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There are at least 15 million birthday celebrants everyday. They could be anyone. They could be our friends, moms, dads, grandparents, boyfriends, girlfriends, mailmen, and whoever! It is our duty as loving family and friends to make each moment count and birthdays are as special as moments could get. Do what you can to make the birthday celebrant feel special.

People feel special when others pay attention to what they say and remember what they say and what they like or don’t like. That’s why on birthdays, Birthday Trivia games are usually part of the programmes. The birthday celebrant would feel honored and special because the guests seem to know her or him so well and she or he would be entertained when they get the answers wrong.

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Can’t wait to start playing the game? Well, let’s get to know what it’s all about!

What is Birthday Trivia?

Birthday Trivia is a game wherein the guests try to answer different trivia questions about the birthday celebrant. The questions are usually prepared ahead of time before the festivities have started by the birthday celebrant herself or whoever plans the party.

The questions range from the celebrant’s favorite color to what year he/she was born and to who his/her first ever crush is. The sky’s the limit when it comes to the questions, as long as you know the celebrant well enough to know his/her limit when it comes to embarrassment and his/her secrets.

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Birthday Party Trivia Questions

Can’t think of what questions to ask the birthday celebrant’s guestsduring your Birthday Trivia game? We’ve got you covered with these trivia questions fit for any birthday party:

1. What is the birthday celebrant’s favorite color?

This is definitely one of the basics.

2. What is the birthday celebrant’s favorite comfort food?

Is it fried chicken? Burger? Fries? Or is it something fancy like pasta?

3. What is the birthday celebrant’s favorite song?

Everyone loves music and what you like will say a lot about you.

4. Where was the celebrant born?

Only the OG friends will most likely know about this one.

5. In what year was the celebrant born?

This is most likely very easy for most of his/her friends to answer since they’re all the same age.

6. Who is the birthday celebrant’s favorite teacher in elementary school?

This is actually very hard to answer since we all have a lot of nice teachers and you’ll have to pick one.

7. What is the birthday celebrant’s favorite movie?

The favorites will just keep on coming for this type of game.

8. What is his/her second name?

Others might be shocked that the celebrant has a second name!

9. What is the birthday celebrant’s nickname?

It would be a hundred times more fun if the nickname is corny or hilarious.

10. What was the birthday celebrant’s college degree?

Her college friends would find this a piece of cake.

11. What’s the birthday celebrant’s favorite alcoholic drink?

Time to take some shots after this round!

13. What is the birthday celebrant’s favorite expression?

He or she would be amused that her friends even noticed the expression in the first place.

14. Who was the birthday celebrant’s first ever girlfriend or boyfriend?

Let’s bring back the memories of young romance!

15. Where was the birthday celebrant’s first trip abroad?

Paris? Bora Bora? Rio?

16. How does the birthday celebrant take her coffee?

Only his/her Starbucks buddies will know the correct answer to this one…

17. In which school did the celebrant attend high school?

The high school batchmates and friends would definitely get this one.

18. In which school did the celebrant attend high school?

This one is for the college squad!

19. In which school did the celebrant attend elementary?

This is gonna be a bit tougher than the previous two questions.

20. Who is the birthday celebrant’s celebrity role model?

The options are endless. Could be Paris Hilton or Donald Trump!

21. What is the birthday celebrant’s dream destination?

You should be close enough to know this one!

22. Where did the birthday celebrant first tasted alcohol?

Could be at a bar or at a friend’s home or in school!

23. What was the name of his/her first pet?

This is a very interesting question to ask.

24. What was the breed of his/her first pet dog?

If you’re most particular about dogs and you’re close enough, you’ll know this.

25. What is the exact shade of the birthday celebrant’s eye color?

One question that’ll make them look at the celebrant twice.

26. What is the exact shade of the birthday celebrant’s natural hair color?

This one’s tricky if the celebrant’s hair is dyed

27. How many moles does the celebrant have?

Count away, folks!

28. What’s one thing that annoys the birthday celebrant?

There could be a lot of stuff but choose the one that annoys him or her the most.

29. What was his/her first car?

Her oldest friends would totally know this one.

30. What was his/her first job?

You’d be shocked to know what!

31. What is his/her dream job?

Let’s explore the desires of his/her heart!

32. What is his/her favorite Netflix show?

Is she an Emily in Paris kind of gal or a Peaky Blinders fan?

33. What is something the birthday celebrant can’t live without?

Doesn’t matter if it’s something superficial or totally practical… the celebrant will be the judge of that.

34. What always makes the celebrant laugh?

They will probably all laugh at seeing the birthday girl or boy laugh!

35. Who is his/her celebrity lookalike?

Flatter the celebrant all you want! It’s his/her time to shine!

36. Who is his/her favorite singer?

Taylor Swift? Rihanna? Justin Bieber? Who?

37. Is the birthday celebrant an early bird or a night owl?

You should know this about him/her if you’re really close!

38. What is his/her favorite hobby?

He/she could prove us wrong and shock us with her secret talent or hobby.

40. Would the birthday celebrant want to live in the city or in the countryside?

You’ll never know until he/she has spoken!

41. Which boy band is he/she a fan of?

One Direction? BTS? West Life? Backstreet Boys? NSYNC?

42. What is his/her favorite ice cream flavor of all time?

There is no way he/she could only pick one from all the delicious flavors!

43. Would the birthday celebrant rather eat cake or ice cream?

You’d all laugh if he/she can’t even choose between the two but my money’s on ice cream!

44. What is his/her shoe size?

They’d all be looking at the birthday celebrant’s feet for sure!

45. How does the birthday celebrant call his/her mom and dad?

Maybe he/she has a cute pet name for them!

46. Who is the birthday celebrant’s favorite author?

If he/she is a bookworm, this is a very appropriate and interesting question to ask!

45. What is the birthday celebrant’s favorite book?

Another question for the books! (See what I did there?)

46. Would the birthday celebrant rather read the book or just watch the movie version?

This is a unique and fun question and trivia about the birthday celebrant.

47. Where does the birthday celebrant usually shop?

Time to spill the tea on why his/her clothes are so stylish.

48. Does the birthday celebrant prefer Apple or Android?

One look at his/her phone and you’ll know the answer to this.

49. What is the birthday celebrant’s favorite sport?

Not everyone has one but maybe the celebrant has!

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50. What is his/her father’s/mother’s full name?

This is basic but definitely one of the tough ones!

51. What is his/her height?

Asking one’s height is definitely better than asking someone their weight.

52. Does he/she prefer a pet cat or dog?

It’s the battle of man’s favorite pets!

53. Which food does the birthday celebrant like the least?

Enough with the favorites and wants, explore the celebrant’s least favorites too!

54. Which singer does the birthday celebrant like the least?

Let’s face it, some songs and singers really just don’t make sense at all!

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55. Which alcoholic drink easily gets him/her drunk?

Let the birthday celebrant spill her poison!

56. Which subject does the celebrant like the least?

Everyone has one!

57. What’s the worst prank ever pulled on him/her?

That would be one of the most fascinating question that’ll turn into the most interesting story!

58. What’s the worst movie he/she has ever watched?

You’ll be rewarded with the tale of the worst movie of all time.

59. Does he/she like pineapple on his/her pizza?

Let the endless debate of pineapples on pizza begin…

60. Is the celebrant a coffee or tea type of person?

If you know him/her, this’ll be a piece of cake!

Bonus: How well do you know the Birthday Girl? Questions

Hungry for more Birthday Trivia questions? The following questions are for a young lady’s birthday party and are more themed about all the girly stuff that women love to talk about.

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1. What is her go-to outfit like?

Everyone has a go-to outfit. Describe hers!

2. Does she like pink or purple?

These two colors dominate the girl world.

3. Who is her ultimate celebrity crush?

Your best girlfriends would definitely know the answer to this one.

4. What does she want to be when she grows up?

She must have shared about this one during one of your cocktail sessions or sleepovers, right?

5. How many siblings does she have?

Surely this one is easy-peasy!

6. What is her favorite holiday?

Christmas and Thanksgiving will definitely be at the top of the list. No doubt about that.

7. What is her favorite restaurant?

There’s really something about girls and fancy restaurants and cafes.

8. What is her biggest pet peeve?

Girls normally have a lot of things that annoy them so you’ll be sure to hit at least one.

9. What is her favorite TV show?

FRIENDS, Gossip Girl, How I Met Your Mother, Emily in Paris, Game of Thrones?

10. What is her favorite season?

Is Fashion Week a season? Just kidding!

11. Where was her last vacation?

Some of the guests might have been with her during the vacay or should have seen her social media updates so this one is a no-brainer.

12. Who is her BFF?

There’s only one BFF in a girl’s heart.

13. Would she rather have a girls’ night in or out?

Her friends would def know!

14. Would she rather watch a horror or comedy movie?

This will talk a lot about what type of person she is!

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15. Would she rather shop at the mall or order something online?

Shopaholic is shopaholic no matter the mode of shopping.

16. Is she salty or sweet?

You be the judge of her.

17. Who is her first ever love?

She’s going to blush with this one.

18. What is her ideal man like?

Girls like this topic and it’s honestly a juicy one!

19. Who is her ultimate girl crush?

It’s normal for girls to have girl crushes in these modern times.

20. What is her middle name?

Another basic and difficult question to answer if you’re not that close!

21. What is her biggest fear?

Everyone has fears and to be able to say them out loud to people who care for you makes you stronger than ever.

22. Does she prefer a laid-back beach party or a white tie event?

Every girl is unique and beautiful in their own way.

23. Which special dish is she very good at cooking?

It’s nice to highlight her skills!

24. What is her weight?

There is no way she’s admitting to this one.

25. Growing up, did she ever have imaginary friends?

It might be a bit embarrassing but it’s actually cute!

26. Would she rather drink mocktails or tequila?

Girls will be girls!!!

27. Is the birthday girl a skirt or jeans type of lady?

Nevertheless, make sure to let her know that she rocks both!

28. Who is her favorite Gossip Girl character?

Serena Van Der Woodsen or Blair Waldorf?

29. Who is her favorite Disney Princess?

This will say a lot about her personality.

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30. What is her favorite makeover movie?

There are a lot of chick flicks to choose from. Princess Diaries, She’s the Man, Legally Blonde and more!

31. Which Taylor Swift song is her ultimate favorite?

Girls from all ages certainly have one or two or more TS song they can relate to.

32. What is her favorite clothing brand?

Brands do matter for some girls.

33. What is her favorite Nicholas Sparks story?

Every girl fell in love with The Notebook, Dear John and other Sparks stories.

34. What is her favorite romance novel?

Girls are suckers for romance novels, you know.

35. Is she Team Edward or Team Jacob?

Just like Bella, you only get to pick one.

36. What type of girl is she known for in school?

Maybe the shy type or the Queen Bee!

37. Would she rather be a fairy or a mermaid?

Such a tough question!

38. Which president did she vote for during the last presidential elections?

This is a political one so you should make sure she’d be comfortable with it.

39. What is her bra size?

Only her closest, closest friends and her mom would know!

40. What is her hidden talent?

Shout it to the world and let everyone know how great the birthday girl is!

41. Who is her favorite Victoria Secret supermodel?

Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner are shaking…

42. Who is the cutest One Direction member for her?

If she’s a directioner, she’s gonna love this one!

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43. Has she watched all three Fifty Shades movies?

You’re gonna make her blush with this one.

44. Which Taylor Swift album is her favorite?

The Reputation, Fearless and Speak Now eras should be at the top of her list!

45. Which British Royal Family member is her favorite?

Prince William and Queen Elizabeth will probably be the answer… or Kate or Diana!

46. What are her guilty pleasures?

Your real friends will definitely know!

47. How many piercings does she have?

It’s the moment of truth!

48. Who is someone she misses right now?

You’re gonna make her tear up!

49. What’s one of her most embarrassing moments?

It’s okay to make her feel a bit uncomfortable to spice things up!

50. Who is someone she loves?

Her parents? Her pet? Her boyfriend?

51. What is her motto in life?

Time to inspire every one of the party guests!

52. What is something that makes her cry?

The real friends and family members would know.

53. What makes her laugh?

People who know what and how to make you laugh are precious.

54. Which famous TV couple/ love team does she ship?

Such a lot of options, people.

55. Who is her favorite vlogger?

Everyone has one without even realizing it!

56. What is her zodiac sign?

For some reason, more girls believe in zodiac signs than guys.

57. What turns her on?

This is pretty awkward to ask but it’ll shake the party up!

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58. What turns her off?

Definitely one for the boyfriend to take note of.

59. What is her favorite scent?

Might be a perfume or a flower or food or cleaning detergent!

60. What is her idea of the perfect date?

This sounds like something to be asked on a pageant but it’s really a very interesting question for girls. Hello boyfriends, listen up!

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