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Nowadays, kids spend too much time playing games, watching movies and wasting precious time and energy in their mobile phones and gadgets! Parents try their best to figure out creative ways on how to occupy their children’s time and attention with activities that will entertain but at the same time entice their brains to work and learn new things.

One great and sure way to make sure that they learn and have fun is through riddles!

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What are riddles?

Riddles are statements or questions with double meanings that are meant to be puzzles to be solved. There are different kinds of riddles according to their level of difficulty, type and theme. Kids would never be bored answering these riddles that will surely sharpen their wit and logic.

Riddles are a great way to engage children without causing them too much frustration. They are fun to read and the answers are sometimes humorous and crazy but if you really think about it, they kinda make sense!

Before you answer and challenge yourself with all our other riddles, try this out:

It is never exactly what it appears to be. It may seem straightforward, but that’s exactly what it’s doing to you… it only lets you see skin deep. Mystery lies beneath its simple words. Be quick, sharpen your wits, open your eyes. Try to read it forwards, backwards, upside down. Look beyond its boxed walls and reveal its true answer. What is it?

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(Answer: RIDDLE)

Here is our list of the best riddles of different kinds for your kids to learn and play at the same time:

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Easy Riddles for Kids 🤩

Here are simple riddles with answers that are proven to warm up your brain and get it started for the day. Don’t be too relaxed though, there might be loopholes in the questions that would lead you to the obvious but wrong answers.

  1. It has a bottom at the top. (Answer: Legs)
  2. This word is spelled wrong in every dictionary. (Answer: Wrong)
  3. It is full of holes but still holds water. (Answer: Sponge)
  4. It begins with an E but only has one letter. (Answer: Envelope)
  5. It gets bigger the more you take away. (Answer: A hole)
  6. Which two things can you never eat for breakfast no matter what you do? (Answer: Lunch and dinner)
  7. What does everyone have and can never lose? (Answer: Shadow)
  8. You can feel me but can never see me. (Answer: Wind)
  9. The more you say, the more I disappear. (Answer: Silence)
  10. It has a face and two hands, but has no legs. (Answer: Clock)

Hard Riddles for Kids 🥴

Time to up it a notch! You might become too bored with the easy level riddles. Push limits with these hard and challenging riddles for kids that will certainly make your kids think harder to get the answer right!

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  1. After a train crashed, every single person died. Who are the survivors? (Answer: All the couples)
  2. Three friends were walking in the rain without any umbrellas. Only two got their hair wet. How can this be? (Answer: One was bald!)
  3. Which five letter word becomes shorter once you add two letters to it? (Answer: Short)
  4. Tanya has four daughters, and each of her daughters has a brother — how many children does Tanya have? (Answer: Five. Each daughter has the same brother!)
  5. In a single-storey house, there is a purple chair, purple bed, purple computer, purple flowers, purple table, purple carpet- everything around is purple colour. What is the colour of the staircase? (Answer: It has no staircase because it’s only one storey.)
  6. Which month has 28 days? (Answer: All of them do!)
  7. Jeff threw the ball as hard as he could, but it came back to him without any external interference. How is this possible? (Answer: Jeff threw the ball upwards!)
  8. When the Pacific ocean saw the Indian Ocean, what did it say to the other? (Answer: Nothing. It just waved.)
  9. Cecil fell off a ladder but did not hurt himself. How is this possible? (Answer: He was at the bottom step of the ladder.)
  10. It is yours but others use it more than you do. (Answer: Your name)

Funny Riddles for Kids 😂

Learn and laugh at the same time. If you’re looking for riddles that will crack you up and make you laugh your ass out, here are some funny riddles that will give you that good vibes you’ve been looking for all day!

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  1. Why can’t a man who lives in Paris be buried in Greece? (Answer: He’s still alive.)
  2. Imagine you’re in a cave and there are bats everywhere but you can’t run because a lion is waiting outside. What will you do? (Answer: Stop imagining!)
  3. How can you easily double your money? (Answer: Put it in front of the mirror!)
  4. Which tree can you carry in your hand? (Answer: Palm tree)
  5. How can you survive not sleeping for 100 days straight? (Answer: Just sleep at night and not during the day!)
  6. It’s as big as an elephant but has no weight. (Answer: An elephant’s shadow)
  7. It gets wetter and wetter the more it dries. (Answer: A towel)
  8. Although I have four legs, I still can’t walk. (Answer: A table)
  9. It’s so strong that even though it gets whipped and beaten, it never cries! (Answer: An egg)
  10. Teddy is never hungry. Why is that? (Answer: ‘Cause it’s stuffed)

What Am I Riddles for Kids 💡

This type of riddle uses “What Am I?” at the end of the riddles. It describes something but does it in a way that it will require the reader to dig deeper and decipher the hidden meanings of the riddle. Here is a list of awesome “What Am I” riddles with answers:

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  1. You can find me in Earth, Jupiter, Mars, and Mercury but not in Neptune or Venus. What am I? (Answer: The letter R)
  2. I have no life at all but I can’t die. What am I? (Answer: Battery)
  3. I am black and white and read all over. What am I? (Answer: Newspaper)
  4. I am at the end of the rainbow. What am I? (Answer: The letter W)
  5. I begin with the letter ‘T’, am full of ‘T’ and finishes with ‘T’. What am I? (Answer: Teapot)
  6. I am the letter in the alphabet that contains the most water. What am I? (Answer: The letter C)
  7. I have a neck but no head, what am I? (Answer: A bottle)
  8. I am always answered even if I don’t ask any question. What am I? (Answer: A doorbell)
  9. I start with a P and end with an E. I have thousands of letters in me. What am I? (Answer: Post Office)
  10. I come out at night without being called and I disappear in the morning without being stolen. What am I? (Answer: A star)
  11. Lose me and you’ll never find me again. What am I? (Answer: Life)
  12. I have words but I never speak. What am I? (Answer: Book)
  13. I have 13 hearts but no organs. (Answer: A deck of cards)
  14. I am white when I’m dirty and black when I’m clean. What am I? (Answer: Blackboard)
  15. I fly without wings. What am I? (Answer: Time)

Math Riddles for Kids ➕➗➖

For all you math lovers out there, there’s no fun in solving problems that are straightforward and boring. Say goodbye to boring math problems with these fun-to-solve math riddles that will boggle your minds!

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  1. What would weigh more, one pound cotton or one pound iron? (Answer: They both weigh one pound!)
  2. What can you put between 7 and 8 so that the answer would be greater than 7 but less than 8? (Answer: A decimal point)
  3. My mother bought a dress and a pair of heels for $150. The heels cost $100 more than the dress. How much was the dress and the heels? (Answer: $150)
  4. I am a three-digit number. My second digit is six times bigger than the third digit. My first digit is 3 less than my second digit. Who am I? (Answer: 361)
  5. Multiply me with any other number and the answer will always be the same. Who am I? (Answer: Zero)
  6. Multiply me with any number and the answer will always be that number you multiplied me with. Who am I? (Answer: One)
  7. Add five to nine and the answer will always be two. How is this possible? (Answer: If the time is 9:00 and you’ll add 5 hours then the answer will be 2:00.)
  8. How do you get four by taking 2 from 5? (Answer: FIVE. Take the first and last letters and you’ll get the roman numeral for 4 which is IV.)
  9. How can you make 7 even without adding, subtracting, multiplying or dividing it? (Answer: SEVEN. Drop the first and last letters and you’ll get EVEN.)
  10. If there are six apples and you take away four, how many do you have? (Answer: Four apple since you took four!)

Scientific Riddles for Kids 🔬🧬

Are you a man of science? You should try out these riddles about planets, nature and other things related to science that will surely blow your minds away!

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  1. Which element of the periodic table is the most uninteresting? (Answer: Boron)
  2. I can measure heat and I am also a planet and a god. (Answer: Mercury)
  3. You are not who you are now without these 23 threadlike thingies that your parents gave you. (Answer: Chromosomes)
  4. You’ve heard me but will never see me. I will not speak until spoken to. (Answer: Echo)
  5. A scientist found two atoms of helium and laughed. How did he laugh? (Answer: HeHe)
  6. I am an embryo who has undergone eight weeks of development. What am I? (Answer: Fetus)
  7. Which element will never follow you? (Answer: Lead)
  8. You buy me when I am black. Use me and I turn red, then throw me when I turn gray. (Answer: Charcoal)
  9. Which element is derived from a Norse God or an Avenger? (Answer: Thorium)
  10. Which subatomic particle can also be the name of a remake of the classic movie Tron? (Answer: Neutron)
  11. Around me, 8 or 9 majestic beasts move in continuous circles. Sometimes you can see them up above at a particular time. My heat keeps you warm for all of time. I am and I look alive yet I might be constantly dying. Across the sky you’ll see me flying. Don’t come near me though, I could turn you to ashes as fine as snow. (Answer: The sun)

Animal Riddles for Kids 🐍 🦘🐘

If you are the ultimate animal lover, these are the riddles for you! Check out these riddles that are centered around our adorable and lovely pets and animal friends.

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  1. Which animal lives longest in zoos? (Answer: Turtles)
  2. What do you call a bird that’s cold? (Answer: Brrrrrrrd)
  3. I am brave. I have sharp teeth. The jungle animals bow to me as their king. Who am I? (Answer: Lion)
  4. I am your honey-maker. Black and yellow are my favorite colors. (Answer: Bee)
  5. I jump when I walk and sit when I stand. (Answer: Kangaroo)
  6. What creates its lair with strings and kills its prey with a sting? (Answer: Spider)
  7. What comes out at night, hangs upside down, and has a vampire bite? (Answer: Bat)
  8. In the jungle I am found. My body is long and round. I slither on the ground. When I move, I make no sound. (Answer: Snake)
  9. What grows up, growing down? (Answer: Goose. “Down” is the feather of geese.)
  10. I am a bird that can swim in the water. What am I? (Answer: Penguin)
  11. I have one head and three hearts but can shake hands with more than those numbers at a time. (Answer: Octopus)
  12. First you will find it in the window, but not in the pane. Second you’ll get on the road, but not in a lane. Third is in an oval, but you cannot find it in round. Fourth you’ll see in hearing, but not in a sound. Put it all together and you will see and find out that it is a sign of peace. When the ark of Noah landed in the Promised Land, it found a quick release. (Answer: Dove)
  13. I may be tiny but I am more huge than an ant, and I am as quick as a cheetah. I may hum but I never buzz like a bee, and I’m not covered in all those fluff nor all those fuzz. I fly from flower to flower because I am also a small collector of the juicy flower nectar that kids love to sip while playing. Who am I? (Answer: Hummingbird)

Wordplay Riddles for Kids 💬

Here are some riddles that will test your knowledge, fluency and vocabulary of the English language. Really look beyond the meaning of the words and statements and don’t be tricked by obvious answers!

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  1. COF_FEE. (Answer: Coffeebreak)
  2. ROOD. (Answer: Backdoor)
  3. What do these words have in common: Madam, civic, eye, level? (Answer: They can be read the same way backwards.)
  4. Shopaholics love this part of a boat. (Answer: Sail (Sale) )
  5. Which word is spelled wrong in every dictionary? (Answer: Wrong)
  6. Which is quicker, hot or cold? (Answer: Hot because “You can easily catch a cold.”)
  7. Six is afraid of Seven. Why do you think so? (Answer: Because Seven Eight (ate) Nine)
  8. There is a man who can never live inside the house. Who is he? (Answer: Snowman)
  9. Why is a river rich? (Answer: Because it has two banks)
  10. What is the end of everything? (Answer: Letter G)

Halloween Riddles for Kids 🎃

If you’re brave enough to face monsters and watch horror movies then you’re going to love these riddles. Everyone loves Halloween and you will also love these Halloween-inspired riddles that will make you watch behind your back or under your bed for any monsters!

  1. When is it bad luck to see a black cat? (Answer: When you’re a mouse!)
  2. I dance even if I have no feet. I see but I have no eyes. I live but I have no life. What am I? (Answer: Fire)
  3. What do you call the skeleton that can make you laugh and smile when you are blue? (Answer: Funny bone)
  4. What is tall when it’s young, short when it’s old, and every Halloween, stands up inside Jack O’Lanterns? (Answer: A candle)
  5. What liquid can you find head to toe in every living being and makes some people faint? (Answer: Blood)
  6. Which room won’t you find in a house owned by a mummy, a zombie and a vampire? (Answer: Living room)
  7. What does Dracula love to draw and put in the bank? (Answer: Blood)
  8. I am a place without any lights. I have creaking floors and strange noises. You don’t want to visit me but some of you pay to enter me. (Answer: Haunted House)
  9. I came back from the dead to eat your brains. (Answer: Zombie)
  10. I pretend to be the grandma of little girls who wear red capes but I am going to eat you. (Answer: Big bad wolf)

Christmas Riddles for Kids 🎄🎅

Deck the halls with these Christmas-inspired riddles that will definitely let you embrace the holiday spirits! Test how much you really know about the season, Santa Clause, the elves and the reindeers!

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  1. This plant wears socks. What is it? (Answer: Mistletoe)
  2. I am green and I stole Christmas. Who am I? (Answer: Grinch)
  3. Santa uses this when he sprains his ankle. (Answer: A candy cane)
  4. What did the person who sings christmas songs want as a gift for Christmas? (Answer: All I want for Christmas is YOU)
  5. What does December have that other months don’t? (Answer: The letter D)
  6. What do you use to scare a snowman? (Answer: A hairdryer)
  7. Can someone who is 6 feet tall be Santa’s helper? (Answer: No. Santa’s helpers are elves!)
  8. What ‘s an old snowman called? (Answer: Water!)
  9. You leave these out for Santa on Christmas Eve. (Answer: Cookies and milk)
  10. How many presents can Santa Clause fit in an empty sack? (Answer: One since after that, you can no longer call it an empty sack!)

Long Riddles for Kids ✍️

If your kids hate reading but love riddles then these are the best solution! Riddles are usually short and exact but here are some riddles that will keep your kids occupied because it’s a bit lengthy. It will keep them reading which is great so that they’ll be able to increase their vocabulary and familiarity with the English language. It will also squeeze their brains out because there are more clues to figure out!

  1. We are five tiny little treasures. Our help to you has no measure. The first you can find in the glass up there. The second you can get from gems so rare. The third you collect from tins and pins. The fourth you’ll get when you listen to violins. The fifth, however, is right with you from the start till the end of time. (Answer: Vowels; a, e, i, o, u)
  2. You often talked of me but never saw me, I am ever coming but never been. I am daily looked for but never here. I am still approaching, coming near. Thousands for me to visit. But no matter what you…when time comes and they eagerly expect me to appear, they will never find me here. (Answer: Tomorrow)
  3. You need me everyday in most things you do to stay well and be well yet more and more of me can kill you. I am as destructive as life but can also be healing as death. I may also institute grief and strife but mind you, I am just as prone to bless. I am in all that is good yet can be with an evil trend. As I was once said to be the beginning of all things, I can also definitely be the end. (Answer: Water)
  4. I’m normally visible to you when you have the right instrument. But you can never see me because I’m innately invisible so you wish you could. I am plenty and enough if you are a person who is patient, but all the more scarce if you’re a person who is hasty. I control everything in the universe. I am greater than anything else in the world, but still, those who value my existence can control me no matter what I do. Who am I? (Answer: Time)
  5. Tony is a very rich and privileged kid who has everything he could ask for. A room full of toys, a chef who cooks delicious food everyday, a private jet, a swimming pool, a helicopter, and unlimited cash at his disposal. He lives in a mansion with my parents. They have 12 children who they love so much. Their names are January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November and who is the twelfth child? (Answer: Tony)
  6. When you’re in cloud nine, I beam and shine. When you take care of me, I am sparkly white. Having a really bad day? No worries, I can brighten your blues with my single light. I am able to charm and enchant anyone who sees me, and I can certainly bring out the best in you. What am I? (Answer: A smile)
  7. I weaken men and women and children for hours each day. They see right before their eyes strange visions while they’re in a land far, far away. No matter what they do, I may take them by night, and by day I may also take them as I please. What’s amazing is that they just let me because if they don’t, they’ll suffer if they lack me and don’t if they just give in to me. (Answer: Sleep)
  8. There are four surfers - Mr. Red, Mr. Yellow, Mr. Violet and Mr. Blue - that are competing in the surfing tournament. The announcer of the contest didn’t know any of their names, so he asked them. One of them, Mr. Violet, lied. The first surfer said, “The second surfer is called Mr Red.” The second surfer said, “I am not Mr. Blue.” The third surfer said, “Mr. Yellow is the fourth surfer.” And the fourth surfer was silent. Which one was Mr. Blue? (Answer: The third one.)
  9. I only have a few fans, those who love me are usually good at me. I have many, many haters who are frustrated with me. I am the ruler of reason and master of numbers. I am certain that I’ve solved and calculated many of your personal enigmas but there are still so many problems with answers that you have yet to find. Who am I? (Answer: Mathematics)
  10. While you play, you’ll see me spend most of my days eating white. When you and I are quick enough, I get to eat fruits and sometimes some blue stuff I like as well. I spend all my time in my dark house, where the walls are painted blue. I always run from a ghost that roams the halls of my house and haunts me for the rest of my lonely life. What am I? (Answer: Pac-Man)

Benefits of Answering Riddles

Experts say that riddles are a great way to help children improve their thinking. Young minds should always be given the opportunity to think. As children and their brains grow, their creativity and intelligence should also grow.

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Most riddles for kids are short and easy to read. It will indulge kids to read more and detach themselves from their phone and computer screens. Playing and answering riddles has a lot of benefits, no doubt!

Here are some of the benefits that answering riddles can give to you and your kids:

  • It gives you an opportunity to rack your brains. Answering riddles will make you think. Thinking exercises your brain. It will help in developing your critical reasoning and problem solving capacities.
  • It develops your comprehension. Riddles indulge you to read more in order to understand the riddle. Most people have weak interpreting skills, answering riddles will practice your skills and help you become better at reading and understanding in general.
  • It widens your vocabulary. Of course, when you read more, you will enhance your vocabulary. It’s all about consistency and constant practice.
  • It will make you laugh! Laughter is the best medicine. Some riddles are really super funny and crazy that you can use them as jokes and icebreakers!
  • It creates bonds with family and friends. It’s always more fun sharing the riddles you know with your friends and families. In return, they’ll also share what they know to you! You’ll all bond over playing riddles.

Learning doesn’t need to be boring all the time! Riddles are a great way to learn without getting bored and frustrated. It’s time to show off that smartypants side of you! Start your day with a riddle or two from our awesome list and you’ll be sure to sharpen your wit in no time!

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