relax and be curious about what’s coming up!

  1. Kiss your love on the neck.
  2. Watch a short porn clip and act like them.
  3. Perform a striptease.
  4. Lick the nipples of your partner.
  5. Order a sex toy online.
  6. Undress your partner with one hand.
  7. Massage your partner.
  8. Light candles and seduce your partner to join you in the bathtub.
  9. Let your partner do a sexy naked photo shoot of yourself.
  10. Tongue kiss your partner where they want.
  11. Get your partner aroused with your tongue only.
  12. Take off your partner’s underwear without your hands.
  13. Put a blindfold on and let your partner do what they want.
  14. Give a handjob.
  15. Spank your partner.
  16. Kiss your partner passionately.
  17. Give your partner a lap dance.
  18. Show your most embarrassing dance moves.
  19. Go skinny dipping with your partner.
  20. Narrate how you would have sex with your partner and what they would do with you, but without touching each other.
  21. Suck an ice cube until your tongue gets cold, and kiss your partner where they want.

Freaky Dares for Adults

Do you feel very confident with your partner? Then it’s time to grade the game by introducing some freaky dares. This list will give you an idea of tasks you can ask your partner to do once they have chosen a Dare!

  1. Do a sex tape.
  2. Pick out one thing from your favorite fantasy and do it with your partner.
  3. Try to make your partner orgasm in 5 minutes.
  4. Lick your partner’s chest.
  5. Let your partner give you a hickey.
  6. Put whipped cream on your partner’s body and lick it.
  7. Do something sexy to the fruit of your choice.
  8. Do a sexy runway naked in high heels.
  9. Send a naughty text message to your love.
  10. Walk around the block and give away condoms to strangers.
  11. Put on your partner’s underwear.
  12. Get blindfolded and let your partner take over.
  13. Try out a sex position you have never tried before.
  14. Go outside and sing a sexy song to a stranger.
  15. Go through your contacts list, choose the most boring person and write them a romantic message.
  16. Let your partner handcuff you.
  17. Lend out a pornographic library book.
  18. Send the sexiest-looking person in your contact list an unflattering picture of yourself.
  19. Walk around your area and draw genitals on every billboard with a permanent marker.

Dirty Dares over text

Even if you and your partner are in different places, you can still play by texting! Challenge yourselves by sending tasks the other person should accomplish. There are no borders for this game for adults!

  1. Send the other person a video of you using a sex toy.
  2. Send a video of you doing a striptease.
  3. Order new sexy underwear for next time.
  4. Text them a 100-word naughty story.
  5. Send a video of you masturbating.
  6. Tell them something that gets you aroused.
  7. Send a voice message of you saying dirty talk.
  8. Tell them how you would make love to them right now and walk them through. Step by step.
  9. Send them a selfie in your sexiest underwear.
  10. Read them an erotic story by voice message.
  11. Sit on your phone, set it to vibration, and let your partner send you sexy messages.
  12. Send your crush a video of you doing a blowjob to a banana.
  13. Moan as if you were in ecstasy for 15 seconds.
  14. Change your profile picture on WhatsApp into a naughty one.
  15. Draw a picture of what you want the other person to do to you when you see each other again. Then send it to them.
  16. Send them pictures of the places you’ve had sex at.
  17. Change your lock screen to a sexy picture of yourself.
  18. Send images of your favorite sexual positions.

Did we get your imagination starting? Try out the dirty Truth or Dare game next time you and your sweetheart want to play something out of the ordinary. Reassure, though, that everyone feels comfortable with the questions! If you’re looking for more party games, head to our whole collection.

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