Which plant are you? Quiz

Which plant are you?

Plants are boring? What nonsense! Take this entertaining quiz to find out which amazing part of earth's flora you are!

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Which plant am I?

Have you ever wondered which plant is most like you? I mean, seriously. There are like quadrillions of different plants out there, so there is definitely one like you! Take this fun quiz to find out which plant you share the most commonalities with! But take the result with a grain of salt. This quiz is just for fun!


This quiz is filled with funny plants! You’ll definitely smile and giggle while taking this quiz! Which one will you be? Are you a Venus Flytrap, the Resurrection Plant, or Cannabis? Find out!

Which plant should I buy?

Are you considering buying a new plant for your home, but you don’t know which? Fear no more, and take this quiz to find the answer to which plant you should own!

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Indoor plants

Are you looking for a new indoor plant? You’ll find the one that is most like you in no time with this entertaining quiz! Let’s go!

Fun quiz

You shouldn’t take this quiz too seriously because it’s really a rather dumb one. I mean, who really wants to know which plant they are? If you’re really, really bored, maybe, but there’s way more exciting stuff to do. Just look at our other quizzes, for example. But still, you’ll have great fun with this quiz!

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