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Do you enjoy Alice’s adventure in Wonderland? Do you love the Cheshire Cat’s grin, the White Rabbit who’s always late, the grumpy Queen of Hearts, Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee, the Eat Me cake that makes you as big as a house, the Madhatter, and the beautiful yet crazy tea party? Then you should keep reading to find out how you can bring this magical time into your own home!

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Alice in Wonderland Party Ideas

Having an Alice in Wonderland party is a great way to celebrate a special occasion such as a birthday or graduation. If you are planning an Alice in Wonderland party, here are some ideas to help you plan the perfect event:

1. Start with special invites!

Make unusual invitations that match your theme. You can use self-made book invitations or key invitations to give your guests a preview of the party. Your guests will love these unusual invitations which set the stage for your theme party!

2. Organize great Alice in Wonderland Party supplies!

Nothing is more crucial to an Alice in Wonderland party than the party details. For your decorations, you should go all in. Besides themed napkins and plates, you could also use different hanging decorations. For example: Hang oversized playing cards, or stop watches down from the ceiling. They will look perfect!

3. Bake themed sweets!

There is no birthday or graduation without tasty treats! Make sure to get cake pops, a chocolate birthday cake, velvet cupcakes, a carrot cake, or whatever you like that aligns with the theme of your party. There are many great party recipes for party favors out there!

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Tip: If you have lots of guests on your list and don’t like to wash dishes afterward, get paper plates and napkins.

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4. Prepare gift boxes!

We all love gifts! Handing out present boxes will make your guests feel appreciated and this event a special one. Whatever you choose to put in them, make sure it will fit with the Alice in Wonderland party ideas. For example: Toy pocket watches, small decoration hats, or toy teacups will be perfect.

5. Turn it into an amazing Tea Party!

Turning your party into a tea party will surely make it very special and remind everyone of the classic Alice in Wonderland story. Make sure to serve special flavors, like strawberry or peach tea, and decorate the table with a few of these ideas: A  colorful table cloth, hand-painted china mugs, golden forks and spoons, or small paper hats.

Tip: If you want the tea to look more special, try to use colored water! All guests will the colored drinks.

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Best Alice in Wonderland Party Games

Here is a list of the Top Ten Best Alice in Wonderland Party Games that you need to play on your next Alice-inspired party for your kids or with your friends:

1. Alice in Wonderland Trivia

Any great and true Alice in Wonderland fan would be over-the-moon happy and proud to answer every question you’ll throw their way! The rules are pretty simple. You need at least three players to start the game. Then, all you need to do is prepare lots of questions related to the book or the movie.

If there are lots of players, assign a trivia master and you can turn it into a competitive trivia night wherein each correct answer corresponds to a point the teams will compete to see which team gets the highest score and wins.

To make things more interesting, each team can decide on a cool team name that should also be Alice-themed and even have their own cheer/chant every time they get a correct answer or win a round!

Best Alice in Wonderland Trivia Questions

Can’t wait to get started? Jump into the rabbit hole and start your trivia game with these best Alice in Wonderland trivia questions:

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1. What were the names of the twins in Alice in Wonderland?

Everybody got a little bit fascinated with the famous Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee!

2. What did Alice eat that made her as big as a house?

A cake. The Eat Me cake is an Alice in Wonderland classic.

3. In the story, who was always late?

The white rabbit was always late and was always checking his clock.

4. What game does Alice play?

Croquet was the game Alice played with the queen!

5. Who wrote Alice in Wonderland?

Every OG fan knows it’s Lewis Caroll!

6. What is the color of Alice’s dress?

The classic blue and white dress with the collar is Alice’s trademark.

7. What kind of animal is Cheshire?

A cat! His famous grin is his trademark.

8. What was the name of the poem that the Cheshire Cat sings?

The “Jabberwocky” is actually written by Lewis Caroll.

9. What was the name of Alice’s cat?

The cute brown and white kitten was Dinah.

10. Who was on top of the mushroom in Wonderland?

The caterpillar who’s always smoking circles sits on top of the mushroom.

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2. Pin-the-Grin-on-Cheshire-Cat

This is the Wonderland version of the Pin the Tail on the Donkey! It involves the players being blindfolded and instead of trying to stick the donkey’s tail to its ass, the players will instead try their best to stick Cheshire Cat’s famous grin to his face.

All you need is a big poster picture of the Cheshire Cat without his grin. You can prepare lots of printouts of the grin in order to give each player a grin then have the players take turns putting on the blindfold and do their best to walk towards the poster and pin the grin! The outcome will definitely be very hilarious. Remember, no peeking!

3. Pin the Tail on White Rabbit

This is another Wonderland version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey! It involves the players being blindfolded too but instead of trying to stick the donkey’s tail to its ass, the players will instead try their best to stick White Rabbit’s fluffy tail to his behind.

For this party idea, you need a big picture of the White Rabbit without his tail. Also, prepare lots of printouts of the tail to give to each of the other players. Then the party guests take turns walking towards the post and pin the tail while being blindfolded!

4. White Rabbit Sack Race

Remember when the White Rabbit hopped its way through the forest and into the rabbit hole under the tree? Now it’s your time to hop your way across the room, through and around a DIY tree with a rabbit hole, and back to the starting line.

There can be two teams with equal numbers of players per team. A literal sack will be provided for each team and once the game master signals Go!, each player should make his or her way through the agreed course and then back to the starting line in order to pass the sack to the next player who will take his turn. The first team to finish wins.

5. Queen of Heart Says

This Disney Alice game is the wonderland version of the game Simon Says. In the story, the Queen of Hearts would throw a fit if her orders and every whim would not be followed like the time when the roses that were planted were white instead of red so the card soldiers painted them red!

Basically, the goal of the game is for the players to follow everything that the Queen says. If the Queen tells everyone to sit, you should all sit, if she wants you to jump, you jump. Whoever fails to follow the Queen’s orders will be beheaded… just kidding! They’ll most likely be just out of the game and the last remaining player wins.

6. Paint Teapots & Teacups

This is more of an activity than a game! All you need for this, are some plain teapots or cups, paintbrushes, and some great bright colors. Turn it into a game by organizing a panel of judges or a Queen of Hearts, a Mad Hatter, an Alice, and any other characters that would pick the most beautiful teapot and teacup as the winner.

This game requires creativity and bravery to be true to yourself and your style. And after finishing your own creations, you can have a nice tea time with your guests. Enjoy your Mad Hatter tea party!

7. Queen of Hearts Pyramid

This is one of the pretty challenging games on this list. All you need to do is prepare decks of cards for each team that would play. The goal of the game is for the teams to use the cards in order to form a pyramid. The first team to successfully form the queen’s pyramid wins!

8. Flamingo Croquet

In the story, Alice played croquet with the Queen and they were using flamingos as the clubs and possums as the balls. In your DIY version, you can use old golf clubs and decorate them with inverted, colorful flamingos. You can just use normal balls and play a round or two of croquet for everyone to enjoy.

9. Paint the Roses Red

This is yet another arts and crafts game for budding artists. Prepare cutouts of big, white roses and prepare lots of paint and paintbrushes for everyone to use. You can even turn this one into an art contest during the party!

10. Teacup Relay

For this game, you will need two teapots and two teacups per team. Decide on a starting line and a finish line. Set Up a table for each team on each end of the game lines. The first teapot should be filled with water and placed at the starting line. The second one should be at the end and should be empty during the start of the game.

Each player should pour water into their two teacups, place one on their head and hold the other one. He or she must carefully walk to the finish line and pour the contents of his/her teacups into the teapot at the finish line. Then that player should place the teacup back on his head and hold the other one as he or she travels back to the starting line to relay the cups and pots.

The first team to transfer all the contents of the first teacup to the second one will be the winner!

👉 There you have it, folks. The Queen of Hearts is waiting for you at the end of the rabbit hole so what are you waiting for? Here can you find more party games for your next party! 

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