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Flip Cup is a game that brings energy and fun to the party. Flip Cup is a team drinking game.

Equipment for Flip Cup:

Setup of Flip Cup:

At the beginning of the game, each player gets a cup, which he filles to one third with a drink, preferably beer. Then each team gets up on one side of the table. Each team should be made up of the same number of players. For 8 people, each team would consist of 4 players who face each other. The filled mug of beer is placed on the table in front of the players without being touched.

Flip Cup procedure and rules

The goal of Flip Cup is to flip and finish up the cup faster than the other team.
Each player stands behind his cup. The first two players of each team begin. They cheer and start drinking at the same time. As soon as the cup is empty, the player flips over the empty cup and places his hand on it. As soon as the first player has his hand on the cup, the second player of the team can start to drink. The team in which all players first have their hands on the empty cups wins.

Here’s how to flip the cup:

How many players do you need for Flip Cup?

We recommend at least four players. So two players per side.

However, if you are already four, Beer Pong offers an excellent alternative to drinking games.

For larger groups of 10 or more people, the waiting time at the Beer Pong pitch is often a test of patience. In such situations, Flip Cup is sure to be the better alternative to Beer Pong.

Additional rules for Flip Cup as a drinking game

  • Every player must do 3 push-ups before he is allowed to start drinking.
  • The losing team must drink a shot.

Our Rating

Flip Cup

Flip Cup will definitely spice up your next party. Based on how complex, how easy it is to play and how drunk you will get, we give it 4.9 out of 5 stars. We hope you enjoy Flip Cup as much as we do!

4.9 out of 5 👌

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