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Gilmore Girls is one of the most iconic series of the early 2000s! I mean who doesn’t love Lorelai, Rory, Emily, and all of the other amazing characters?

If you’re a real fan of Gilmore Girls, then you should be able to answer these trivia questions without any problem! Let’s see how much you really know about the show.

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The following 30 Gilmore Girls Trivia questions are perfect to test your own knowledge about the show! If you don’t want to play alone, you could also challenge your friends, siblings, or partner about the series!

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Gilmore Girls Trivia Questions

Let’s get started! Prove with our 30 Gilmore Girls Trivia questions that you know everything about the Gilmore Girls and Stars Hollow! Enjoy!

1. Who was Rory’s first boyfriend?

  • Logan
  • Jess
  • Dean
  • Marty
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An easy question to begin with! I guess everyone who watched the show remembers those two.

2. What happens at the Living Art Festival in Stars Hollow?

  • Miss Patty performs choreographies together with her dance students
  • Famous pieces of art are portrayed with actual human beings that are standing still
  • Nothing at all, this festival doesn’t exist
  • Stars Hollow residents stroll through town with artwork in hand
Show answer

Famous pieces of art are portrayed with actual human beings that are standing still

And let’s not forget that Lorelai wasn’t cast in the festival at first because she flinched! (At least Taylor states that.)

3. What day is Luke’s “dark day”?

  • 8th of March
  • 30th of November
  • 27th of December
  • 1st of July
Show answer

30th of November

It’s a really sad day for him because that’s the date where his father died.

4. Who hosts the Town Meetings in Stars Hollow?

  • Miss Patty
  • Kirk Gleason
  • Taylor Doose
  • Luke Danes
Show answer

Taylor Doose

Of course, it was Taylor! The weird town selectman and owner of Doose’s Market.

5. Who was Richard engaged to before Emily?

  • Maria Rosevelt
  • Pennilyn Lott
  • Diana Smith
  • Virginia McDonald
Show answer

Pennilyn Lott

Yes, Richard was engaged when he and Emily met. How scandalous!

6. Who was Paris’ first boyfriend?

  • Tristan
  • Doyle McMaster
  • Jamie
  • Asher Fleming
Show answer


And then she had an affair with her professor Asher Fleming.

7. When did Rory and Logan first kiss?

  • At a party at Yale
  • In Stars Hollow
  • At her grandparent’s second wedding
  • In his car
Show answer

At her grandparent’s second wedding

And then they were caught by Lorelai, Luke, and Christopher. That was so awkward!

8. How is Kirk’s short film called?

  • A Day in my Life
  • Can you see me?
  • A Film by Kirk
  • Kirk’s Wonderful life
Show answer

A Film by Kirk

I will never forget this movie. If I had to describe the movie in one word, it would probably be disturbing.

9. What country is Finn from?

  • Switzerland
  • Australia
  • England
  • United States
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You can tell from his handsome accent!

10. Where did Lane hide her CD collection at her mother’s house?

  • In the trash cans
  • Under her bed
  • In her closet behind all her clothes
  • Under her bedroom’s floorboards
Show answer

Under her bedroom’s floorboards

Lane is the music lover of the show! And her music collection is classified into genres.

11. Why did Tristan leave Chilton?

  • He was so smart that he was allowed to go to university earlier
  • His father sent him to military school
  • He started his own company
  • He went to prison
Show answer

His father sent him to military school

In reality: The actor started starring in the series One Tree Hill and Dawson’s Creek.

12. Who introduces Rory to Logan?

  • Her grandparents
  • Paris
  • Marty
  • Doyle
Show answer


Because he used to work as a bartender at Logan’s parties.

13. How was Luke’s Diner called before it was a restaurant?

  • William’s Furniture
  • William’s Hardware
  • William’s Artwork
  • William’s Hairdresser Salon
Show answer

William’s Hardware

Back then, the store belongs to Lukes’s father who was called William Danes. After his death, Luke turned it into a diner while he was dating Anna.

14. How old were Lorelai and Christopher when they first met?

  • 4
  • 9
  • 6
  • 12
Show answer


Yes, they first met when they were six and became best friends before they started dating.

15. Who of the following characters is left-handed?

  • Paris
  • Rory
  • Sookie
  • Emily
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16. What’s the name of Yale’s student newspaper?

  • Yale’s Newspaper
  • All about Yale
  • Yale Daily News
  • Yale’s News
Show answer

Yale Daily News

That was an easy question! During her time at Yale, Rory basically lives there.

17. Which character disappeared after season 3 because the actor got a lead role in a new series?

  • Henry Cho
  • Sookie St. James
  • Paris Geller
  • Dave Rygalski
Show answer

Dave Rygalski

The actor started filming for O.C., California.

18. What was the cliffhanger in the last episode of “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life”?

  • Rory decides to get married
  • Lorelai cheated on Luke with someone
  • Rory was pregnant
  • Their house in Stars Hollow burns down
Show answer

Rory was pregnant

Rumor has it that the father is Logan. What do you think?

19. Where did Rory and Dean meet?

  • Al’s Pancake World
  • Doose’s Market
  • Stars Hollow High School
  • Luke’s Diner
Show answer

Stars Hollow High School

That moment was a classically cheesy 2000s scene, to be honest.

20. What’s the name of the band where Lane, Zack, Gill, and Brian play?

  • Alien Power
  • Hep Alien
  • We are Aliens
  • Hey Alien
Show answer

Hep Alien

The name Hep Alien is an anagram of the name Helen Pai. Helen Pai is a friend of the show creator Sherman-Palladino.

21. In what season did Sookie and Jackson get married?

  • Season 1
  • Season 4
  • Season 2
  • Season 3
Show answer

Season 2

Aaw, that was a beautiful wedding!

22. How is the secret society in Yale called where Logan and his friend are part of?

  • The Puffs
  • The secret society
  • Life and Death Brigade
  • The Immortals
Show answer

Life and Death Brigade

In case you thought the Puffs is the correct answer: The Puffs were the secret society in Chilton.

23. Where is the best coffee in Stars Hollow?

  • Al’s Pancake World
  • The Hungry Diner
  • Luke’s Diner
  • Antonioli’s Restaurant
Show answer

Luke’s Diner

At least according to Lorelai and Rory.

24. How old was Lorelai when Rory was born?

  • 18
  • 16
  • 17
  • 15
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Pretty young actually, but still she did a good job by raising her so smart, polite, and generous!

25. Where do Stars Hollow’s Town Meetings take place?

  • Miss Patty’s School of Ballet
  • Luke’s Diner
  • Dragonfly Inn
  • Town’s Square
Show answer

Miss Patty’s School of Ballet

And the meetings take place once a week. Every Thursday evening.

26. Why did Lorelai and Rory have to go to Richard and Emily’s Friday dinner every week?

  • Because they bought the Dragonfly In for Lorelai
  • They don’t have to visit them, they want to
  • Because they lend Lorelai money for Chilton
  • Because they lend Lorelai money for Yale
Show answer

Because they lend Lorelai money for Chilton

But of course, they were happy to lend her the money, after all, it was about Rory’s schooling!

27. Who was Hanlin Charleston?

  • A professor at Yale
  • The headmaster of Chilton
  • Paris’ grandfather
  • Rory’s boss on her first internship
Show answer

The headmaster of Chilton

There have been a few embarrassing moments with this character.

28. What university did Rory want to go to since childhood?

  • Standford
  • Harvard
  • Yale
  • Princeton
Show answer


And even though she was accepted, she chose Yale.

29. For which role did Liza Weil (Paris) originally audition for?

  • Lane
  • Madeline
  • Rory
  • Louise
Show answer


Did you know that the character Paris was even written especially for the actress?

30. What are the names of Lane and Zacks’ twins?

  • Lorelai and Susan
  • Steve and Kwan
  • Lane and Zack
  • Michael and Sarah
Show answer

Steve and Kwan

The two brothers were born late in season 7. And let’s never forget: Twins are a blessing!

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