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How to write a good Tinder bio

In Tinder, your bio is not the most exciting part of your profile, at least most of the time. Nevertheless a lot of people check it out to find out more about you. But if there is either nothing or nothing exciting, they will either not feel like writing you or you will not be matched at all. So a bio can decide how much you stand out. Here’s a great list of tips to keep in mind when creating your profile, and they’ll definitely help you if you don’t know how to write a good Tinder biography. The following tips also work away from Tinder on other dating platforms like Bumble, Lovoo, OkCupid, Badoo etc.

🤔 Why bios matter

As already mentioned in the introduction, the biography text in your Tinder profile may be not important at first glance. But you are wrong. Even if many people do not read the text that you have written about yourself, there is still a large number of people who look at what you have to say about yourself. Your bio provides great input for many and enables them to get in touch with you more easily. This will make it easier for your match to have a topic right from the start that can be discussed with you. If there is absolutely nothing written in a bio, they can interpret a lot in it: Either you are not really active on Tinder, you hardly feel like using it, you are boring or maybe even a little arrogant. Like your photos, your bio provides topics for conversations. Help your match and make yourself exciting.

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📸 Photos

You’re right, photos are not directly part of your Tinder bio, but they are part of your profile. Without good pictures of yourself, no one will want to read what’s written in your bio. If you want to be noticed, good photos are essential. But what makes a good Tinder photo? We could of course discuss this for a long time, but the following things apply almost always:

Never use Tinder without photos

If you haven’t skimmed over the introduction to this section, you should understand why. No one will be interested in the gray blob among the sea of faces. If you don’t have pictures of yourself that you like, ask a friend for help. Even photos that may not be up to date are still better than none at all. However, these photos should be depicting you and not an object, a landscape or someone else.

Use current photos

Even if the last tip mentioned that old photos are also possible to use, they should only be a last resort. Your photos shouldn’t be older than two or three years; ideally even very recent. You’ve been to a hairdresser in the meantime and now have a radically different haircut? It’s pretty clear that you don’t have a lot of good photos of it yet, but at least one should go into your profile and if possible in one of the first two places.

Good picture quality and NO SELFIES

Selfies are poison if you want to look attractive. And selfie sticks are about the worst. If there are hardly any photos of you, ask a friend whether it would be possible to take some good pictures of you. These photos do not have to be taken with an expensive camera, a good cell phone camera is sufficient enough. Use selfies only if they are really good.

Filters and image editing

It’s okay if you retouch a pimple or adjust the color values a bit, but please don’t bend reality. And please, please, please: No photos with Snapchat filters. These dog ears and snouts are terrible.

Be positive

Your pictures should indicate that you are a good catch. Even if you are not convinced of it: you are one. Maybe you’re still a diamond in the rough which hasn’t had the best of times, but the future will be bright for you if you want to. Work on thinking positive and you will reflect it - and that goes for photos too! Even if you are not 100 percent comfortable in your skin, smile or laugh while pictures are taken, be happy, cheerful. However, your laugh should be honest. A fake smile can look quite creepy. If you’re not the laughing kind of person, profound photos are good as well. So if there is a picture in which you are reading a book and looking at it thoughtfully, it is certainly not wrong if you are the type of person for something like that. But don’t pose to fake being deep.

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Snapshots are almost always better than photos which you’ve posed for. Why? They just look more natural. You in a group of friends at the table while laughing out loud at a joke: That would be a great photo, for example. However, if there are no good snapshots of you, it is of course not the end of the world. And it shouldn’t just be snapshots. A good mix is never wrong.

Not too many photos

But not too few either. You have the option to upload quite a few pictures on Tinder, but you shouldn’t necessarily use that opportunity. Otherwise, they only think that you take yourself too seriously or that you find yourself extremely hot. If there are too few, it could happen that they won’t match you for safety reasons or that they find you strange. 4 to 5 photos, that’s a good number.

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No landscapes, stock photos or memes

They want to get to know you. A photo of a landscape that you like is of little interest to others. It is the same with stock photos from the Internet or memes. The latter in particular gives the impression that you are 16 and therefore much too young for Tinder anyway. And if I want to see memes, I don’t look for them on Tinder.

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Whole body picture

At least one of your photos should show more than just your face. The main photo should still be a portrait though. Tinder is a terribly superficial platform and people want to know what they’re getting into. If you are not satisfied with your body, why should somebody else? Keep it real! You’re a little chubby? Doesn’t matter, there are a lot of people out there who find that just as attractive. Are you too small in your opinion? Again: Keep it real. A photo that shows you from the waist up would be ideal. But especially with such a photo it shouldn’t be posed but rather a snap shot.

Not too much skin

Photos of you in a bikini or bathing trunks (or even underwear) shouldn’t be on Tinder unless you like to be viewed as a piece of meat. Even if your body is well shaped: stay dressed in your pictures. This applies to women, but especially to men. I can no longer count how many guys believe that they can score with their six-packs. And girls: don’t push your pretty peach booty in the camera’s direction. I get it, you have worked hard for it and there is probably hardly a guy who does not find a well-shaped butt attractive, but still it does not go down well as the center piece of a photo. If you are only looking for sex, you can of course safely ignore this whole advice.

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Group photos

Group photos are okay in and of themselves, but your profile shouldn’t consist solely of them, and they shouldn’t be your main photo either. Your profile is about you, not your friends. But I would still suggest at least one, because group photos show that you are popular and that people like to spend time with you. But if you are more of a marginal figure in the picture, I would suggest omitting it. You should be the center piece.


It is great if you are versatile and do a lot in your free time. You should also show that with your photos. Couch potatoes are out. But what I notice more and more often: People only post photos of climbing, skiing, hiking, horseback riding, surfing, etc., on which you don’t recognize them. People want to see your face, your laugh, your joy. Pose at the summit, smile from the rock face, be in full action; but above all be visible. If they don’t recognize you, they can just as well skim through a sports magazine. If this jock on your photo could also be any other person, then it is better to omit it. And as group photos: Don’t overdo it. One or two pictures of this kind is enough.


The background can be almost as important as the foreground. Do not post photos on Tinder where the background consists of chaos or your messy bedroom. Choose an exciting or at least neutral background.

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Note the following no-gos:

  • No photos with sunglasses. People can look radically different with sunglasses and seeing eyes is extremely important to build attraction.
  • Don’t pretend to be someone else. Keep it real.
  • Do not boast. Especially not with your car or your motorcycle or whatever.
  • Try not to be desperately cool or silly.
  • No photos that only show your pet. Even if it’s totally cute or fluffy, people should be interested in you and not your pet.
  • No photos with ex-partners.
  • No photos in which there are only you and your best friend from the opposite sex.
  • No photos with a child or children, except you are their parent.

😉 Tips for great Tinder bios

Now that we’ve covered the most important photo advices, we’re finally getting down to it. So, you were able to get someone to take a closer look at your profile and read your biography. Now you also want to be convincing. But how do you do that? In this section I show you how to write a good tinder bio and what to put in your bio. In the course of my many years of experience with Tinder, I have to admit that most of them are simply incredibly boring. And if a bio is boring, the person who has written it is probably boring as well. Let’s go through a few points on how to stand out from the crowd and shine .

Charm and humor

Tinder is funny, so don’t be too serious. Stay charming and show humor. There is no room for profanity. If you can make the person laugh, they will surely not mind if you get in touch with them.

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Be aware of your target audience

What is the case in marketing also applies here. If you’re a nerd, stay true to yourself. You will hardly want to impress a superficial person or let alone match them. Do you prefer to relax on the couch at home? Then you probably won’t and don’t want to impress a person who has to climb every mountain they see, no matter how hard you try. Write your bio with the image of a potential partner in mind. What kind of person do you want to address primarily?

Not too long, not too short

Don’t overdo it, but don’t just write two words as well. Your bio should be short and concise. We live in a fast moving time, hardly anyone wants to waste too much time, so get to the point. It also looks like you have nothing else to do in your life, or are frantically looking for someone else if you write tons of lines in your profile. About two sentences are ideal.

Show don’t tell

A piece of advice that actually comes from creative writing. Do not write that you are clever and funny, but rather write something clever and funny. This proves that you are someone with whom they can have fun and who has character.

Stay positive

Positive people attract positive people. If you complain about things, it can put off some people. One often reads how much someone detests Instagram and doesn’t want to be part of the brainless crowd and therefore has no profile. This is very bad and only makes you unappealing. Nobody likes grumpy and negative people.

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Negative things in a funny coat

As just mentioned, you should stay positive and remove negative things from your bio. However, if you are generally a negative person or a pessimist and want to show it openly, you can tell it in a funny way. It doesn’t make much sense to pretend being nice if you are not, of course, and maybe you enjoy being a curmudgeon. When you make someone laugh, you at least arouse positive feelings. Are you a hopeless nihilist? Then you could write the following: “The meaning of life is that it has no meaning. But we can still make the best of it. Want some pizza?”


Of course you can also choose this route and just say what you are looking for. If you want a relationship, why don’t you just talk about it? This way your potential match knows what they’re getting into. But still you should heed the remaining tips here and make it entertaining. A clumsy “I’m looking for a relationship” can come across as extremely awkward.

Put down clichés

Stop with: “I love traveling.” Almost everyone likes to travel! If you are like everyone else, you are boring. You are a girl liking horses? Totally fine, but keep that to yourself for now. You are a guy who likes cars? Wonderful, but it shouldn’t be recognizable either in photos or in your bio. You can talk about it while getting to know each other. And please stop listing all the destinations that you have already traveled to. That sounds like pure showoff.

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Don’t steal quotes

Most profiles overflow with seemingly funny sayings that have been seen on dozens of other profiles. It is boring and not exactly original. A good joke or a great quote is not wrong in particular, but only as long as it cannot be found on every tenth profile. Try to be unique. And even if it was funny for a while, don’t write “actually I’m three owls in a trench coat” anymore. As I said: old and worn out.

“Fun facts” are usually not much “fun”

You could also list fun facts about yourself. Basically that might be a good idea, but often these “fun facts” are anything but “fun”. If you want to choose this path, ask a few friends if what you want to write is funny if you are in doubt. The best friends to choose would be those who do not necessarily have the same sense of humor as you.

Fake reviews

Even though fake reviews may sound funny, they’re pretty bland: just leave them out. At first it was still funny when Tinder was quite new, but Oprah Winfrey or Times Magazine are getting annoying.

Avoid being too personal

There are things that should only be addressed when you get to know each other. So don’t write in your bio about how big your family is or whatever. Bios do not have to contain personal information. Save yourself a list of jobs, siblings, pets, etc. As mentioned, you can address all of these when you get to know each other.

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Spelling and Grammar

English is compared to other languages quite simple. But still, there are few things as attractive as a person who knows where to put commas, how to spell words and so on. Not all of us studied this language of course, but it would still be advisable not to write just as sloppy as we often talk. Just pay attention to it. Believe me, that can help tremendously. And if English is not your mother tongue and you struggle with it, ask someone for help or address it in your bio.

Don’t advertise

Do not advertise your company, your product and especially not your Instagram account. It looks needy. Someone who has to go as far as to advertise on Tinder looks a little bit like a failure - even if you didn’t even want to advertise but just wrote something about the stuff you do. If you play in a band, for example, you might be able to write the name of your band in your bio, because a lot of people find musicians hot and secondly, almost everyone likes to support musicians. I would still rather show it with your photos that you play music than to mention it in your bio. If the other person is interested, they will ask you what the band is called anyway. And another reason not to advertise on Tinder is, that it can appear as if you are only on the platform for advertisement purposes and have no interest in getting to know each other.

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Drugs and alcohol

Neither in photos nor in the bio would I depict anything that glorifies the misuse of substances. Cannabis may no longer have the bad reputation it once had, but still a lot of people don’t like it. The prejudice of the simple minded stoner, who doesn’t have his life under control, is still deeply rooted in many. Also, I wouldn’t necessarily mention that you love to get wasted. On the other hand, the fact that you would like to meet up for a beer in the park sounds more innocuous. Of course, that also depends on your culture.

Tip for men

How many women have you met that play “hard to get”? Probably a lot. Women like to play the unapproachable. Just turn the tables in a fun way.


I see using emojis as a risk. They have already arrived in our society very much, but still: Some hate them abysmally. If you want to make a bio out of emojis, for example because you want to be internationally understandable, I would rather suggest something funny and unexpected. You may also try to summarize the plot of your favorite movie with emojis and let people guess. Just showing what you like or do with emojis is pretty lame and nothing new.

🤩 Sample bios

Now you have received some tips that you can take to heart or partially reject if you think they do not apply to you or do not suit your style. Of course, that’s completely okay. See them as guidelines and not as rigid laws. Your head may still be spinning and you might know even less than before about how to design your bio. That’s why we have a few sample bios in this section that can help to show you how your bio may look like. Note, however, that not everyone finds every bio equally funny or appealing. There are definitely a lot of people who do not like the one or the other example at all. And please, if you want to use one of these samples, change it at least a bit, otherwise you run risk of only being one of many again. Remember that others visit this page as well.

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Details make the difference

Although I’ve strayed there three times, I like to hike through the woods of (some particular mountain nearby). Do we want to get lost together?

If you are totally into hiking and want to address this, do not write: “I like hiking.” Firstly, a lot of people like to go hiking and secondly, it’s just boring. If you tell a little story with some small details, it will be much better received. It’s more exciting and entertaining. The question in the end is particularly great. This way you provide a potential match material on how to write to you.

What you’re looking for

I am looking for someone with whom I can watch bad films from the last century, spend a lazy Sunday, occasionally go on an adventure and laugh at my lousy jokes.

In the tips above, I mentioned that it’s okay to say what you’re looking for. But if you dress this wish in a funny way, that’s a thousand times better than saying: “Looking for a relationship.” The main message of this bio is that you are looking for a significant other, in a subtle and charming way.

The order

One girlfriend with a sweet smile, urge to move and positive charisma, please.*

This way, like the previous tip, you say what you’re looking for, but you’re a little bolder. Some really like this direct way, others detest it. If you’re the type of person for it, you can try it out. It’s still a little risky.

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Unusual things almost everyone likes

I like the smell of the first winter snow, snacking in Grandma’s orchard and the vibration on my chest when my cat falls asleep on me.

This Tinder bio is sweet and great in many ways. On the one hand, there are things that are sure to appeal to a lot of people, on the other hand, you can also subtly show that you like cats, for example, but are not a crazy cat lady or anything.

The dog lover

If you want to make friends with my dog Fido: He loves to be scratched behind his ears. It is no different with me. We are both very simple beings.

If you really want to write something about your pet, you can tell it in a funny way, as in this example. You can also playfully show with the last sentence that you are an uncomplicated person.

The glutton

I like pizza, dogs, tattoos, pizza, pranks, pizza, funny people, you and pizza. Did I say pizza? We should have one together.

Even if this bio is no longer the newest and I’ve seen something similar several times, you can get pretty creative with it. You can exchange all things and don’t even have to be talking about something edible. Maybe you’re totally into some kind of sport. You can also use this to suggest an idea for a first date. With pizza you could meet in a park and have a picnic there with pizzas, for example. Is it obvious, that I love pizza?

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A short anecdote

When I was eight I was pretty addicted to Tetris. Sometimes the blocks buzzed in front of my eyes in class and I almost failed. Even today, when I pack my suitcase, I find myself playing Tetris in my head.

A small, funny story about you can work wonders and give other people an insight. And yes, I was that Tetris addict.

Go crazy

Basically a tall hobbit looking for a volcano

Since you read the same thing over and over on Tinder, it’s never wrong to try something completely different. Be brave. Share a dark secret, a hidden desire, a weird character trait, something innocuous at any rate, possibly something fictitious or a reference to a favorite film. If something unusual like this isn’t rewarded with matches, you can still change it.

Negative things in a funny coat

The meaning of life is that it has no meaning. But we can still make the best of it. Want some pizza?

Yeah, it’s the example from the tips above. You should stay positive basically, but sometimes something negative can also be very funny if you give it a nice packing. This example would be ideal for nihilists.

Talk about the other person

You like to sit comfortably, like pizza, are single and currently looking at my profile, because my pictures were alright? Then swipe to the right.

Sometimes it’s wiser not to talk about yourself, but about the one you want to match. For example, if you’re uncomfortable saying something about yourself or if you think you’re boring, this kind of thing can be very helpful. Get creative and specific.

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Make a game out of it

If you guess where this picture was taken, the first drink will go to me.

Man is an extremely playful creature. Take advantage of that! And if you reference one of your photos, that’s never wrong.

Movie guessing

Can you guess my three favorite films? 🐠❓; 🐀🥘👨‍🍳; 💑🚢🥶

Like the last example, this is a game. On top of that, in this one your counterpart has to guess your favorite films. Admittedly, these movies are all pretty easy to guess, but you will probably have better ones in stock.

The chef

I always cook for two. Help me not to eat for two as well.

With this text, you indirectly invite the person to a self-cooked meal. In combination with a photo of you cooking or eating your own dish, this Tinder bio can work wonders! Don’t we all like to eat? It works especially well if you are a little chubby, for example. Love yourself and your body. Confidence is hot!

The actor

Definitely not a Russian spy

You can be whatever you want here. But this example in particular is funny because you claim that you are not something. Not being a Russian spy would be something a Russian spy would say, right?

The plain vanilla killer

I’m the king of stacation, like to eat my tasty cheap cereals out of a plastic bowl and party with my cat until I get tired; so usually until ten p.m.

Try to make fun of all the vanilla Tinder bios. Take something that you read all the time and ridicule it.

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A search for advise

My chocolate cake never gets as fluffy as it should. Any tips?

This bio would probably be best used by a man, as women are typically more likely to know how to bake a cake than men. Of course, it still can work the other way around and you can always ask for a different advice. In any case, such a type of bio is great because most people like to help. This is a great way to start a conversation. Try it in combination with a photo of the cake in question!

We hope you enjoyed our article on how to write the perfect Tinder bio. If you are now in contact with your match and the first date is coming up, these articles might help you!

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