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It’s getting harder and harder to start a conversation with the emergence of social media and technology that have made us so attached to our phones and our eyes glued to the screens. Thank God pick-up lines and a great personality are still proven to do the trick!

Before being able to use pick-up lines to start conversations that will change your life, you need to get to know what pick-up lines are first.

What are Pick-Up Lines?

Pick-up lines are a type of conversation starter that uses witty jokes, questions, and statements to engage in conversation with others. Different pick-up lines work for different situations, people, and topics.

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Are you in for more info and a guide on pick-up lines? Follow this link and find out if you can pull Pick-Up Lines!

Pick-up lines might just be the answer to all your worries and troubles of awkward silences, introverted personalities, and boredom. With the right execution and vibe, pick-up lines can do wonders for you and your efforts to mingle, have friends and make connections with other people!

Looking for more geeky and nerdy pick-up lines? Follow the links below and have some awesome F-U-N:

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Computer Science Pick-Up Lines

Computers have changed the world and introduced it to high technology. Talking about them is just so fascinating that over the years, a lot of pick-up lines have been made much for the entertainment of computer geeks. Here is a list of the best computer science pick-up lines:

1. You must be a computer screen because I’ve got my eyes on you all day.

Let’s face it, this is also literally true other than its double meaning.

2. Your face is like a YouTube clickbait I can’t ignore.

A geeky way to say you’re attracted to someone.

3. Are you a keyboard? Because I can’t keep my hands and fingers off you.

Oooh la la! Never thought talking about computer parts could be this hot.

4. I don’t how you do it but you turned my software into a hardware.

Computers and sex can literally go together quite well.

5. You and I have a connection stronger than any WiFi.

A strong internet connection is just priceless!

6. My mind has a terabyte of memory meant just for you!

Now that is some quality memory storage!

7. Only you got the password to my heart.

Now we’re talking hardcore casanova gaming!

8. When I met you, I’d be lying if I’d say I did not Google you.

That’s a compliment! It’s another way to say they’re interested in you.

9. If you’re a compressed file, would you mind if I unzip you?

Only computer literate people would understand this one!

10. Is it okay if I insert my flash drive into your USB port?

Naughty and geeky things about computers can really turn nerds on.

Nerdy Science Pick-Up Lines

Not everything about science is nerdy but the best type of science pick-up lines are arguably the nerdy ones that definitely make people laugh at their geekiness. Here is a list of the best nerdy science pick-up lines:

1. If one plus one equals two then forever equals me and you.

The rhyming and the addition of values sums up the effectiveness of this geeky line.

2. You are the most important element in my periodic table.

Only the nerdy yet cool ones can pull this off.

3. You must be glucose because you are so sweet.

Awwwe! That’s so… sweet!

4. I’ve got my ion you!

If you get this pun then you’re a true geek at heart!

5. Are you dopamine? Because you make me very happy.

You must be the happy hormone that turns frowns upside down!

6. My bond with you is stronger than any reaction out there.

Boom! You just made someone swoon!

7. You must be a heart palpitation because you made my heart skip a beat.

If that didn’t get to you, I don’t know what will!

8. Just like the sun, you are the center of my solar system.

If you’re into anything about space, you’ll love this one.

9. Just like the stars, I think I’m falling for you.

Oh no, this one will make you melt like a puddle.

10. You must be a black hole because your pull on me is too strong for me to resist.

Can’t get the force stronger than a black hole.

Science Pick-Up Lines Dirty

Did you know that geeks and nerds can be naughty, too? Just a little bit of naughtiness could spice up the geek in you. Here is a list of the dirtiest science pick-up lines:

1. Step into my bedroom and let’s discuss all about the Reproductive System.

You’re probably in for some sex education!

2. Are you my new lab partner? Let’s do some sexual experiments overnight.

You can’t be more naughty than this.

3. I have a molecular model kit, want to play with my stick and balls?

Ooops, this one is very explicit but if you can pull it off, why the hell not?

4. I have a degree in Physics but I am definitely not a Bohr in the bedroom.

Wink, wink!

5. If I’m a twig and you’re a twig then let’s create friction and make some fire.

Let’s not forget that friction produces heat and heat produces fire. Much like passion!

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6. Get in bed with me and we’d be in perpetual motion all night long.

It’s gonna be a long, long night, indeed.

7. If you want my genes baby, let me put my sperm into you.

Now that just sounds so dirty and naughty!

8. Would you like to couple our equations tonight?

Talking about equations never sounded so sexy.

9. The length of the vector does not matter as much as the force application.

Really try to understand it and put it into action.

10. Our potential energy when we’re together should be converted to kinetic energy tonight.

Only true-blooded geeks can get this one!

Corny Science Pick-Up Lines

Corny is the new cheesy. If you think you can pull off these corny science pick-up lines and still make the other person giggle, go ahead and try them out:

1. You are the alpha and omega of my never-ending universe.

She or he is going to be flattered.

2. You make my hypothalamus secrete serotonin.

In layman’s terms, it only means that you he/she wants you so bad!

3. Let me stick to you like glue-cose, baby.

It’s a sweet pun that you’ll never forget.

4. Can you answer the equation tattooed on my ass?

Whatever equation that is, the whole point of this pick-up line is you showing your ass to someone.

5. With your genes and mine, we can form one helluva zygote!

It only means you’re meant to sexually reproduce babies together.

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6. Darling, we have chemistry together… on our next period.

Now that’s smooth!

7. You must be a scientist because I lab you!

Another pun you’ll never forget!

8. You must be a carbon sample because I really wanna date you.

Dating is totally fun. Don’t you think so?

9. You must have Beryllium, Gold, and Titanium in your veins because you are so Be-Au-Ti-ful…

Smart and sweet all in one!

10. You make my cardiovascular system all worked up, baby!

Another geeky way to say you made my heart skip a beat or something along those lines.

Cute Science Pick-Up Lines

A lot of people find geeks and nerds to be cute. The words that come out of their lips just make you smile and want to know more about the world. What’s not to love about these smartypants, right? Here is a list of the cutest science pick-up lines:

1. You must be a red blood cell because my heart needs you every single day.

That’s just so touching and heartwarming.

2. Mars is red, Neptune is blue. My whole universe revolves around you.

Aaaaawe! She/he will fall head over heels for you!

3. You really know how to make my bunsen burn.

What a witty yet sweet thing to say!

4. Are you aware that I find you hotter than magma?

Buuurn, baby, burrrn!

5. I have always loved astrology. But I’d give the stars, the sun, and the moon just to have you.

Any astronomer would be shaking to hear this.

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6. Is your smile COVID 19? It’s so infectious!

Despite the pandemic, you will be able to make the person smile!

7. If you were a virus, I wouldn’t mind being infected by you.

If this ain’t true love, I don’t know what is.

8. Are you the periodic element Uranium? Because I am in love with U!

The elements are really a crowd favorite when it comes to pick-up lines! And for good reason!

9. You put all the amylase and glucose in my life right now. Thank you.

It only means you bring sweetness into his/her life.

10. Are you a diamond? Because your cleavage is perfect.

It’s about time you knew that diamonds also have cleavages!

Every one of us has a nerd inside of us that makes us who we truly are. They say people should be nicer to nerds because chances are they’ll be the bosses of tomorrow. Actually, instead of calling them nerds and geeks, let’s call them who and what they truly are… intellectual badasses!

So instead of being ashamed of yourself, unleash the geek and nerd inside of you through these pick-up lines that sooner or later, the whole world will love!

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