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Halloween is a time for costumes, candy, and spooky fun! And nothing adds a wicked twist to your party like a good game of Halloween “Truth or Dare”.

Hosting a big bash or having a small get-together with friends? These 40+ Halloween-themed “Truth or Dare” questions are sure to add some ghoulish excitement to your wicked celebrations!

How to Play Halloween “Truth or Dare”

To play Halloween “Truth or Dare”, all you need is a group of willing participants and some spooky questions or dares. The rules are simple - one player begins by asking another player, “Truth or Dare?” and they must choose one option.

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If they choose truth, you have to ask them a question and they have to answer it honestly.

For example: “Do you believe in ghosts?”

If they choose dare, you have to give them a task or challenge that they must complete.

For example: “Eat a spoonful of hot sauce!”

After they have completed their truth or dare, it’s the next player’s turn to ask someone else in the group. And so on, until everyone has had enough spooky fun!

Play Halloween “Truth or Dare” Online

Scared you’ll run out of questions or dares? Don’t worry - we’ve got you covered. You’ll never stress about finding new content or coming up with questions on the spot again.

Head over to our website or download our free apps and access over 1,000 “Truth or Dare” questions and dares. These include specific categories for any group or party, making it the perfect addition to your celebrations!

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Halloween “Truth or Dare” Challenge

These Halloween-themed Truth or Dare questions are guaranteed to get your party started and keep it going all night long. From spooky and silly to downright outrageous, these questions will have everyone in stitches!

1. Would you rather spend a night alone in a haunted house or go trick-or-treating alone at midnight?

Do you have the guts?

2. Eat an entire apple without using your hands.

Let’s test those bite skills!

3. If you could be any horror movie villain, who would you be and why?

Let your inner villain shine.

4. Choose someone in the group to be your ghost buddy for the rest of the night.

Can you handle a clingy ghost?

5. Would you rather be chased by zombies or hunted by werewolves?

Either way, it’s not going to end well.

6. Perform your best impression of a famous horror movie scene.

We’ll be the judges of how scary it is.

7. Tell a ghost story in the dark.

Bonus points for making everyone scream!

8. Share your most eerie and unexplained supernatural experience, if you dare.

Let the group in on your spooky secrets.

9. Recreate a famous Halloween dance, like the “Thriller” dance.

Show off your undead dance moves.

10. Choose a fellow player and create a spooky, impromptu Halloween duet.

Time to serenade with a haunted twist.

11. Wear a makeshift mummy costume using toilet paper for the next two rounds.

Will you make it through the game unwrapping?

12. If you had to spend a night in a graveyard, what spooky activities would you do?

Think of it as a unique camping experience.

13. Mimic a witch’s cackle for the next three turns.

Prove you’ve got the laugh of a wicked sorceress.

14. Dare to bob for apples without using your hands.

A classic Halloween challenge with a twist.

15. Share the scariest nightmare you’ve ever had.

Let the group delve into the realms of your nighttime fears.

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16. Perform a dramatic reading of a Halloween-themed poem or song lyrics.

Channel your inner spooky bard.

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17. Challenge someone to a creepy staring contest.

See who can hold their gaze the longest without flinching.

18. What’s the silliest Halloween costume you’ve ever worn, and what’s the story behind it?

Let the group in on your festive fashion faux pas.

19. Share your favorite childhood Halloween memory.

Take a trip down memory lane with a spooky twist.

20. If you had to haunt a place as a ghost, where would it be and why?

Describe your ideal haunting grounds to the group.

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Unique Halloween Truth Questions

These Halloween-themed truth questions are sure to get your friends sharing their deepest, darkest secrets. Don’t be surprised if you learn something new about your friends - or yourself!

1. Have you ever had a paranormal experience? What happened?

Get ready for some spooky stories.

2. Do you believe in witches and witchcraft?

Let’s see who’s superstitious.

3. Have you ever pulled a Halloween prank on someone? What did you do?

Time to fess up.

4. If you were a ghost, who would you haunt and why?

Choose your victim wisely.

5. Have you ever snuck out of the house on Halloween? Why?

We won’t tell your parents.

6. Have you ever used a Ouija board? Did anything creepy happen?

Don’t mess with the spirits.

7. What is your favorite scary movie?

Let’s see if we have any horror movie buffs in the group.

8. If you were offered eternal life, which of your body features would you give up?

A tough choice.

9. When was the last time you dressed up in a Halloween costume?

Time to reminisce on those childhood memories.

10. What is your favorite Halloween candy?


11. Who was the last person you kissed?

We won’t judge if it was a ghost.

12. Have you ever been afraid of the dark? Why?

Time to face your fears.

13. What was the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you in public?

It’s always fun to share an embarrassing story!

14. If you suddenly had to live off of one food forever, what would you pick?

This is a good question to see if your Halloween guests are willing to eat things other than candy!

15. What would be your ideal superpower?

A great way to get people thinking about their ‘inner superhero’ and their dream powers.

16. What’s the most daring thing you’ve ever done on a dare?

This could reveal some surprising feats of bravery.

17. If you could have a conversation with any mythical creature, what would it be?

A question for the fantasy enthusiasts in the group.

18. Have you ever had a dream that later came true?

Unearth possible psychic abilities among your guests.

19. What is the scariest thing you’ve ever done?

Time to share those hair-raising experiences.

20. Have you ever told a ghost story that scared yourself?

Sometimes, the storyteller ends up spooking themselves the most!

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Best Halloween Dares

Let’s be honest, dares are the most exciting part of any game of “Truth or Dare”. And Halloween dares are no exception - they just add a spooky twist! Here are some of our favorites:

1. Wear your clothes inside out for the rest of the night.

A simple dare, but sure to give everyone a good laugh.

2. Do an impression of a famous horror movie character.

Bonus points if it’s a good one!

3. Eat a spoonful of hot sauce or spicy food.

We dare you to keep a straight face.

4. Try to scare someone in the group and capture their reaction on camera.

Bonus points for creativity and jump scares!

5. Sing “Thriller” by Michael Jackson in front of everyone.

Get ready to bust a move!

6. Do a spooky makeup transformation on someone’s face.

Let your inner monster makeup artist shine.

7. Create a Halloween-themed dance and perform it for the group.

Time to get creative with your scare-tastic moves!

8. Pretend to be a zombie and try to convince someone you’re real.

Practice your acting skills.

9. Carve a spooky face into a pumpkin.

Unleash your Halloween creativity!

10. Apply fake blood on your face and act like a vampire.

Play your part convincingly!

11. Try to perform a magic trick.

Are there any budding magicians among us?

12. Dress up in a ghost costume and scare someone.

How good is your ghost impression?

13. Wrap yourself in toilet paper and walk like a mummy.

Be the best undead Egyptian royalty you can be!

14. Show us your best witch cackle.

Let’s see who can make the creepiest laugh.

15. Make a spooky Halloween cocktail.

It’s time to mix some witch’s brew.

16. Pretend to be a possessed doll.

Let’s see how creepy you can be.

17. Draw a Halloween picture with your non-dominant hand.

A true test of skill and creativity.

18. Perform a Halloween song on a musical instrument.

Time for some creepy tunes.

19. Act out a scary movie scene without speaking.

A silent horror film, anyone?

20. Take a spooky selfie.

Capture a spooktacular shot.

21. Apply temporary tattoos and fake blood all over your face for tonight!

Get ready to look like a true horror movie character.

22. Go out in the dark and dance alone!

Show off your eerie dance moves in the dark.

23. Wear a scary Halloween mask for the rest of the day!

Who knew a mask could be so terrifying?

24. Wrap yourself in toilet paper and dance for the group!

Let your inner mummy dance and have a blast with this dare.

25. Try to eat a piece of candy without using your hands.

Get creative with how you consume that tasty treat.

These Halloween-themed truth questions and dares will make your party a spooktacular success. Get ready for some wicked fun and ghoulish excitement with your friends and family. Just remember, always be safe and have a hauntingly good time!

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