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A classic party favorite, “Have You Ever” is a game that never gets old. Not only does it provide endless entertainment, but it also gives you the chance to get to know your friends and family on a deeper level.

So, why not add some excitement to your next gathering with these 30+ must-ask “Have You Ever” questions? From funny and lighthearted, these questions will make your party a hit.

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👉 This game is the same to another classic game, “Never Have I Ever”, but with a twist! Follow our link for more “Never Have I Ever” questions!

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Want the fun of the game but can’t think of any more questions? Play “Have You Ever” online and access over 3,000 questions to keep the conversation going!

Simply download our app or play it on our website and let the good times roll. Who knows, you might even learn something new about your friends and family that you never knew before. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

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Interactive “Have You Ever” video

Think you can be honest? Put your honesty to the test with this collection of “Have You Ever” questions! We’ve compiled a list of “Have You Ever” questions for you and your friends to enjoy!

From classic game rules and awkward situations, to drinking games and funny stories - our Youtube playlist has it all. Get ready for some laughs as you challenge each other with these tongue-in-cheek queries.

So, are you ready to take the challenge? Check out our “Never Have I Ever” Youtube Playlist and get started today! You won’t regret it.

How to Play “Have You Ever”

Playing “Have you Ever” with your friends is simple! All you need is alcohol and a group of people who are ready to get real.

It’s similar to the classic game “Never Have I Ever” but with a twist! To begin, one person starts by asking a “Have You Ever” question, such as “Have you ever been skydiving?”

If someone in the group has done it, they take a sip of their drink. If no one has, then the person who asked the question must take a sip. It’s that easy!

Funny “Have You Ever” Questions

Looking to lighten the mood and have a good laugh? Check out these funny “Have You Ever” questions, guaranteed to have everyone rolling on the floor with laughter.

From the ridiculous to the downright absurd, these questions will have everyone in stitches. The best part? You’ll learn a lot about your friends’ sense of humor.

1. Have you ever picked out a wedgie in public?

I will neither confirm nor deny this.

2. Have you ever used someone else’s toothbrush?

Thinking about this makes me vomit every time.

3. Have you ever done something so cringey in public?

Doing TikTok in public!

4. Have you ever mooned someone?

I wouldn’t mind checking out some cute butts.

5. Have you ever been attracted to a character?

I once had the biggest crush on goofy.

6. Have you ever peed in a bottle?

Trying to think of how this will work for the ladies!

7. Have you ever farted in public?

I can’t recall how many times I’ve held a fart in public.

8. Have you ever laughed so hard a little pee came out?

All the time!

9. Have you ever been catfished?

I swear, I really thought it was Zach Braff!

10. Have you ever worn Crocs?

Because Crocs are funny looking, right?

11. Have you ever pretended to text in awkward situations?

Who hasn’t been there, fake-typing to avoid real talking?

12. Have you ever sung karaoke and totally botched the lyrics?

Just call me the remix master!

13. Have you ever walked into a glass door?

I just wanted to test if it was as clean as it looked, promise!

14. Have you ever laughed at someone else’s misfortune and then something similar happened to you?

Karma’s only a boomerang when it’s laughing time, right?

15. Have you ever sent a text to the wrong person and played it off like you meant to do it?

It’s called “accidental intentional texting,” folks! An art I’ve mastered!

16. Have you ever told a joke that was so bad, the silence was deafening?

I just assume they didn’t hear me…or they’re thinking about it reeeeally hard.

17. Have you ever accidentally liked someone’s photo from years ago while stalking their social media?

Oops… hit like on that beach pic from 2012. Now they know I’ve scrolled back 9 years!

18. Have you ever worn socks with sandals just to be rebellious?

Fashion police, I plead guilty to rocking the socks-and-sandals look – and I’d do it again!

19. Have you ever slept through an entire movie at the theater?

Snored through the premiere—should’ve saved the popcorn as a pillow!

20. Have you ever blamed a pet for something you did?

Ahem, I swear, the dog was the one who finished off the cookies—those puppy eyes are deceitful!

“Have You Ever” Questions for Teens

Playing “Have You Ever” with friends? Make it fun and relatable for with these “Have You Ever” questions for teens!

Talk about high school firsts to awkward moments, these questions will bring up some hilarious memories and maybe even a few red faces.

1. Have you ever peed in a pool?

Remember to be honest!

2. Have you ever kissed your best friend?

Friends turned lovers, maybe?

3. Have you ever broken a bone?

Ouch, hope you at least got your cast signed.

4. Have you ever used a fake ID?

Don’t worry no one’s gonna tell on you.

5. Have you ever had a crush on a teacher?

Who hasn’t gotten a crush on that hot gym teacher?

6. Have you ever been in love?

Puppy Love also classifies as love.

7. Have you ever kissed a friend’s ex?

Woah there, not judging but woah.

N e w !
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8. Have you ever stolen from a classmate?

Well, some of us go through rebellious phases.

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9. Have you ever told someone “I love you”, and not mean it?

I’m already crying for that poor soul.

10. Have you ever ghosted someone?

I wouldn’t wanna be on the other end of this one.

11. Have you ever serenaded someone and got the lyrics disastrously wrong?

Nothing screams romance like butchering “I Will Always Love You” in front of your crush.

12. Have you ever walked out of the bathroom with toilet paper stuck to your shoe?

It’s like a “kick me” sign but for your foot.

13. Have you ever sent a text about someone to that person by mistake?

Hit send and enter the panic room!

14. Have you ever worn clothes inside out all day without noticing?

Fashion faux pas or rebellious trend-setter? You decide.

15. Have you ever tried to impress someone and failed spectacularly?

Face it, we’ve all thought we were cooler than we are.

👉 Want more questions to ask your friends? Try these “Never Have I Ever” questions for teens for a night full of laughter and memories!

“Have You Ever” Questions for Kids

Want to play “Have You Ever” with your little ones? Just because they’re young doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with these “Have You Ever” questions for kids!

You’ll learn all about their favorite activities, fears, and funny moments. Plus, it’s a great way to bond with your child and create lasting memories.

1. Have you ever had a cockroach on you?

This is my worst nightmare!

2. Have you ever farted in the car?

I just did yesterday.

3. Have you ever eaten a bug?

Kids like exotic foods.

4. Have you ever hidden food?

I remember hiding chips and chocolate all the time.

5. Have you ever picked your nose?

Digging for that treasure!

6. Have you ever touched a worm?

Something about kids and slimy things.

7. Have you ever cut your own hair?

Never play with scissors!

8. Have you ever eaten pet food?

I see some people do this all the time.

9. Have you ever stayed up all night?

Kids need a lot of sleep!

10. Have you ever been on a plane?

Clouds look even fluffier up close!

11. Have you ever dressed up as a meme for Halloween?

Because who doesn’t want to be a walking internet sensation?

12. Have you ever accidentally called your teacher “Mom” or “Dad”?

Oops, did I just make school a bit too homely?

13. Have you ever danced alone in your room and pretended you were in a music video?

Shoutout to all the hairbrush microphones and bedroom pop stars!

14. Have you ever tried to do a magic trick and spectacularly failed?

Abracadabra! And for my next trick, I’ll make my dignity disappear!

15. Have you ever sneezed so hard, you scared the cat?

Bless you, and maybe keep a safe distance from Whiskers next time, okay?

👉 Can’t get enough? Check out these “Never Have I Ever” questions for kids.

Dirty “Have You Ever” Questions for Adults

Feeling a little daring? Test your limits and get a little naughty with these dirty “Have You Ever” questions for adults!

Get ready to unleash your wild side and maybe even learn a few things about yourself and your partner or friends. Just remember, honesty is key 😉

1. Have you ever kissed a stranger?

Were they better than your ex?

2. Have you ever slept outside?

We all get those wild nights every once in a while.

3. Have you ever flashed someone?

Girls Wild ‘n Out over here!

4. Have you ever taken a sexy selfie?

It’s okay to check yourself out. You look good!

5. Have you ever been to an adult store?

So, what did you get?

6. Have you ever sexted?


7. Have you ever had a sexy dream?

Did it maybe involve you and the two Ryan’s, Gosling and Reynolds? No? Just me?

8. Have you ever been skinny dipping?

Hope that the water was clean!

9. Have you ever made out with someone of the same sex?

Let’s be honest, which gender is the better kisser?

10. Have you ever caught someone having sex?

Hoping it wasn’t your parents!

11. Have you ever played strip poker and ended up in your birthday suit?

Nothing like upping the ante with a little more skin in the game!

12. Have you ever done the walk of fame… or shame the next morning?

Don your sunglasses-of-incognito and strut your stuff!

13. Have you ever gotten frisky in a place where you could get caught?

Talk about risky business!

14. Have you ever sent a risqué message to the wrong person?

Let’s hope it wasn’t your boss… or worse, your mom!

15. Have you ever had a “friends with benefits” arrangement?

No strings attached, or so they say…

16. Have you ever had a saucy dream about a coworker?

Who knew staff meetings could ever feature in your dreams?

17. Have you ever attended a risqué costume party?

Guess who’s behind the mask?

18. Have you ever role-played a naughty fantasy?

Doctor on call or bad cop on the loose?

19. Have you ever had to “censor” a naughty photo before sending it?

Thank goodness for cropping tools, am I right?

20. Have you ever been handcuffed for fun?

Where did you leave the keys though?

21. Have you ever played a game of sexy truth or dare?

Blush-inducing revelations or cheeky challenges, which one will it be?

22. Have you ever done something risqué in public?

Get a little thrill without booking a flight to France!

23. Have you ever had an unexpected “visitor” during an intimate moment?

Hope it wasn’t your in-laws… or Santa?

24. Have you ever gone commando and felt like a secret rebel?

Freedom is just a pants-away!

25. Have you ever had a “naughty” purchase show up on your credit card and had to explain it?

“Oh that? That’s from… uh… a hardware store. Yeah. For… screws and stuff.”

Remember, it’s all in good fun and what happens in the game, stays in the game. This way for more dirty “Never Have I Ever” questions for adults!

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